Course Information

Course Catalog:

University of Michigan-Flint Catalog

Class Schedule:

Follow this link to the official online Class Schedules

Course Prerequisites:

It is important to follow course prerequisite requirements. The most current course prerequisites are found in the course schedule immediately after each section. The prerequisites are indicated with a "PR". Prerequisites are established by departments to ensure that students have a knowledge foundation before entering a course. That knowledge foundation is established by successfully completing the required course prior to enrolling in the course in question. If there isn't a prerequisite listed below a course in the schedule there is no advanced knowledge necessary to be successful in that course. Our computer system checks for fulfillment of prerequisites upon students attempting to register for classes. Students will not be allowed to register for classes in which they do not meet the prerequisites.

Tips on Choosing Courses:

  • Keep in mind "first year" courses are typically numbered 100-199. Courses for sophomores are typically numbered 200-299, and so forth.
  • When choosing courses, refer to the UM-F Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites! You don't want to be in a class you're not ready for! Also see placement¬†exam information.
  • To find out when the courses are offered (days, times) see UM-Flint's Class Schedules.
  • Don't stress yourself out by overdoing it! Your grades are what matter! Remember study time when deciding on how many courses you will schedule.
  • Try using a day planner; it may help to see your classes scheduled out with your other commitments.