FALL 2017

AFA 101     Intro to Africana Studies     

AFA 130     Intro to Africa in Global Polt           

AFA 203     Origins of Modern Racism   

AFA 206     Intro to African Literature  

AFA 207     Modern African Drama & Poetry   

AFA 208     Multicultural Drama

AFA 216     Afro/Latino/Carib Women Writer 

AFA 250     African Cultures       

AFA 270     Race & Ethnic Relations       

AFA 313     African-American Music      

AFA 318     Women Writers of Afrcn Wrld       

AFA 335     African Americans to 1877 

AFA 359     The Black Family      

AFA 391     Directed Readings in AFA Study     

AFA 490     Seminar in Africana Studies           

AFA 534     Hist of Ethnicity & Race in US        

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