New Implementation Request and System Limitations

ImageNow Document Imaging

Imagenow Enterprise License

The Imagenow Enterprise License provides unlimited client and web seat access for UM-Flint Campus departments that provide student, faculty and academic services, most specifically those who use BANNER as their primary system of record.


Vendor: Perceptive Software, Inc.                                           Product: ImageNow

ImageNow document imaging, management and workflow provide the ability to reduce the cost of paper processes, enhance service and boost staff productivity. Able to stand-alone or to easily integrate with existing applications such as Banner, PeopleSoft and other systems, ImageNow captures all types of documents -- paper forms, emails and more into ImageNow’s repository for easy access by users. Security allows for different users to have various levels of access to individual documents and notes. Workflow can then be used to improve or reengineer the day-to-day business by automating current manual paper intensive processes. Finally imaging eliminates the need of long term paper archives.

Product Management and Support

ImageNow is supported by AIMS unit. After exploring various implementation models, the enterprise model was determined to be the most cost-effective and most beneficial for the user community. The key benefits include unlimited user access, support for production, test, functional project management and high-level maintenance support.

Each implementing unit will identify and train the appropriate number of local experts (“power users”) who will be responsible for managing ImageNow within their unit and serve as a key trainer, trouble shooter and local system owner during implementation planning and after go-live. The individuals will work in partnership with the AIMS Team and serve as members of the ImageNow Power Users group.

Training for Power Users will be through AIMS or Perceptive Software, depending on level of training needed.


AIMS will provide technical/functional support for initial implementations unless more advanced services are required. In this case, departments will be expected to fund advanced implementation services provided by the vendor. Your department is also responsible for local hardware/software costs and user training.

AIMS Contact

240 University Pavilion, 810-762-3476;

New Implementation Request Process

For Departments or Schools interested in implementing ImageNow, the following process has been outlined to serve as a guide through the research and implementation process.

  1. Initial Contact: If you are interested in obtaining more information about ImageNow at UM-Flint or to receive a product demonstration, please contact AIMS unit at 810-762-3476 or e-mail us at
  2. Discovery Meeting: This meeting includes key users from school or department, AIMS (functional and technical – if needed) and is designed to review business process, level of interest, needs and goals, possible implementation timelines, general project scope (including expected server storage needs, etc.) and to review the remainder of the planning and implementation process.
  3. Department/School Approval for Planning: The designated administrator will provide a written statement or email designating resources available for planning. The planning period will often be needed before any necessary quotes can be obtained from the vendor.
  4. If needed, quotes will be obtained from the vendor and funding approved for vendor quote, vendor scanner software annual support and maintenance fee, and any other related costs.
  5. Statement of Work – A Statement of Work will be developed that serves as the project agreement between AIMS and the department. Through the development of this document, final details of the project will be gathered and documented including but not limited to: project team members and their roles; purpose statement, goals and objectives, scope of work, technical needs (local hardware and server storage space), budget needs, anticipated implementation dates and any special requirements.
  6. Project Plan Developed indicating planning, development and implementation timelines and responsibilities.
  7. Implementation
  8. Implementation Follow-up

System Limitations:

In order to maintain system integrity and due to various limitations within architecture of the imagenow software, we cannot do the following:

  • We cannot grant a user access to add/delete/modify other users in their units unless they are System Administrators in AIMS/ITS units.
  • At this time there is no way to limit annotations edits/deletion by drawer. Thus we cannot grant annotations “delete” access to student workers who may be working in multiple departments with each department having different security policy for their student workers.
  • Due to complexity of workflow and eForms creation, any department who wishes to create workflow or eForms will be given access in Test area to work in. Once the unit has consulted with AIMS team and tested the workflow within their unit, AIMS team will help moving the workflow or eForm from test to production environment.

ImageNow Access to Student Workers and removing access when staff leaves a unit:

  • In order to maintain system security, at the end each semester, your unit is responsible to fill out ImageNow Access Request form to ADD or REMOVE access to student workers in your unit. This policy is consistant with ITS's policy regarding Student worker's access to other systems.
  • You are also responsible to fill out the same form to remove access to staff when they leave your unit.