Business Engagement

Welcome to Business Engagement at UM-Flint.

The University of Michigan-Flint's Business Engagement team integrates domestic and international corporate relationship management, government relations, career services, alumni relations, and more.

The team acts as a guide, connecting business partners with opportunities across the campus to ensure access to UM-Flint's greatest assets: our talent, resources, and expertise.

By working directly with faculty, staff, and corprate partners, our team facilitates funding for research, collaborations, and industry partnerships. Our Business Engagement allows employers and faculty & staff to enhance their engagement with our community of one-of-a-kind students. 

At the University of Michigan - Flint, we value excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship. We are committed to advancing our local and global communities, as well as industry needs. Our dedicated and caring faculty & staff assist our students to become leaders and best in their fields, professions, and communitities.

Our students develop unmatched hands-on experience by participating in unique research opportunities with our faculty. The commitment and dedication provided by corporate support and partnership allows the University of Michigan - Flint to continue the pursuit of making a positive difference. 

Collaborative Potential at UM-Flint

Expanding research partnerships at the University of Michigan - Flint is important to its higher education mission. More collaborative research and corporate engagement is necessary to keep pace with advances in scientific and creative knowledge. 

UM-Flint seeks collaboration with nearby universities and corporate partners, to better invest in student training, career development and areas of faculty curricular and research expertise. Opportunities are strongest currently in Environmental and Physical Sciences (Urban Ecology, Cell Biology and Toxicology, Green Chemistry, Nutritional Sciences), Information and Computer Science (Software Development, Smart Grid, Data Mining, Health Informatics, Mobile Commerce and Analytics), Health Assessment, Patient Care and Clinincal Validation Research (including Biomedical Engineering and Device Development). 

Research innovation is essential to retaining talent in mid-Michigan, and scale of UM-Flint's campus and its student population is ideal for interdisciplinary team building.

Funding Opportunities

Through corporate partners assistance, students at UM-Flint have the opportunity to participate in unique research projects.