Name of the collection: University of Michigan-Flint.  ECHO Program
Inclusive years: 1967-1981
Quantity: 29 linear ft. and 5 computer tapes
Acquisition: This collection (donor no. 187) was transferred to the Genesee Historical Collections Center on January 30, 1989.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. 
Photographs: There were no photographs. 
Processed by: Paul Gifford, 1989.


The ECHO (originally = Evidence for Community Health Organization; later = Educational, Charitable Health Organization) Program began in 1967 as one of seven local programs which constituted the Michigan Health Survey, a project authorized by Governor Romney and operated by the Michigan Department of Public Health. The Genesee County Health Department administered the local ECHO Program from its inception until 1978. The purpose of the Michigan Health Survey was to establish and improved a systematic process of collecting information about the physical environment, population characteristics, health concerns, and medical care. Most of this data fell outside the scope of the 1970 Federal census.

The Flint/Genesee County ECHO Program surveyed the county and city within the framework of two on-going projects: the Environmental Block Appraisal and the household interview. The Environmental Block Appraisal (EBA) was a "windshield" survey done by trained evaluators who surveyed each block, making note of all land uses, including the number of residential units, housing maintenance, environmental deficiencies and conditions, and vacant structures. The EBA was used as a basis for deriving samples from which household interviews could be made. The ECHO Program began the EBA for Flint and Genesee County in 1968; housing and land use data were available for 1969 through 1978/1979 for the City of Flint and for 1968 (Civil Division 9110 only), 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, and 1978/1979 for Genesee County. Household interviews relating to a number of different issues were compiled during the agency's history.

Funding was a problem throughout the ECHO Program's history. From March, 1971 to March, 1972, data was collected but not analyzed, but at the end of that period, all program activities came to a halt. In July, 1972, however, grants from the Mott Foundation and other sources allowed the program to resume. County and city CETA funds formed the largest single source of its funding between fiscal year 1974/1975 and 1978 and permitted an annual budget of between $298,000, and $509,000. The ECHO Program accomplished most of its work during those years.

The discontinuance of CETA funds after 1978 forced the ECHO Program to look for new funding. The Mott Foundation was interested in its work and increased its annual support. In February, 1979, the ECHO Program became a part of the University of Michigan-Flint, which contributed financial and physical support. In 1980, it merged with a new office, the Metropolitan Research Consortium, intended as a vehicle to encourage faculty urban research, and became known as MRC/ECHO, reporting to the Provost/Assistant Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The ECHO Program's budget in 1979 and 1980 declined greatly from earlier years and became overwhelmingly dependent on the Mott Foundation for support. Its activities declined as well. The ECHO Program ceased in June, 1981.


As the ECHO Program was under the administration of the Genesee County Department of Health for most of its existence, all of the Program's research centered on Genesee County and the City of Flint. Although its primary focus was on public health issues, the ECHO Program looked into education, land use, and other areas, in its mission to provide current information to local governments and regional planning agencies. Most researchers interested in Flint or Genesee County's population during the 1970s will probably find something here of value.

The original order of the ECHO Program records has, in general, been maintained. From 1967 to 1976, the records were divided into the following series:

Correspondence. This includes files containing correspondence with various individuals and institutions who collaborated with ECHO on certain projects, as Michigan State University's Office of Health Services, Education and Research (OHSER); Michigan Department of Public Health; and community health committees, such as the ECHO Medical Advisory Committee and the Health Data Gathering Committee.

Data. This series, arranged topically, contains mostly summaries of demographic data on various topics produced from the EBA database and other ECHO databases. Unlike the coded printouts, which are sometimes difficult to decipher without researching the documentation on the codes first, data is written in ordinary language. They were compiled in response to both individual and organizational requests.

Documentation. Material here consists of coding instructions, information on procedures, sampling, etc., related to the machine-readable data on the computer tapes.

Grants. These files include grant applications, detailing proposed ECHO activities, with related correspondence.

Information requests. One of ECHO's purposes was to disseminate its findings to its community. This series consists of requests from a variety of sources for particular data, with attached responses.

