Psychology at UM-Flint

Where can Psychology take me?

Few fields have the range of interests as psychology does.  The UM Flint Psychology program will expose students to a variety of topics, including social Psychology, behavioral research and statistics, pathology, and biological Psychology just to name a few. Our students have a desire to investigate the behaviors and mental process of humans and build a exceptional foundation for a variety of careers.


As has long been true, the UM Flint psychology program remains an excellent preparation for continued graduate work in psychology or in other fields, such as business, medicine or computer science. Many employers are interested in the skills that psychology majors bring to collecting, analyzing and interpreting data and their experience with statistics and experimental design.  In addition, employers of all kinds want and need your communication and interpersonal skills; your ability to collect, organize, analyze and interpret data; and, perhaps most important, your strong understanding of human behavior. As a result, many psychology majors find jobs in human resource departments or working as recruiters, or large organization and companies. 

—According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the 2016 median pay per year for Psychologists was $75.230

And the futurte looks even better as the feild of Psychology expects an 19% growth rate between 2014-2024

That's Much faster than the average


Choosing the Psychology program that is right for you


UM Flint Psychology In Action

Student Akrum Eidelsafy & Psychology Deparment Chair Dr. Stein present research at the 2017 Midwestern Psychological Association convention.