Name of the collection: EDGAR B. HOLT PAPERS
Inclusive years: 1941-1992
Quantity: 15 feet + 88 photographs
Acquisition: This collection was donated to the Genesee Historical Collections Center on April 4, 1993 by donor no. 239.
Access: There are no restrictions on access. For the series "Prisoners," the researcher may have access on condition that the names of the correspondents not be published.
Photographs: Eighty-eight photographs were removed and are to be cataloged separately.
Processed by: Paul Gifford, March 1994.


Edgar B. Holt was born in Newport News, Virginia, on November 8, 1921. He received his education in the local schools and then studied at Wilberforce University. World War II interrupted his education, during which he saw military service in the South Pacific in 1944 and worked in the Office of War Information.

His first active involvement in a civil rights organization was with the Southern Negro Youth Congress, which he had joined by 1941, and in 1946 and 1947 was one of that group's vice-presidents. In 1946, while working at a construction site in Newport News, he was beaten, after objecting to the white foreman's comment that whites drank first, and left on a road. He then left the city of his birth and finished his schooling at Wilberforce in 1947, receiving the B.A. degree. Following Wilberforce, he attended the New School for Social Research in New York City, where in 1949 he received the Master of Social Work degree, and afterwards worked as a social worker for the New York City Department of Public Welfare.

He came to Flint, Michigan, in 1950, where he remained until his death. Until his disability leave about 1969, he was employed in the foundry at Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. He also ran an import-export business at various times, mostly in the early 1960s and during the last few years of his life.

His first efforts in the political/social arena in Flint were involved with organizing a union bargaining committee to obtain equal pay and rights for black employees and in starting what became known as the Foundry Council. In 1954, he managed the campaign of FloydMcCree in his run for a seat on the Flint City Council. Although this first attempt was unsuccessful, he continued working on McCree's later campaigns, which ultimately led Councilman McCree to be chosen in 1967 as one of the first black mayors in the country. Holt also managed the campaigns of UAW activist Nathaniel Turner for city and county office. He was an organizer, in 1956, of the Third Ward Better Government League, an interracial group which sought to improve black representation in local government. In 1952, he married Lois Van Zandt, of Flint, who was the first black teacher hired by the Flint Board of Education.

During the crucial decade of the 1960s, Holt focused most of his political energy in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). First elected President of the Flint Branch, following a controversial election in 1958 which included accusations by the publisher of the Bronze Reporter, Flint's black newspaper, that Holt had been a Communist, he served as First Vice-President of the Michigan Conference from 1961 and 1963 and as President from 1963 to 1966. Again, from 1967 to 1970, he served as president of the Flint branch. As head of the NAACP's largest state organization, he was in constant demand as a speaker at local branch meetings, having a reputation as a militant. Holt participated in all the national conventions of the organization and its regional workshops as well. Among the NAACP's activities during those years were participation in the civil rights marches in the South (Holt had mortgaged his house in 1957 in order to charter an airplane to transport Flint people to take part in the Montgomery demonstrations); a demonstration against General Motors in 1964; efforts to pass fair housing legislation in Flint; and investigation of complaints regarding racial discrimination and police brutality.

By 1967, civic and government agencies were making efforts to include black representation, and, as a result of his association with the NAACP, Edgar Holt began to be named to the boards of such groups. Flint city groups included the Committee on Human Relations and Law; the Renewal and Housing Department's Advisory Committee; COMPACT (Committee to Promote Action); Charter Revision Committee's Advisory Board; and Manpower Area Planning Council.

Genesee County agencies in which Holt participated included: Economic Development Commission; Manpower Advisory Council; the Housing Subcommittee of the Genesee County Technical Advisory Committee; Model Cities Economic Development Corporation; and the Probate Court Juvenile Division Advisory Committee. Regional agencies included the Region V Crime Commission and the Manpower Area Planning Council of Genesee, Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties.