Methodology. Most of the material in this series describes the various surveys undertaken by ECHO and the methodology.

Miscellaneous. Included in this series are Data Advisory Committee notes, memoranda, and correspondence; ECHO/OHSER Committee minutes, both of which contain comme. on the activities of ECHO; various local studies on environmental, political, and public health issues; materj from other ECHO Programs; contracts for survey research; a newspaper clippings.

Personnel. Under this series fall those files concerning the ECHO Program's staff. Many of these relate to training and evaluating interviewers. There are also a procedures manual, staff meeting notes, and other administrative matter.

Projects. These files document special projects undertaken by ECHO on behalf of clients. The projects covered a variety of issues. For the Flint Department of Community Development, ECHO worked on a land use survey of Flint. Surveys for the Flint Board of Education profiled elementary school areas in 1973 and studied the personalized curriculum in 1977. Also included are files on the "baseline" reports, i.e., the Michigan Health Survey, from different years.

For the years 1977 to 1981, files are organized by year and thereunder by topic. Certain files warrant special attention. Those labeled "questions of the month" contain results of monthly surveys on a variety of issues. "Information requests and responses" continue the same series. One notable project, the Teen Awareness Project, concerned adolescent sexual activity and teenage pregnancy. Another ECHO project was a Harvard School of Public Health study, "Community Services for Children and Youth in Genesee County, Michigan," 1978. Further topics include vocational education, gerontology, mass transportation, substance abuse, and health care. A 1981 Flint Area Health Foundation project contains lists of health care providers and brochures from area hospitals.

The Printout series (16 feet) contain the results of computer runs done between 1968 and 1979. In most cases, the data is coded and requires reference to coding sheets (found in the "Documentation" series) and maps. The folder list describes the contents of the printouts. They include the Environmental Block Appraisal and Michigan Health Survey (or "Baseline" report) from different years, for both the City of Flint and Genesee (called "out-county") County.  Data are broken down, in different printouts, by elementary school area, census tract, block, and, in the case of the 1976 Flint Department of Community Development project, by planning district. One study used death certificates as a source.

Fifty-two tapes form part of the records. These include the Environmental Block Appraisal database, the Flint land use survey, and other databases, as well as corrections. Some of the tapes appear to be 7-track, although most are 9-track. Existing documentation on the tapes is contained in the "Documentation" series. Use of these tapes for future manipulation of data depends on their conversion to media up to current standards.

The following materials were judged to be not worthy of permanent retention: duplicates; individual Environmental Block Appraisal forms; other completed interview forms (together comprising about 30 linear feet); personnel records (4 feet); unsold publications (about 30 feet); and miscellaneous publications (2 feet). Other material was selectively retained, such as printouts, which comprise about half of the printouts in the original collection. Maps were separated from the collection and added to the map collection of the Genesee Historical Collections Center.

ECHO published the following studies, all of which are cataloged separately:

A Workbook for Elementary School Analysis,  1974. HN 49 .C6 W6

Genesee County: 1970-1975: a Period of Change, 1975.  HA 447 .G4 A8

Model Cities Program Special Study, 1975.  HA 730 .F4 G4

Genesee County: A Demographic Profile, 1979. HA 447 .G4 G6

Other studies are contained in the file folders under the series "Miscellaneous," "Projects," and under the series designated by year.








City of Flint, 1973-1976

Dluhy, Milan (University of Michigan), 1974-1975

ECHO Medical Advisory Committee, 1975

ECHO's usefulness, 1973-1974

Flint Community Schools, 1972-1975

Flint. Department of Community Development, 1976

Flint-Genesee County Health Department. Division of Environmental Health, 1975

Flint. Police Department, 1975

Form letters

Fourth Baseline Report, 1970

GLS Comprehensive Health Planning Council, 1973-1975

GLS Environmental Health Working Committee, 1975

GLS Health Systems, Inc., 1975-1976

Genesee County

Community Action Agency (Committee to Promote Action: COMPACT), 1972

Data Processing, 1975

Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1975

Genesee County Maternal and Child Care Association, 1972-1973

Health Data Gathering Committee, 1975

Human Services Planning Council of Genesee and Lapeer County, 1972-1973

Human Well-Being in Flint, 1974

Leadership Flint, 1973-1975

Mailing lists, 1974-1977




Michigan Department of Public Health, 1970-1974

Michigan Heart Association

Michigan State University. Office of Health Services, Education and Research, 1974-1977

