FAll 2014 Courses

AFA 101  Introduction to Africana Studies (S) - Dr. Guluma Gemeda  WEB

AFA 203  Origins of Modern Racism (H) - Prof. Warren     TR 9:30-10;45 am  FH L/D

AFA 206  Survey of African Literature (H) - Dr. Pat Emenyonu   WEB   

AFA 207  Modern African Drama and Poetry (H) - Prof. Carolyn Nur Wistrand  WEB

AFA 208  Multicultural Drama (H) - Prof. Carolyn Nur Wistrand   WEB

AFA 215  Survey of African-American Literature (US) - Dr. Alecia Kent   WEB

AFA 216  Afro/Latino/Caribbean Women Writers (GS) - Dr. Pat Emenyonu   WEB

AFA 270  Race and Ethnic Relations (S) -  Dr. Charles Thomas   MW 4:00-5:15 pm  FH L/D

AFA 304  Black Social and Political Movements (S) - Dr. Dauda Abubakar   WEB

AFA 318  Women Writers of the African World (H) -  Dr. Pat Emenyonu   WEB   

AFA 334  History of Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the United States (S) -  Dr. M. Daassa   MW 7:00-8:15 pm  FH L/D
AFA 534           ditto

AFA 335  The History of the African-American (S) -  Dr. Guluma Gemeda   WEB

AFA 351  United States Foreign Policies Toward Africa (GS) -  Dr. Dauda Abubakar   WEB  

AFA 359  The Black Family (S) -  Dr. Charles Thomas   WEB


Courses in Africana Studies