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Health communications are everywhere. Have you ever heard a public service announcement on the radio about a health issue? Seen a billboard advertising the services of a local hospital? Followed a health organization on social media? How would you like to be part of the team that plans and executes health communications such as these?

Like any organization, healthcare organizations—such as major health systems, health departments, and non-profit health organizations—need to communicate effectively with the public. Creative, well-informed communications professionals are in demand to help healthcare organizations promote their services, relate with their public, and educate communities about important health issues.

UM-Flint’s new minor in health communication aims to prepare graduates for positions like these by equipping them with necessary background knowledge and practical skills. Communication is a vital part of any job, particularly in the healthcare field, making the health communication minor a perfect fit for students in majors like public health, health education, health care administration, social work, psychology, and business.