Miscellaneous, 1975-1976

Mott Children's Health Center, 1973-1974

Mott Foundation, 1974-1976

Unemployment in Genesee County, Mar. 24-May 10, 1975

University of Michigan, 1975

University of Michigan-Flint, 1972-1975

"A Workbook for Elementary School Analysis," 1975-1976





ADC counts, 1970-1973


Analysis of environmental conditions, City of Flint, 1967-1973

Baseline report, 1975-1976

Businesses in city and out-county by census tract and block numbers

Data summaries



Diabetes in children

Doyle Urban Renewal area, 1973

ECHO organization studies, 1976 ECHO tables/forms

Educational interest survey - University of Michigan-Flint, 1975-1976

Environmental and health data by census tract, 1971

Environmental data by school district, 1973

Estimating and sampling

Flint, 1973-1976

Flint and out-county, 1973-1976

Flint Board of Education, 1973-1976

Flint Community Schools Health Guarded Program, 1975

Flint elementary school districts, 1967, 1970, 1973




Flint-Oak Park project, 1968-1970

Health and demographic tables - 1976 Flint and out­county

Health and environmental data - Genesee County, 1967-1968

Health care in Flint, 1968-1969

Health care tabulations for GLS, 1977

High school dropouts, 1970-1975

Housing, 1970-1973

Infant births and deaths, Flint, 1969-1972

Institutions - out-county and by school district



City of Flint census tracts

(1 of 2)


BOX 3                       

(2 of 2)

Color, 1970-1972

Demographic, 1970-1972

Dot map information



Elementary school boundaries, 1972-1973, 1975-1976

Genesee County census tracts and block numbers, 1974


Maps for school report, 1973


Statistical, 1969-1973

Michigan Health Survey


Questionnaires, 1970, 1972-1974



Genesee County, 1970-1976

Out-county, 1975-1976

Population projections for 1980-2005

Vital statistics, 1964-1975

Proposals, 1975

Question of the month/possible topics, 1976

Rodent control proposal, 1971

Transportation survey

Urban League


Block listings

Blocks listed by color codes, 1972

Census tract and block listing. Elementary school boundaries, 1968

Civil Division codes for Michigan counties

Code book

Volume 1

(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Volume 2

Volume 3



Code sheets, card files data



Computer runs, 1977

Data entry manual

ECHO Health Interview edit manual

ECHO questionnaire supplements

ECHO sampling methods

Fourth Baseline Report, 1970

Illness coding, 1975

Index of original printouts, 1969-1979

Mapping information and procedures

Mapset V3.1

OHSER training, 1976

Project for Edwin J. Staley and Associates, 1975

User's manual for computer terminal, 1979

Valuation codes


Budget reports, 1972-1976

DeWaters Charitable Trust Fund, 1971-1974, 1977

Federal revenue sharing, 1972-1975


Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1976­-1977


Michigan Association for Regional Medical Programs, 1972-1974

(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Michigan cooperative health information system - grant application, 1971

(l of 3)

(2 of 3)

(3 of 3)

Michigan State University. Office of Health Services, Education and Research, 1972-1976

Model Cities







Mott Foundation

Grants from, 1972-1976

Proposals, 1968-1976

Quarterly reports to



National Center for Health Services Research, 1970-1971

Public Service Employment Programs-CETA, 1974

U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare Partnership Grant





Environmental Block Appraisal data


McAllister and Associates




(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)