As these memberships indicate, in the years following 1968, Holt was concerned with police-community relations, housing and urban renewal, employment and affirmative action, promoting the growth of black enterprise, and implementation of Federal programs, including Housing and Urban Development and Model Cities grants. These interests were also reflected in the activities of the Flint NAACP branch in the early 1970s. Among its projects was Genesee Renaissance, which purchased houses and renovated them. Holt became very interested in non-profit housing and, with other partners, formed the Genesee Valley Non-Profit Housing Corporation. In 1972, he and some partners incorporated the Genesee Community Townhouse Nonprofit Housing Association and ran the Ridgecrest Village Townhouses. Holt became very familiar with state and Federal housing programs and took full advantage of them. Ultimately, however, the project failed.

Another of Holt's big interests in the late 1960s and 1970s was the rehabilitation of criminals. His NAACP duties had already drawn him into theconcerns of black prisoners and he worked tirelessly on their behalf to help them discover their weaknesses, gain probation, and re-enter society. Through the NAACP, he started Project New Leaf and Project Rebound in 1973, aimed at helping recently released prisoners. He also served on the Advisory Board of Rubicon-Odyssey House, a drug rehabilitation center in Flint.

Although he no longer was the president of the Flint branch, he continued many other activities through the NAACP. As chairman of its Legal Redress Committee in the mid-1970s, he was involved with numerous employee grievances, many concerning employees of General Motors, only a portion of them being racial in nature. In 1976 and 1977, he was heavily involved with the local NAACP's Human Services Information and Referral Project, which taught hard-core unemployed persons job-seeking skills and referred people to General Motors for hiring.

After what he considered to be an unfair election by the NAACP Flint branch in 1977, he resigned from the organization, although he eventually reconciled with the group. He formed a new organization, Freedom and Justice Associates, in 1977, through which he intended to continue his many activities. This organization acted as a recipient agency for CETA money, which the NAACP's by-laws prohibited. He employed a few office workers in his program, helped prisoners, processed employee grievances, and also concerned himself with issues concerning the elderly.

On a more personal level, he was interested in Africa. He attended Nigeria's independence celebrations in 1960 and visited that country several times. He and his wife frequently helped out African students as early as 1959, and the relationships they formed with them lasted for many years. Holt helped them with their immigration and financial problems and helped several get jobs in Flint. He also developed an interest in trade with Africa, starting an import-export business in the early 1960s. He renewed this interest in the late 1970s and started other trading companies, selling commodities like cement and rice to Nigerian businessmen he had met through earlier contacts.

After such a productive life, in which he attempted to change the social conditions which had affected him and his people, he died February 8, 1984, in Flint.


The period covered by this collection begins about 1955 and ends in 1983. The papers had been moved several times before they were donated to the University of Michigan and, because they were in no particular order, the archivist needed to impose an order on them. Although there are a few items dating prior to this time span, such as two Southern Negro Youth Congress newsletters from 1941, most of the material dates from the 1960s and 1970s. The 1960s, of course, were a critical era in Afro-American history, and, as Edgar Holt was president of the largest state NAACP organization at probably its most significant period, the series of NAACP records will likely draw the most interest from the researcher.

Holt attended almost every national convention of the NAACP, from 1959 to 1976. The files concerning them typically contain the convention programs, committee agendas, speeches, news clippings, and flyers. Other national NAACP material includes pamphlets, newsletters, and information on implementing certain programs, such as non-profit housing. The files from the NAACP Region 3 Leadership Training Conferences (Region 3 consisting of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin), which were primarily workshops for local NAACP officers, contain conference programs and associated material.

The Michigan State Conference was the largest of any of the state NAACP organizations during the mid-1960s, when Edgar Holt was the Conference's vice-president (1961-1963) and president (1963-1966). The correspondence and topical files in this series concern: operations of local Michigan branches, including elections, lawsuits, and demonstrations, as well as invitations to speak at local meetings; communications from national NAACP officers and from other local NAACP activists concerning affairs of the national organization; invitations to, and announcements of, conferences on civil rights, juvenile delinquency, and other social problems. However, the largest topic concerns the operations of the Michigan Conference, including elections and meetings.

The largest single series in this collection concerns the Flint Branch of the NAACP. Although president only from 1958 to 1960 and from 1967 to 1970, Holt was responsible for much of the local branch's operations through most of the next decade, including writing the newsletter, acting as a public representative in community groups, and in influencing its policies. He was chairman of the Credit Union Committee and, in the mid-1970s, of the Legal Redress Committee.

