McKinley Cain, Orientation Leader

Hello, my name is McKinley Cain. I am a Junior this semester majoring in Health Care Administration. I am from a small town called Mayville, that is about an hour northeast from here. I graduated with a class of just under 60 students. In high school I kept to myself. I was ready to move on to bigger and better things after high school. Going to college was a complete eye opener for me. I felt a warm welcome by the staff and the students. I live on campus in the dorms at the First Street Residence Hall. I am involved in Lunch Time Yoga and Power Yoga.  It is my honor to be one of the first to welcome you to the University of Michigan-Flint. I am anxious to meet you and show you the ropes around campus. Just remember everyone has been in your shoes before, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Meghan Christian, Orientation Leader

Hello! My name is Meghan and I am a senior studying English. Moving on to college from high school is a huge and scary step that for some is hard to take. When it was time for me to come to college, I was terrified. Throughout my life, I have always been a shy person and the idea of all those people on this campus was very intimidating, but to make my experience rewarding, I had to just let all of that go. I joined a sorority on campus and I became an orientation leader to help me break out of my shell! No matter how scary it seems, get involved on campus! Check out a few or all of the amazing student organizations on campus! Best of luck to you on your journey here at UM-Flint!

Aaron Duncan, Assistant Coordinator

Welcome to UM-Flint! My name is Aaron; I am Business student double majoring in Finance and Management. Along with being a full-time student, I also work as an Office Assistant in the Student Success Center. I spend the majority of my day on campus, either in class or socializing with friends. My favorite spot to hang out is on the second floor of the Riverfront building because of the giant windows that overlook downtown. When I am not on campus, I am either on the golf course or skiing because those are two things I’m very passionate about. An important thing to remember while in college is to not forget about your passion and what drives you to be successful! Always stay motivated and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who will push you to be the best you can! 

Mai Eltahir, Orientation Leader

Hey guys! My name is Mai Eltahir and I am a senior studying Research Psychology. I am also the President of the Black Student Union in University of Michigan-Flint. College is a place of growth, not only in knowledge but also for yourself. However, in order to develop those things you will need to allow yourself to get challenged daily from your faculty and peers. People who challenge your thought process and your conclusions can be a great asset in your college life and even in the work place. Don't wait for a situation to be "perfect", it’s never the right time to do something. You will face numerous challenges and obstacles during your college life, so what? With every step you take you will get more and more confident, stronger and stronger, and more and more successful. Do not hesitate...just YOLO it. Let me end with my favorite quote of all times, "if there is a will, there is a way".

I would love to meet all of you soon.

Veronica Garza, Orientation Lead for Parent and Family Programs

Welcome to a fresh start! Here at UM-Flint you’ll have a chance to have many new experiences. My freshman year I felt nervous but also excited to have a new beginning. Not only are there many classes to help you search for a career that is best for you, but there are opportunities to meet new people and get involved on campus. I am currently a senior in the nursing program and throughout my college career I have been a part of the Chemistry club, Intervarsity club, Flint Handmade Yarn Brigade and Intermural Volleyball. UM-Flint is quaint and is home to amazing people who are trying new steps in their lives just like you. My best advice to you when starting your college journey is to try to step out of your comfort zone because that is when you discover more about yourself.

Livingstone Gowon, Orientation Leader

Hi guys! Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint. My name is Livingstone! I am a senior majoring in communication and also an international student from Nigeria. I love to cook and game in my spare time, I do love to try out new recipes, but I'm not really adventurous with food. Attending the University of Michigan-Flint is one of the best choices I’ve made. Upon getting here, I was nervous, shy, and didn’t know what to expect, but that didn’t stop me from keeping an open mind. The people here are nice and friendly; for this, it made me feel comfortable and in a way I feel like they are my family. I am currently the treasurer for the African Student Association (ASA), an organization on campus that has made my stay here worthwhile. With that being said, some tips for you awesome students are to focus on your studies, because that’s what you’re here for. Also it wouldn’t hurt to get involved on campus because it gets rid of the blues. At the same time, have as much fun as you can, because that’s what makes your college experience a thing to remember.

Scott Huang, Orientation Leader

Guess what? You just took the next step in this crazy little thing called Life. Congratulations on making it into the University of Michigan- Flint! I’m not going to lie, college is definitely different from high school. It can be a really hard and weird transition, but you have people like me and other Orientation Leaders to help you along the way.

So without further ado, welcome to college! My name is Scott Huang and I am a sophomore this semester majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am from Ferndale, a small town about an hour south-east of here. In high school, I kept to myself and I thought I would continue to keep to myself in college, but that quickly changed. As soon as I stepped foot onto campus I was instantly drawn into the organizations on campus. I joined Greek Life and within my first semester I completely broke out of my shell and became the head of communications for my fraternity. So if I can give you any advice it would be to accept the change, it’s okay to be a little nervous, and most importantly get involved on campus! Obviously you are here for grades and your future, but join organizations, it’s what ultimately makes your college experience memorable. If you ever need advice or anyone to talk to, I’m usually hanging out in the Student Loft on the third floor of the UCEN. Oh, and one last piece of advice; have no regrets! College is meant to be as equally fun as it is challenging. I can’t wait to meet all of you guys. I know that you’re going to have the best of time here!