Confidentiality policy, 1975

Flow charts

Historical background, 1967-1970

Presentation notes, 1973-1974

Program evaluation, 1970-1971

Program evaluation and justification, 1976

Program objectives and description





(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Technical notes






Arizona ECHO, 1970-1973

(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Assessment of medical manpower needs - Genesee County, 1975

Attitudinal research, 1973-1975

Budgets, 1972-1976


Genesee County Substance Abuse Commission, 1974

Model Cities



DIME program

Data Advisory Committee

Agenda and notes, 1975-1976

Memoranda and correspondence

Handouts about confidentiality policy, 1975-1976

Detroit ECHO, 1975, 1979

Developing the organizational capacity to manage change (Flint Report)

Dibert, Fred - Report on air pollution in private homes, 1976

ECHO/OHSER Committee meetings



Flint Census Statistical Areas Committee, 1975-1976

Flint-Genesee County Comprehensive Land Use­ Transportation Study Technical Advisory Committee, 1976-1977

Fulton, Lynn - Housing survey of ADC in Genesee County, 1970

General program literature, 1967-1975

Genesee County Regional Drug Abuse Commission - data collection system report, 1973

Guide to environmental health laws in Michigan

Leonard, Robert F. - Treatment and counseling: a new approach to drug cases

Livingston County ECHO, 1975

McAllister and Associates - Analysis of the revenues and expenditures of human services agencies serving Flint residents, 1973


Michigan. Department of Public Health


Management Information System, 1978

Project ECHO, first year report, 1967-1968

Michigan Health Survey description, 1973

Newspaper articles and press releases

Preliminary data from Flint area quality of life study, 1976



Projects investigated but not undertaken

Survey of political attitudes and opinions among Flint citizens, 1975


Community health analyst description, 1970

ECHO communication audit

Environmental Block Appraisal training manual, 1975

(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Environmental survey training materials, 1973-1975

General, 1975

Interviewer performance indicators 1971-1975



Job descriptions

Monthly activity reports, 1976

Policy and procedures manual, 1976

Public service employment job proposal, 1976

Requests for presentations, 1975-1976

Research analyst notes, 1976

Staff lists

Staff meeting notes, 1975-1976

Summer student program, 1973

Supervisor's conferences and evaluation meetings, 1969­1971

Training manuals, 1967-1972

Training session agenda




Baseline Report, 1976 - notes and materials

Beecher needs assessment, 1976

Cancer registry, 1977



Citizen involvement network, 1975-1976

Death certificate project, 1975

Doyle School project, 1978

Environmental Block Appraisal - sample forms

Flint Board of Education


Special survey, 1976


Flint. Department of Community Development


Correspondence and memoranda, 1972-1976

Land use survey

Coding and methodology

Contracts and budget, 1975


Flint dilapidated housing, 1975

Flint Journal, 1976

Flint Office of Equal Opportunity, 1974-1976 GLS Region 5 Planning Commission, 1976

Genesee County Medical Society - report and memos, 1975

Genesee County. Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1976

Governor's Task Force on Redlining, 1976

Harvard School of Public Health, 1976-1978

Head Start evaluation, 1975-1977

Health services planning project, 1972 - Williams School

Michigan Health Survey - Fourth Baseline Report - City of Flint, 1969-1970

Michigan State University. Office of Health Services Education and Research (OHSER), 1977



Model Cities, 1968-1974

(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

Mott survey of minorities' attitudes, 1973

Neighborhood Service Representation Program, 1974-1976

North Cook Neighborhood Association survey, 1976

Personalized curriculum program study, 1977

Physicians computer list, 1976

Public health code, 1978

School area profiles, 1973

Cook School

Dewey, Jefferson, Pierson Schools

Oak School

Parkland School

            School Community Advisory Committee, 1975

            Senior citizens’ needs, 1972

            Student projects, 1971-1974

            Swine flu project, 1976

            Teen awareness human sexuality survey, 1978-1979

            Tot-lot project, 1976

            Venereal disease clinic records computerization, 1977

            Workbook for elementary school analysis






CETA Hiring Center

Flint. Department of Community Development


Genesee County. Community Action Agency

Genesee County Personnel-Labor Relations

Harvard School of Public Health

Michigan State University. Office of Health Services Education and Research

Mott Foundation




BOX 10

Environmental health surveys

GLS Health Systems, Inc.