Many of the Flint Branch's operations reflected the policies of the national organization. The fight against segregation was the group's leading cause during the 1960s, and in Flint, campaigns were waged to adopt an open housing ordinance, which succeeded in 1968. Relations with police were also a major concern, and in the late 1960s, allegations of police brutality increased. In this regard, for example, in 1967 the Flint NAACP took on the case of Gernell Taylor. Holt received complaints about racist policies of businesses, employment practices, and real estate brokers. These complaints are filed in the topical folders as well as in the Legal Redress Committee files for the mid-1970s.

Holt's NAACP papers from the 1970s reveal successive projects, mostly initiated by the national organization, which the Flint Branch adopted. Non-profit housing was one. Holt attended workshops on the subject sponsored by the national organization and then put the scheme into practice. The Genesee Valley Non-Profit Housing Corporation was started in 1970, but because of certain prohibitions by the NAACP constitution, the corporation became independent. The series "Genesee Community Townhouse Nonprofit Housing Association Corporation" contains records associated with the ownership and management of Ridgecrest Village Townhouses in Flint. Another housing effort by the Flint NAACP was Genesee Renaissance, which purchased and renovated a number of Flint houses for resale to qualified buyers.

The Flint NAACP, under Holt's direction, began, with funding from the Genesee County Model Cities Program, a program to rehabilitate young offenders, which it called Project New Leaf, later Project Rebound. Southern Michigan Prison at Jackson started its own Project New Leaf, with which Holt was closely associated.

The local branch was also involved in an effort to desegregate the Flint public schools around 1975, and most of the relevant material is folders headed "Flint Board of Education." Routine annual efforts were directed at registering voters and attracting new members to the NAACP.

General Motors Corporation, as Flint's largest employer, was a major concern to the black community of Flint. The Flint NAACP was involved in a national demonstration against GM in 1964, and Holt took part in further efforts to encourage the company to hire more blacks. Later, the Flint Branch, headed by Holt, began a project to get people employed, especially in referring them to General Motors. Material relating to this is contained under the folder heading "Human services information and referral project" and dates from 1976 and 1977.

In 1978, due to NAACP constitutional restrictions against receiving and disbursing such monies, Edgar Holt created a new organization, Freedom and Justice Associates, which would administer CETA program funds. These Federal funds allowed community organizations to hire young or inexperienced workers to work in the area of social service. In 1978, Holt left the NAACP because he disputed the manner in which the Flint Branch's elections were held, and remained bitter toward the group for a number of years. However, he continued much of his previous work, such as the job referral program and prisoner rehabilitation, through Freedom and Justice Associates. The organization had a board, but the organization was really a letterhead through which Holt could continue his work. Its activities declined about 1980. Material in this series also deals with concerns of the elderly.

As a result of Holt's increasing civic visibility, through his work as campaign manager for Floyd McCree and Nathaniel Turner and as NAACP president, he became more involved with various government and civic organizations. The files with the most material are those relating to the Urban Coalition of Flint; COMPACT; the Genesee Community Development Conference; the Genesee County Community Action Agency; the Genesee County Economic Development Commission; the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission; the Genesee County Model Cities Economic Development Corporation; the Genesee County Probate Court Juvenile Division Advisory Committee; the Flint Charter Revision Commission Advisory

Board; the Flint Manpower Area Planning Council; and the Region 5 Crime Commission. Most of these agencies and advisory boards were concerned with promoting economic growth and creating jobs and with crime. The files mostly contain material from the early 1970s.

The series "Civil Rights, Black, and Other Organizations" contains files relating to miscellaneous organizations, mostly in Flint, but some national, with which Holt had dealings, either as a member or leader or as a recipient of correspondence or merely as an interested party. The Southern Negro Youth Congress contains one of the organization's newsletters, dated 1941. The Third Ward Better Government League folder, with material from 1956 and 1957, documents Holt's first political efforts in Flint, following his management of Floyd McCree's campaigns in 1954 and 1956. Other groups are ad hoc political organizations, such as the Citizens Committee for the Support of the Oak Park Bond Issue (1968-1969), an urban renewal proposal which failed. Olive Beasley, Flint field director for the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, sent Holt many memos; these are mostly in the folders under that commission's heading. Other material from her, such as items from national NAACP, can be found in other parts of the collection.

