Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni Ambassadors Program

Enrollment at UM-Flint is at an all-time high, and to keep that momentum going, we need your help.  Become part of this award winning program and help us reach out to the next generation of Wolverines.  This program has something for everyone.   Opportunities include: encouraging highschool students to apply, handing out scholarship checks , attending college fairs, and much more.

Commencement Corps:

Graduation day is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice by our students and their family.  Our Chancellors Commencement Corps program involves alumni to make sure that day is extra special for students and their family.  Corps members work to welcome families, take family photos, sign up students for the Alumni Association and a number of other jobs on that day.  This program is fun, easy and very important!     

Signature Events:

There is no question about it, alumni like to party.  But more importantly, alumni like to party with a purpose.    Throughout the year alumni help to plan and host several signature events.  These events celebrate alumni success, raise money for students, rally around our sports teams, and much more.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, let us know.  We always have a need for leadership in this area. 

Alumni Clubs and Boards:

You have participated in several of our other programs.  You understand the need for alumni engagement with students and campus.  Now what can you do to take your level of commitment to the top level?  Serve on one of our boards.    The University of Michigan-Flint is fortunate to have several Alumni Association groups that focus on a variety of topics in Ann Arbor and Flint.  These groups of leaders work hard to set the priorities for alumni activities and live the Leaders and Best lifestyle.  Talk to our staff or one of our board members about more information on serving on one of these groups.

 Wolverine Advocacy:

Volunteers in the Wolverine Advocates program work to communicate their support of public higher education to elected officials in the state of Michigan. Advocates are asked to:

  • Contact their elected representative three times per year about the appropriation bill when prompted by the Office of Government Relations (usually in January, late-spring and then when the budget is finalized) by email, letter or phone.
  • Participate, as the UM Alumni Association's guest, in the Michigan Alumni Reception in Lansing each spring along with University President Mary Sue Coleman, campus leaders, state legislators and their staff and other advocates.
  • Respond to "calls to action" from the Office of Government Relations when the University's leaders ask alumni to contact their legislators as needed about non-budget issues.