GLS Region V Planning and Development Commission ­population projections

Harvard School of Public Health/Mott child health study Information requests


Genesee County. Community Action Agency


Memoranda from Stewart Weiner

Monthly activity reports

Mott Foundation grant - personalized curriculum program, Flint

Mott Foundation quarterly reports

Proposals - database for Flint Questionnaire revision

Questions of the month


Baseline reports




Senior citizens' services

Transportation study




Common Concern, Inc. - Beecher needs assessment


ECHO Advisory Committee

Flint. Department of Community Development

Forms, survey questions, etc.

GLS Health Systems, Inc.

GLS Region V. Housing Committee

Genesee County

Board of Health

Community Action Agency

Health Department

Metropolitan Planning Commission

Genesee Indian Center

Grievances by employees

Harvard University School of Public Health


BOX 11

Information requests and responses

Insight, Inc.

Lapeer-Shiawassee survey

Leadership Flint


Michigan Health Data Corp.

Michigan Health Department materials


Michigan State University. Department of Community Health Science



Monthly activity reports

Mott Foundation



Quarterly reports


Physician and dentist list

Population estimates and projections

Potential contracts

Questionnaire revision

Questions of the month

Requests for information, workbook

Sample statistics

Sampling arrangements forms

Teen Awareness Project

Transportation coding manual

United Way



Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

Articles of incorporation

Burton, City of - Thread Creek project

Central data information system

Channel 28 telephone survey

Communication Consulting Services - Vogue study

Community attitudes survey




By Nancy S. Litten


(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)




BOX 12

1973-1976 Flint and out-county and elementary school district tables

ECHO Community Advisory Committee

Evaluation committee, Genesee County Commission on Substance Abuse

Flint Area Health Foundation Flint Chamber of Commerce Flint Community Schools

Flint. Department of Community Development

GLS Health Systems, Inc.


Senior citizens' needs assessment


Genesee County. Metropolitan Planning Commission


Genesee Indian Center

Harvard School of Public Health. Community Child Health Studies

Information requests and responses

Mass Transportation Authority



University of Michigan-Flint

Weiner, Stewart

Metropolitan Research Consortium

Michigan State University. Department of Community Health Science

Mott Foundation

Program objectives

Sampling system

Teen Awareness Project

Correspondence and memoranda

Information packet




Administrative inventory

Affirmative action goals

Budget information

Burton, City of - Thread Creek project

CETA proposals

Census Data Center

Channel 28 telephone survey


by Diana Dever

by Peter Gluck



by Nancy S. Mansfield

by John Mucha

by Stewart Weiner



BOX 13



Environmental Block Appraisal training manual

GLS Health Systems, Inc.

"Genesee County: A Demographic Profile '79" (Baseline Report)

Geriatric workshop

Harvard School of Public Health. Community Child Health Studies. Report: Community Services for Children and Youth in Genesee County, Michigan

            Hurley Hospital

Information requests and responses


Mass Transportation Authority Memoranda


Metropolitan Research Consortium


Art Works project

CETA analysis

Flint Planned Parenthood

Insight, Inc., evaluation

Private Industry Council labor analysis/forecast

United Way

Michigan State University. Department of Community Health Science

Mott Foundation


Historical Overview of the ECHO Program

National Science Foundation

Program evaluation specialist position

Red Cross

Staff meetings - minutes

Teen Awareness Project

Telephone surveys

Training agenda

Vocational education - Michigan Department of Education




Flint Area Health Foundation project

Memoranda, correspondence


Delphi questionnaires

Harvard recommendations

Lists of health care providers

Local health care brochures

Genesee County. Metropolitan Planning Commission

Gorwitz, Kurt (consultant)

Information requests and responses


Mott Foundation - Evaluation of ECHO

Office space


Staff meeting minutes

Weiner, Stewart P. (consultant)



