Resumes and Cover Letters

For UM-Flint students and alumni, the Academic Advising & Career Center;(AACC) offers great services to get you prepared to land your dream job.

No matter what field you're going into, you need a knockout resume and cover letter to separate you from everyone else. You also need to get your name and resume out on the market. We recommend completing each of the three steps below in sequence:

Step 1: Create

Log in to your Career Connection account and create your resume using the Resume Builder. Career Connection's Multi-Media Library provides videos and links on how to create resumes and cover letters, including a link to 40 different sample resumes based on occupation.

Please refer to the Resume Minimum Requirements.



Step 2: Critique

After you create your resume (or even if you already have one), submit it to be critiqued by an academic advisor/career counselor. Login to Career Connection and upload your resume. It will be automatically submitted for critique. Please allow approximately 3-5 days for resume critique.



Step 3: Connect

Login to Career Connection to:

  • Create and post resumes and cover letters
  • Practice and refine interview skills with InterviewStream
  • Find an internship for on the job training
  • Search for jobs from thousands of professional employers, as well as, summer or part-time employers
  • Access the comprehensive Multi-Media Library which includes many resources to help you choose a major and/or career