Future Undergraduate Students

The student body at UM-Flint is a diverse mix of people with different life experiences. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the unique needs of each type of student. Check out the descriptions below and find the one that best describes you:
First-Year Student (Incoming Freshman)

Students who have graduated from high school or have received a GED and are entering college for the first time, even if you have earned some credit from dual enrollment.

Transfer Student

Students who have attended a college or university after completion of high school or their GED are known as transfer students. UM-Flint offers these students a comprehensive Transfer Equivalency Database to help transfer students determine exactly which of their earned credits are transferrable to UM-Flint.

Mott2UM-Flint Concurrent Enrollment Program

With a single admissions application, Freshman, Transfer and Current UM-Flint students can take advantage of the resources and course selection at the University of Michigan-Flint and Mott Community College.

Veteran Student

UM-Flint is nationally recognized as one of the most veteran-friendly campuses in the country. Students who have previously served or are currently serving in the United States Military are part of this group, and we offer specific services and support to our student veterans.

International Student

UM-Flint has a growing international student population with students hailing from over 30 different countries. International students can apply for undergraduate or graduate programs. The Office of Admissions in collaboration with the International Center can help interested students make the transition from their countries of origin to the university, as well as assisting with completion of paperwork and visa information.

Other Students

If you aren't a traditional freshman or transfer student, you might fall into one of our other categories. Find information here for dual enrollees, readmits, non-candidates for degree, or guest students.