Paying for college should not stand in the way of your hopes and dreams, and it doesn’t have to. That’s why we’re committed to helping you make your education at University of Michigan-Flint a reality. Consider this—70 percent of University of Michigan-Flint students receive some form of financial assistance to help pay for their college degree here.

We offer numerous financial aid opportunities for newly admitted and continuing students--from grants and loans to scholarships and work-study programs.  Many of these are based on financial need, while others (such as scholarships) are based on academic achievement, service learning, or community involvement.  In fact, thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends of the University, over 200 scholarships are available to our students. You can see how the aid can really add up! If you’re committed to following your passion, we’ll work with you to find the assistance and make it happen.

Important Deadlines

  • December 1 and July 1: Priority deadlines for undergraduate merit-based scholarships.
  • December-February: You may apply for University of Michigan-Flint scholarships for the following academic year.
  • January 1: Students may begin filing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You cannot file the FAFSA earlier than your senior year in high school.
    •  IMPORTANT: When applying for the FAFSA, be sure to include the University of Michigan-Flint’s federal student code: 002327.
  • March 1: State of Michigan deadline for receiving FAFSA from ALL students wanting to qualify for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS).

Tuition & Fees

The University of Michigan-Flint works hard to ensure your education can be financially attainable. The table below contains average tuition calculations (excludes mandatory fees*) for lower and upper division undergraduate courses for the Fall 2014/Winter 2015 semesters.

These estimated tuition costs are based on a full-time course load (12 credit hours).  If you would like specific information regarding the tuition and fee schedule at UM-Flint, please consult the official list of tuition and fees.

Michigan Residents (per semester)
  • Lower Division $4,605
  • Upper Division $4,671
Non-Michigan Residents (per semester)
  • Lower Division $9,186
  • Upper Division $9,318

Lower Division 0 - 54 credit hours toward program
Upper Division 55 credit hours and above toward program

*Mandatory Fees ($209 total)
$50 Registration Fee
$33 Student Activity Fee
$28 Recreation Fee
$98 Technology Fee (full-time student)

To view additional course-related fees, please consult the official list of fees.

Financial Aid

There are four general forms of financial aid that may be available to you. We've provided you with a basic outline here:

  1. Grants:  A grant is gift money (generally from the University’s general fund, various federal and state programs, and donations provided by generous friends of the University) that is awarded on the basis of need and financial aid eligibility. Grant aid does not have to be repaid.
  2. Scholarships: Scholarships are awarded to students in all programs of study and grade levels based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, service to the university and community, and student research. University of Michigan-Flint offers over 120 scholarships a year. For more information on specific scholarships and their requirements, click here.
  3. Loans: Loans are monies borrowed from a variety of sources that must be repaid. Loans may vary based on need and year in school.
  4. Work Study: Work study allows you to earn financial assistance through employment on campus or with certain non-profit off-campus agencies. Student wages are a combination of federal, state and university funds.
  5. Veterans Benefits: If you are a veteran or dependent of a veteran, you may be eligible for financial assistance through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


Applying for Financial Aid

The first step in applying for financial aid is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students may access the FAFSA at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.  Be sure to list the University of Michigan–Flint’s federal school code 002327. This code must be listed in order for the University of Michigan–Flint to receive the FAFSA results. A FAFSA or renewal FAFSA must be completed for each new academic year.

In addition, prior to filing the FAFSA on line students and a parent (if required) must have a PIN assigned by the U.S. Department of Education. These PINs act as an electronic signature and are therefore mandatory when filing on line. A PIN can be obtained at http://www.pin.ed.gov/. FAFSAs submitted without proper PIN signatures will be rejected and awards cannot be made until all proper signatures are received by the federal processor.

All male students ages 18 through 25 must be registered with the U.S. Selective Service Systems to be eligible for federal financial aid. Students may register for the Selective Service at any U.S. post office or online at the Selective Service System web site.

Students filing the FAFSA by March 1st are given consideration for all available federal, state and University of Michigan–Flint financial aid. Students that intend to enroll for the spring and summer sessions need to submit a spring/summer application available online mid-December to mid-February.

After the FAFSA has been processed, students will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) via email (if an email address was provided) or via U.S. mail. Review the report carefully to make sure all of the information is accurate. If there are errors, corrections should be made via the FAFSA web site. If a SAR is not received or if you have questions about it, call the federal processor at (800) 4-FED-AID or (800) 433-3243.

If you have questions regarding filing for financial aid or types of aid available please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid at 810-762-3444 or email at Financial_Aid@list.umflint.edu.

Visit the Office of Financial Aid website at www.umflint.edu/finaid.


Merit Scholarship Overview

Thanks to the generous contributions of our alumni and other donors, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers a number of merit scholarships for incoming students with application deadlines of December 1 and July 1 each year. These scholarships aim to support academic excellence, extracurricular activities, service to the university and community, and student research.

Applying for a Merit Scholarship

Other Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships offered to incoming students through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, UM-Flint is able to offer over 200 scholarships each year to enrolled students due to the generous support of our alumni and other donors. These applications are due in February of every year. More information can be found on the Financial Aid website.