Holt's stature in the community led to his involvement in local institutions of higher education. He personally was interested in establishing a Flint campus of Shaw College, a predominately black business school based in Detroit, and worked towards that goal. He was active in helping to recruit African and black faculty to the University of Michigan-Flint and was also interested in the school's African-Afro-American Studies Program, in the student organization, Students for Black Action, and the files reflect those interests.

Although he never personally sought political office, Holt worked as a campaign manager in local elections for two of his closest friends, Floyd McCree and Nathaniel Turner. The files concerning McCree document his 1954 race for city commissioner and campaigns in later years. Turner ran for city and county offices between 1968 and 1982. Other files document the local campaigns of his NAACP associates, Harold Hayden, John Hightower, and Fred Tucker, and the first Flint efforts on behalf of Jesse Jackson's 1982 Presidential campaign.

The "Churches" series contains files with material emanating from various Flint churches. The most significant are those on Woodside Church, an interdenominational, inter-racial congregation with a liberal social philosophy to which Holt and his wife belonged. These files contain weekly programs and other material. The Unitarian Universalist Church file is also reasonably extensive. Black churches represented are: Bethel, Quinn Chapel, and Vernon A.M.E. The Vernon A.M.E. Chapel file contains material from a 1954 incident concerning a local NAACP election which Holt contested; he passed out literature and was arrested.

The "ceremonial" series contains mostly souvenir programs of building dedications, funerals, memorial services, testimonial dinners, as well as graduation announcements and wedding invitations. Holt spoke or gave the eulogy at many of these occasions, and the texts to his speeches may be found in some of the folders. The programs are sometimes useful biographical sources for the individuals.

A number of useful files on Flint black service organizations may be found within the "Service/Fraternal Organizations" series. Holt was an organizer of the Optimist Club of Greater Flint, and the files for this group document its activities during the 1970s and early 1980s. He was also instrumental in forming the Flint Arts and Guidance Club, which was active in the 1960s. Other files typically contain invitations to events, or programs from these events, sponsored mostly by local black organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, and fraternal orders.

The records of the Genesee Community Townhouse Nonprofit Housing Association Corporation are fairly comprehensive. Dating from 1972 to 1979, they document the management of Ridgecrest Townhouses, a subsidized housing complex in Flint for low-income residents.

Under the "Social Service" heading are files of Flint organizations with which Holt was involved, usually as a member of their boards of directors. The most significant are the Genesee County Youth Service Bureau and Rubicon-Odyssey House, a local halfway house for substance abusers. The files document the organizations' activities in the 1970s.

The "Correspondence" series contains correspondence from Flint social activist Olive Beasley, her sons C. J. Beasley and U. S. Beasley, former NAACP assistant Charles W. Cheng, Genora Dollinger, the former Flint resident who was active in the Sit-Down Strike but who had later moved to California, and Al-Hajj Anas Mahmoud Luqman, a black nationalist in Chicago. Although all were Holt's personal friends, their social and political activism, more than any personal content, is reflected in their correspondence.

One significant series of the collection is the series of letters from prisoners. Organized alphabetically by surname, this series consists of more than one linear foot and dates from 1964 to 1983. Mostly black, the prisoners were usually held in the Genesee County Jail or the Southern Michigan Prison in Jackson, although others were in various other state and Federal institutions in Michigan. Typically, the prisoner would first write to Holt for help in obtaining parole; for many of them, the correspondence would develop into a period of several years. Many describe conditions in the prisons and some are thougtful reflections on life and race relations. Although this series is open for research, please note that this is contingent on not publishing the names of the prisoners.

As African countries began to declare their independence in the late 1950s, Holt developed a strong interest in their welfare. He and his wife went to Nigeria in 1960 and attended the independence celebrations. He developed personal contacts then and soon began an import-export business. About this time, the Holts began to assist African college students, especially at Michigan State University, both financially and in ways such as with immigration problems. The letters from Africa are from young students wishing to come to America to study or from former students who returned.

The "speeches" series contain a variety of speeches, mostly unidentified as to date or occasion, although internal evidence sometimes provides that information. They are either handwritten or typed. Other speeches may be found in other series, in the NAACP series especially, but, in those case, those speeches were identified by the occasion of the speech. Clearly Holt was frequently asked to deliver speeches or addresses during Black History Week and to deliver eulogies.