            Aging Population, Deteriorating Dwellings and Population

            Center for the Study of Community Affairs, 1977

            Fourth Baseline Report, 1970

            Relationships between Housing and Health in Some Michigan Cities, 1968-1970

            Relationships between Birth Weight and Selected Social, Environmental and Medical Care Indicators, 1971

            Growth of Urban Poverty, 1971


BOX 14

PRINTOUTS (initial number indicates volume number)

Flint, City of, data, 1969

1. Tabulations from interviews by elementary school areas, 9/69, and by 6 selected elementary schools, 4/69

Supplement, Third Baseline, Flint (special run).

2.             Part 1: age, 9/2/69

3.             Part 2: age, 9/2/69




BOX 15

4. Environmental appraisal data, tabulated by elementary school areas, 5/69

Flint City data, 1970-1972

5. Maps used in Flint City Fourth Baseline Report, 1970

6. Environmental appraisal data, 7/70; 1/71; 7/71; 1/72; 11/72

7. Environmental block appraisal, 1972

Flint City data, 1973-1974

8. Environmental block appraisal, 1973

10. 1973 and 1974 Flint file index, run 6/6/77


BOX 16

11. Flint, 1975

12, 1975 Flint file by planning district, 6/6/77

13. Flint 1975 - family size by census tracts (actual number in family, not averages), 8/9/77

14. 1975 Flint Environmental block appraisal, master copy

15. Flint 1975/1976 work status data

16. Work status tables, calendar year 1976

Flint City data, 1976

17.  1976 Environmental block appraisal, 2/1/77

18.  1976 Flint land-use traffic analysis zone by land use-acreage, 5/18/77


BOX 17

21. 1976 Flint land use traffic analysis zone by census tract and block, 5/18/77

22.Flint housing data, 1976

23.  1976 Flint data. Tabulations run for Neil in VD clinic. Basic demographics by school district and school clusters, 2/6/78

Flint City data, 1977

24. Flint Environmental block appraisal, 1977 [ ]. Flint City data, 1977

Flint City data, 1978

29.1978 Flint city data

30.1978 Flint city data

31.1978 Flint city data

32.1978 Environmental block appraisal, 6/28/79


BOX 18

Data by planning district, 5/77, 1976 update

62.District 1

63.  District 2

64.  District 3

65.  District 4


66.  District 5


67.  District 6

68.  District 7

69.  District 8


BOX 19

70.District 9

71.  District 10

72.  District 11

73.  District 12

78.   Genesee County physicians, 1975-1976

Flint. Department of Community Development tables, 1975-1977

Demographic report, 7/75-9/76


BOX 20

HAP - special runs (re-run), 5/13/77

85. HAP tables, 1/77

86. Demographics, core part, 1/77


BOX 21

Death certificates data, 1976-1977

87.  Death certificate tabulations

88.  1976 death certificate tabulations

89.  1977 death certificate tabulations

Out-county data, 1968-1972

90. Environmental appraisal - minor civil division 9110 (Mt. Morris), 2/7/68

Tabulations from ECHO interview data, 12/69

91.Mt. Morris Township

92.Genesee Township

93.Flint Township

94.Genesee County outside Flint - Environmental appraisal data, 11/70; 1/71; 7/71; 11/72


BOX 22

Out-county data, 1973-1977

95.    1973 ECHO survey data by defined school areas

96.    1973 ECHO survey data by census tract areas

97.    1975 out-county Environmental Block Appraisal

102. Reader and coverage output for samples 1-23, Flint and out-county, 1976


BOX 23

103. Land use data, parcel-ordered file, run 4/18/76, preliminary run

106. 1977 out-county Environmental Block Appraisal data, first run, 10/27/79

110. 1975 out-county data, tabulations run for Neil in VD clinic, basic demographics by civil division, 1/12/67 and 2/7/78




BOX 24

111. 1976 out-county partial, GLS request, 2/23/78 (also includes Flint 1976 GLS request)

