Harry Frank

Professor Emeritus of Social Psychology / Associate Professor Emeritus of Resource Science

Education: PhD, University of Colorado

Recent Activities: I am currently occupying my time as a photographer (see stock portfolios at  and in the summer and ski instructor during winter. Most recent project was Forts of the Frontier West, my Ken Burns wannabe project documenting military and trading forts of the Indian-wars era. Narration and musical accompaniment by cowboy singer Michael Martin Murphey.

Research Interests: My pre-retirement research interests included development of cognitive complexity and its relationship to other developmental and personality processes (e.g., identification and moral development), genetics of human intelligence, and the evolution and development of social behavior and information processing in predators. My current interest is in the history of the American West.

Relevent Publications:

  • Frank, H. (2011). Wolves, dogs, rearing and reinforcement: Complex interactions underlying species differences in training and problem-solving. Behavioral Genetics, 41(6), 830-839.
  • Forts of the Frontier West, DVD Video narrated by Michael Martin Murphey (

Courses taught at UM-Flint:

  • PSY 100: Principles of Psychology
  • PSY 313: Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 315: Social Psychology
  • PSY 322: Basic Statistics and Probability
  • Ecology of Social Behavior
  • Environment & Behavior
  • Wolf, Man, & Lion: Evolution of Hunting Behavior
  • Values
  • Parks, Wilderness, & American Values
  • Environmental Hazard and Behavioral Response
  • Nature and Nurture of Human Intelligence
  • Attitudes and Attitude Change (graduate course)
  • Personnel Selection and Assessment (graduate course)

Dr. Frank began teaching at UM-Flint in 1969. 


Harriet Wall

Professor Emerita of Psychology

Education: Ph.D., University of Rochester

Recent Activities: Since I retired in 2002, I have lived in Traverse City, MI. My time is filled with various activities including a daily 3-hour  swim and participation in U.S Masters Swimming, volunteer work as a tour docent at the Dennos Museum Center, reading for the two  book clubs to which I belong, gardening, cooking, and keeping in touch with friends and colleagues around the country, including many former student assistants. I do some consulting on federal grants in the areas of research design and data analysis. In the winter, I also ski and snowshoe, and in the summer,  I swim in Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan and do some bicycling on our local rail trail. At least twice a year, Vance and I travel to New Hampshire for a few weeks stay with our daughter and her family. I have 2 grandchildren, Isaac Ager (8) and Naomi Ager (5), and look forward to spending time with them.

Courses taught at UM-Flint:

  • PSY 100:  Principles of Psychology
  • PSY 313: Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 319: Principles of Research Design
  • PSY 322: Basic Statistics and Probability
  • PSY 347: Psychology of Aging
  • Personnel Selection and Evaluation
  • Senior Honors Seminar

Dr. Wall began teaching at UM-Flint in 1972.