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AFA 101     Intro to Africana Studies     

AFA 203     Origins of Modern Racism   

AFA 206     Intro to African Literature  

AFA 215     Survey of African-Amrcn Lit           

AFA 220     Black Intellectual Thought  

AFA 239     Drama of the Harlem Renaissanc   

AFA 242     Contemp Black Theat in America   

AFA 270     Race & Ethnic Relations       

AFA 313     African-American Music      

AFA 336     Africa Modern Times-1800 to pr   

AFA 351     US Foreign Policies Twds Afr          

AFA 369     African Religions      

AFA 435     Black America Since Civil War        

AFA 490     Seminar in Africana Studies           

AFA 535     Black America Since Civil War

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