Faculty & Staff Resources

Engaged alumni are an important part of a university.  Our team works to make sure that faculty and staff have the resources to maintain connections with their alumni long after they leave the campus.   Our staff will work with you to make sure your next alumni event, annual giving campaign or other activity is a success.  You can find answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the services we provide here.   We also encourage you to contact our staff and set up an appointment to discuss your specific needs.


Alumni Relations FAQs

Why are alumni important to my department?

Alumni are the single greatest example of the quality of an institution. Staying in touch with them will benefit your department in more ways that we can describe here. Here are just a few reasons to invest if reaching out to your alumni.   

  • Find internship opportunities for your current students
  • Enrich your lectures by inviting alumni to participate in class
  • Identify leaders to assist in fundraising campaigns
  • Develop ambassadors to recruit new students to your department
  • Survey alumni for accreditation requirements and program planning


How do I start engaging alumni from my department/school/student group?

There are numerous ways to your engage alumni. Participate in our of our signature events, organize a volunteer activity, start a facebook page, host a reunion, etc.. … We encourage you to contact us to discuss the opportunities that are best for you and your budget. (Some financial sponsorship is available)


How can I get a list of alumni from my department?

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations maintains a database of alumni contact information. Fill out and return an Alumni Information Request Form and Confidentiality Agreement and send it back to us to get started.


What do I do if I know one of our alumni has moved or changed their contact info?

The easiest thing to do is to contact the Office of Alumni Relations by phone. Our staff will ask you a series of questions to determine if the info you have about a particular alumna/alumnus is up-to-date. We will then work with you to get that info into our central database.