Freshmen Merit Scholarships Make Paying for College Easier

Applying for freshman scholarships is easy at UM-Flint! You are automatically awarded scholarships at the time of admission based on your test scores and GPA! You will receive confirmation of your scholarship offer with your admission letter. Fall 2020 Scholarship criteria will be posted by Friday, August 23! Be sure to check back at that time. 



At UM-Flint, we want you to focus on starting your university experience strong—not on how you’ll pay for college. Available for first-time freshmen coming out of high school, our new Freshmen Merit Scholarship program offers more funding for students with a strong academic record and a desire to excel. 

Our Fall 2019 Freshmen Merit Scholarships simplify the process of applying for and receiving awards, with:

  • No separate application to fill out—first-time freshmen are automatically considered for Freshmen Merit Scholarships when they apply to UM-Flint.
  • Immediate eligibility to receive scholarship funds for up to four years, for qualifying incoming freshmen who meet the minimum guidelines.
  • Instant information on which scholarship amount you qualify for—no waiting for an answer.
  • Annual award amounts ranging from $3,000 to $7,000, with a limited number of full in-state tuition/fees scholarships available.***

Fall 2020 Freshmen Merit Scholarships will be posted by Friday, August 23. 

Qualifying for Freshmen Merit Scholarships

Available to first-time freshmen coming from high school, Freshmen Merit Scholarships are awarded automatically based on your cumulative high school grade point averages as well as ACT and/or SAT test scores at application. For Fall 2019 students, the minimum requirements include a 3.25 high school grade point average with a 24 ACT/1160 SAT score. If your grade point average and/or test scores increase to a qualify you for a larger award, you will receive notifcation that your award has been increased. Students who receive scholarships must maintain a minimum grade point average and credit hours at UM-Flint to have their awards renewed. Fall 2020 student scholarships will be posted by August 23. 

Full In-State Tuition/Fees Merit Scholarships (Fall 2019)

Full in-state tuition/fees merit scholarships (covering full time resident,in-state tuition and fees) are awarded to 10 attendees of the UM-Flint Scholarship Competition. The Competition is held annually (at a date to be determined) and is by invitation-only. To qualify for consideration for the Competition you must have a complete admission application by December 1st. Applicants meeting Honors Program qualifications (3.7+ GPA and 27+ ACT/1260+ SAT) are most likely to receive an invitation. 

Full In-State Tuition/Fees Merit Scholarship for Fall 2020 will be posted by August 23. 

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Students are also encouraged to learn about the full range of scholarships available for all academic and economic backgrounds.


The Office of Financial Aid and Undergraduate Admissions are here to answer your questions about the new Freshmen Merit Scholarships as well as other scholarships. International students are encouraged to contact the International Center with questions. 

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