Volunteer Opportunities

Commencement Corps:

Graduation day is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice.  The Chancellor's Commencement Corps program involves alumni to make sure that day is extra special for students, their friends and family.  Corps members welcome commencement guests, take family photos, talk with our graduates about the benefits of the Alumni Association, sign up our newest graduates for the Alumni Association and help to make this a celebratory day.    

Signature Events:

There is no question about it, alumni like to party.  But more importantly, alumni like to party with a purpose.    Throughout the year alumni help to plan and host several signature events.  These events celebrate alumni success, raise funds for student scholarships, rally around our sports teams, and much more.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, let us know.  We always have a need for leadership in this area.

Alumni Clubs and Boards:

So, you have participated in several alumni events. You understand the need for alumni engagement with current and prospective students.  Now what can you do to take your commitment to the next level?  Serve on one of our boards.    The University of Michigan-Flint is fortunate to have several Alumni Association groups that focus on a variety of topics in Ann Arbor and Flint.  These groups work to set priorities for alumni activities, and live the Leaders and Best lifestyle.  When you are ready to take the leap, talk to our staff or one of our board members about serving on one of these boards.

Student Welcome Week and Finals Week Activities:

Alumni Relations partners with Student Involvement and Leadership throughout the year to enhance the student experience.  Each fall alumni welcome students to campus with a presence at the Welcome Back picnic. Alumni also engage in activities to support students during final exams.