133. Out-county data, 1977

107. 1978 out-county data

109. 1978 out-county data

125. 1978 out-county Environmental Block Appraisal data


BOX 25

Miscellaneous data

112. Model Cities area - tabulations from ECHO interviews, 12/69

113. 1974 Environmental Block Appraisal system ­complete program listings, output from validation runs

114. Community Health Interviewer performance indices

115. Edwin J. Staley (Flint Department of Community Development) - Recreation and leisure report tabulations, 1/76


BOX 26

116. University of Michigan-Flint - Special study: educational interest, 3/76

117. Livingston County Health Department, Environmental Block Appraisal, 7/1/76

118. XSJQ: HAPOUT - last year's occupied units 56542, 1/14/77

119. Replication of last year's HAP - full year 1975, 6/6/77

120. TAZ (traffic analysis zone) definitions, 10/78

121. "Vogue" study, 3/79, Roger Wilcox


BOX 27

122.    Tabulations run for WAMM, 9/79

123.    H-ICDA: Hospital adaptation of ICDA, tabular list

124. Flint Board of Education special request, 12/78: 1973 and 1974 demographics

[   ]. 1976 ECHO demographic tables


BOX 28

1978 ECHO tabulations for Flint Department of Community Development, 9/79

by households

by individuals

by households and elementary school districts




BOX 29

Out-county, 1978

Flint Area Reference from match key


BOX 30

COMPUTER TAPES (identified by physical inscriptions on the tapes)

OHSER (=Michigan State University. Office of Health Services, Education, and Research)

OHSER 1 (A 8869)

OHSER 2 (A 8870)

OHSER 3 (A 8871)

OHSER 4 (A 8872)

OHSER 5 (A 8873)

OHSER 6 (A 8874)

HISBAC (Environmental Block Appraisal)

M349, I/P reel no. M991

M903 (Individual master copy)

M904 (Dwelling master)


N318, A382 (dwelling master, 1975)

M1047, N134 (1975 Flint Department of Community Development land use file)

P01501 (M947, N153) (N103, N078) (1975 individual master)


BOX 31

FLUSE (Flint Land Use Survey, for Flint Department of Community Development) FLUSE 1






RTAX (DOC 006, Sprafka) (1976 tax tape)

CITY01 (M877, M199, M840) (city survey master)


BOX 32

Unidentified tapes processed at Michigan State University

B 2276 (cleaned 1980) B 2277 (cleaned 1980) CDM 2 (A 6232)

CDM 3 (A 6231)

CDM 4 (A 6230)

EC 1

EHO (A 5176)

P01501.DWELLMAST (Flint dwelling unit tape, 10/28/74)

P01501.INDIVMAST (8/20/74)




BOX 33

            Corrections by Dempsey Keypunch Service (identification number, date, and content)

                        872      4/14/76            (samples 1-3, 1976)

                        1074    5/13/76            (samples 4-6)

                        1242    7/12/76            (samples 7-8, part of 3)

                        2575    9/30/76            (samples 9-12)

                        5319    2/1/77              (samples 13-17)

                        5472    5/9/77              (samples 18-23)

                        471      11/3                 (ECHO corrections, samples 1-12)

                        4251    12/9/76            (ECHO land use)

                        218      12/20/76          (Flint corrections, samples 1-12, 1976)

                        155      12/20               (Out-county corrections)

                        3751    3/29/77            (1976 Flint land use)

                        2434    4/6/77              (MHS samples 1-17, corrections 1976)

                        11779  11/7/77            (ECHO #1)

                        436      7/ /77               (ECHO #3)

                        706      6/13/77            (corrections)

                        925      1/16/78            (corrections)


BOX 34

ECH001 (Environmental Block Appraisal) (numbers are reel identification number and r/p reel number)

M209   (M215, M326) (City of Flint, 1975)

M304 (Ml18, B864)   (EBA master - County, 1975)

                        M329 (H5019)            (Livingston County current)

                        M828 (P385)               (EBA master)

                        N365 (P146)                (EBA master)

                        P022    (M341)            (city)