Readmitting Students

Students who attended the University of Michigan-Flint for at least one semester and have not attended classes in over one year fall into this category. We can help students return seamlessly to their education.

  • If you finished your last semester at UM-Flint more than a year ago and have not attended another institution since, you are considered a readmit student.
  • If you completed your last semester at UM-Flint within the last year, you may simply register for classes online or through the Registrar's Office. There is no need to reapply!
  • If you graduated from UM-Flint and would like to come back to take a few classes or pursue another undergraduate degree, you will want to apply as either a transfer student (to pursue another degree), or as a non-candidate for degree (if you're interested in just taking a few classes, or returning for Teacher's Certification).
  • If you graduated from UM-Flint and would like to return for Teacher's Certification, please apply as a non-candidate for degree.
  • If you graduated from UM-Flint, and would like to return for a graduate degree, please visit the Graduate Programs website.

Admission Process

  1. Meet with an Admissions Counselor (optional).
  2. Submit a completed Application for Readmission, with no application fee required.
  3. You will be notified of a decision within two weeks of your application.

Academic Dismissal

If you were academically dismissed from UM-Flint, and you wish to be considered for readmission to the University of Michigan-Flint, you must  complete at least 12 transferrable credit hours at another accredited institution in courses not previously taken at UM-Flint, with a minimum GPA of 2.75. You should apply for readmission using the Readmit Application.

Alternatively, you may choose to petition Academic Standards for readmission to the university.  The Academic Advising and Career Center can assist you in planning for your return to the university.  Please call (810) 762-3085 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.