Alumni Society Board Member Application

Our Vision for Alumni

The Alumni of the University of Michigan-Flint are the single largest indicator of the success of a University.  The Alumni Society works to harness the collective and individual strengths of Alumni to improve the quality of the University and the lives of its Alumni.


The Alumni Society is governed by a Board or Governors that consists of 20 Alumni, students and community members.  The Society holds bi-monthly full board meetings with executive committee meetings on the alternate months.  The executive committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and all appointed committee chairs.


A volunteer Director upholds the organization's mission through sound oversight of the organizations internal operations and external relationships with other organizations and individuals by:

1. Complying with the Alumni Society bylaws and policies.
2. Enthusiastically representing the University and Society.
3. Take leadership roles on committees and planning of various events and activities associated with the Society.
4. Attend various official university meetings to represent the interests of Alumni.
5. Assist in fundraising efforts that support the Society and University of Michigan.
6. Serve as mentors for current and potential students.
7. Behave in a courteous, respectful and hones manner toward other Governors, staff, members and other people with whom the Society interacts.
8. Review, oversee and approve assets of the Society.