Janay Johnson, Orientation Leader

College is a whole new window of opportunity, and so is your time at University of Michigan-Flint! My name is Janay. I’m a Senior, and I enjoy spending my free time studying foreign languages. I was hesitant to come to the school because of what I heard about the area, but once I came here I got involved and couldn’t stay away. My advice would be to get involved with campus activities. I wish I would have taken risks and joined more clubs as a freshman. I loved participating, but I should have tried to get involved with some of the other great campus organizations instead of being in just one. Get out of your comfort zone and look at clubs you wouldn’t normally consider. I know your college experience will be a great one, and I am so excited to meet you all!

Mary Lenhart, Orientation Lead for International Students & K-12 Programs

My name is Mary and I am a senior studying Health Sciences with a concentration in Physical Therapy. I came to the University of Michigan–Flint because it was close to home and it felt very familiar and safe to me. What I didn’t expect was that I would fall in love with the university so fast. After starting in the fall, I realized that my favorite thing about our campus is the size. With a relatively small campus I was able to navigate around with ease. Since the university is small, I found it easier to make friends and everywhere I went I found a familiar face. A small university also makes learning a lot easier. With smaller class sizes I am able to interact more with my professors and peers and build more meaningful relationships. I am very excited to have you join our growing campus. I wish you the best with your studies and I hope that you find your time here to be very rewarding.

Nancy Maarraoui, Orientation Leader

Hello, my name is Nancy Maarraoui. I am a senior student majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Also, I am the vice president of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society. I am from Damascus, Syria, and I have been living in Flint for four years. My own experiences of transitioning between different countries and different schools taught me a lot. Transitions and new beginnings might be confusing, but this confusion will disappear as soon as you get the right help. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you and help you during your transition and throughout your educational journey. During my journey at UM-Flint, I had great time, explored great things, and made awesome friends. At UM-Flint, you will not only enjoy your classes, but you will have many opportunities to be involved and enjoy campus life. This is your time to learn, have fun, and make the best out of your college years.

Ashley McCloud, Orientation Leader

Hey! My name is Ashley McCloud I am a senior studying Health Education. My journey here at the University has been a great one, I started off very shy and kept to myself until I discovered all of the great opportunities this campus has to offer.  I started a job on campus and joined the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and climbed my way up to becoming the president of the organization. My advice to you is to make sure you study hard and get involved in campus explore your academic and extra-curricular opportunities it will allow you to grow as a student and meet amazing people. Speaking of the people of this campus there are truly some awesome students, staff and faculty that are welcoming and friendly so use that you your advantage.  I wish you the best in your journey here at the University and remember You CAN do it! Never give up!

Entrice Mitchell Jr, Orientation Leader

Hello everyone! My name is Entrice Mitchell, I’m currently a Junior here at the University of Michigan-Flint majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. During my high school years, I discovered that in order to be great you must separate yourself from those who are not like minded, with that being said, that is how I was lead to greatest institution out there; University of Michigan – Flint. During your time here you will encounter a diverse student and staff population as well as an endless amount of opportunities in your given field of study. Take every chance that presents itself, chances make champions.

Welcome everyone to the greatest time of your life, I look forward to meeting you all very soon!

Go Blue!

Avery Mitevski, Orientation Lead for Transfer Students

The next chapter of your life is beginning – you’re finally starting college and I am so happy to welcome you into the University of Michigan-Flint family. My name is Avery. I’m a senior in the honors program studying Applied Psychology. People will offer you a lot of different advice when it comes to college; like you need to study a lot, keep an open mind, and meet with your faculty as often as possible. My advice to you as you enter the university is to network yourself as much as possible. Join clubs and organizations, get to know people around campus, make connections anywhere you possibly can. One of the best things you can do is create a solid network of people who can vouch for you or help you to opportunities you’ve never expected. Make the most of your time here, because it really does fly by quickly.

Jaslyn Morris, Assistant Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Jaslyn. I’m a senior in the honors program studying Biology. I’m here to help make the transition to university life easier for you. Like some of you, I thought high school was easy; I never really had the interest or the need to study. As a college student, I’ve had to take a step back and assess which areas I would need to work harder on and act accordingly. My advice is to open your mind to new possibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak up when you need to be heard.  Your voice matters, and don’t let anyone else tell you differently.  This is a time to better your education, find yourself, and make new connections that can last for a lifetime. Take advantage of your experience here at the University of Michigan-Flint and good things are bound to happen.

Jamesha Tiner, Orientation Leader

Salute to each and every one of you for choosing UM-Flint, you have in fact made the best decision of your life! My name is Jamesha Tiner and I am a senior majoring in Health Care Administration with a minor in Health Education and Behavior. I am proud to say that I am a Flint native, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Flint to me is more than a city, it's a foundation where everyone has a chance to be great, especially here at UM-Flint! My transition from Mott Middle College to UM-Flint was kind of tough even though I had college experience from being dual enrolled part of my high school career. Going through a tough transition still helped me to see not only that UM-Flint was for me, but it was also what was best for me! I've learned that college is about what you make it! For starters take advantage of opportunities, you have plenty of people who are willing to help you right here on the UM-Flint campus and NEVER GIVE UP! Giving up here at UM-Flint is NEVER an option, as a student you have plenty of people like me who are willing to do anything to give you that extra push to keep on going! I promise, your college experience here at UM-Flint will be one of your best experiences. As orientation arrives this summer, I truly look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

"Greatness bleeds maize and blue, from here on out let's always remember that you are greatness."