Careers 4 Years

Would you do one thing per month while in college to land that job and earn an extra million dollars more in your lifetime?

The Student Success Center's "Career 4 Years" Passport program will take you where you need to go.

Click here for your Careers 4 Years passport.

By the end of your journey you will have positioned yourself to:

  1. Have a well-respected and highly reputable degree from an academically sound institution
  2. Be a master interviewee
  3. Be on top of the PROFESSIONAL social networking scene
  4. Have a professionally designed and laid out resume
  5. Be ready to engage employers with confidence and skill
  6. Have meaningful relationships with faculty and professionals that can serve as solid references and letter-writers
  7. Have built a professional resume with experience outside of the classroom with:
    • Internships
    • Involvement with student clubs including leadership positions
    • Civic engagement and volunteer work
    • Involvement in professional organizations
    • Possible research and/or study abroad experiences