Useful Links

Academic Department Links: Follow this link to find academic departments' web sites.

Basic Skills Test: Follow this link to find study guide materials and up-to-date testing information for the Michigan Basic Skills Test.

Early Childhood Development Center: Follow this link for more information on the ECDC, which promotes the development of social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, physical, and creative skills in an environment sensitive to each child's strengths and needs, provides opportunities to educate University of Michigan-Flint students in skills relevant to their professions and offers high quality child care to students, faculty, staff and the community. 

Educational Opportunity Initiatives: Follow this link for information on the mission of the office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives department which is to foster changes in institutional services and climate and enhance the ability of the University of Michigan-Flint to identify, recruit, serve and graduate minority and other students from underrepresented groups.

Employment Opportunities: Follow this link to our Human Resources Department.

Expect Respect Campaign: Follow this link to find out more about the University of Michigan's campaign to sustain a community in which the dignity of every individual is respected.

Extended Learning, Office of: Follow this link to learn more about courses offered at UM-Flint online.

Financial Aid: Follow this link for ALL of your financial aid needs.

GPA Calculator: Follow this link for an interactive GPA calculator.

Graduate Programs: Follow this link to learn more about graduate programs offered at UM-Flint.

Information Technology Services (ITS): Follow this link to learn more about computing resources on campus.  You can also find QuickNotes here that will help you perform many essential functions.

Library, Frances Willson Thompson: Follow this link to our library which includes MIRLYN, the Thompson Library's online system with catalogs that tell you where to find many materials. Very useful information!

Practice Tests: Follow this link to the Study Guide Zone for FREE study guides and practice questions for over 30 tests including:  ACT, GRE, MCAT, NET, SAT and many more!

Registrar, Office of The: Follow this link for information on services that the Registrar's Office offers.  Lots of helpful information here!

Student Development Center: Follow this link for information about academic enrichment, accessibility services, the campus counselor, health services, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center.

Student Information Systems (SIS): Follow this link to access your secure student information such as financial aid and registration.

Student Life: Follow this link for information on student organizations, student government, housing, plus much, much more.

Supplemental Instruction: Follow this link to learn about a great program to aid students in completing courses successfully.

Transfer students: Follow this link to see how courses transfer into UM-Flint.

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor: Follow this link to University of Michigan's website.

University of Michigan-Flint Catalog: Follow this link to the official 2007-2009 Catalog.  The Catalog includes information on ALL academic degree requirements, tuition and financial aid/scholarships, plus much more.

Urban Health and Wellness Center: Follow this link to learn about the mission of the UHWC, which is to promote interdisciplinary, experiential learning for students in an environment which values cultural diversity, provide services to promote the health and well being of individuals, families, groups, and organizations, and support scholarly activites relating to the health care needs of the community.

Voter Registration Information: Follow this link to learn more about voter registration.  Exercise your right to vote!  You can download a voter registration application.  It doesn't get easier than this!

Writing Center: Follow this link to the Merrian E. Wright Writing Center for some fantastic help with writing.