At the end of his life, Holt resumed his interest in business. The "business" series contains files relating to various enterprises, including BEH Enterprises, Inc., an import-export business doing trade with Africa. Other businesses include Golech Associates, a consulting firm.

The remaining series, "Personal," "Meetings and Conferences," "Reports," and "Topical (Miscellaneous)," contain miscellaneous files on various subjects. The items here are mostly material which could not be easily fit into the other series. One interesting file is the Michigan State Police "Red Squad" file on Nathaniel Turner, which demonstrates the effort expended in the late 1950s and early 1960s to report on the activities of the local NAACP.

Finally, Lois Holt's series contains material documenting her employment as the first black teacher employed by the Flint Board of Education and her teaching career in general. Also in this series are various sketches of Edgar Holt's life written soon after his death and a number of letters from his friends and colleagues describing their memories of him.




         Constitution and by-laws for branches, 1957, 1960, 1964

         National conventions















                 1974 - Material from Olive Beasley



                 1977 - Material from Olive Beasley

                 1978 - Material from Olive Beasley

                 1979 - Material from Olive Beasley




                 Adopt a Child Program

                 Annual report, 1983

                 Automobile industry employment, 1964

                 Bakke symposium, 1978

                 Day care center program, 1971

                 General Motors Corporation, 1964

                 Housing, 1975

                 Housing Specialist Institute, 1971

                 Life membership bulletin, 1964-1972

                 Miscellaneous, 1979-1984

                 Miscellaneous, from Olive Beasley, 1973-1979

                 National Afro American Builders Corporation, [1972?]

                 National Black Political Convention, Gary, Ind., 1972

                 National Work Conference on Energy, 1977

                 Newsletters, 1967-1968, 1978

                 Press releases and memoranda, 1964-1973

                 Project Rebound, 1972-1973

                 Publications from National office



                 Quality education conference, 1977 - Material from Olive Beasley

                 Wilkins, Roy, 1975-1977

         Region 3

                 Conference, 1963



                 Leadership Training Conferences










                         1979 - Material from Olive Beasley

                 Newsletter, 1976

                 Quad-state office - Annual report, 1964

                 Conference of Quad-State presidents, 1964

                 Minutes, 1967

                 Annual meeting, 1968

         Michigan State Conference

                 Constitution, 1964, 1966

                 Annual report, 1959

                 Annual conventions



















                         1978 - Material from Olive Beasley

                 Minutes (including agendas)




                         Speeches, 1964-1966

                         Speech material



                         Local branch meetings, banquets, etc., 1964-1967




                                         (1 of 2)

                                         (2 of 2)


                         Memoranda to and from local branches, 1964

                         Memoranda, 1965-1966

                         Annual reports from local branches, 1964-1965


                         Correspondence, 1961-1962

                         Local branch meetings, 1961-1963

                 Correspondence, 1970-1972



                 Correspondence - Olive Beasley, 1973-1979

                 Memoranda and letters from national office, 1964

                 Memoranda to local branches, 1973-1979

                 Newsletters, 1977-1982


                         Civil rights complaints and issues, 1963-1964

                         Custer Job Corps Center complaints, 1965-1966

                         Detroit concerns, 1966-1967

                         Directories, 1960-1973

                         Education, 1964-1966

                         Elections, 1966

                         Jackson County complaint, 1971

                         Lake County Branch, 1983

                         Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1968-1969

                         Life Membership Committee, 1975

                         Local branch dinners, etc., 1968-1976

                         Local conditions reported by branches, 1964-1976

                         Michigan civil rights summit meeting, Benton Harbor, 1965

                         Miscellaneous, 1964-1979

                         Nelson, Ruby, 1978

                         Newsletters, 1959, 1964-1966

                         Press releases, 1964-1967

                         Press releases from local branches, 1964-1966

                         Publicity kit for branches, 1965

                         Treasurer's reports

                         Youth conference



         Flint Branch



                                 Undated [1958-1963?]







                 Executive Board





                 (by form)

                         Banquet and other programs, 1958-1975










                         Membership lists, fundraising lists, [undated]

                         Memo pad, 1968







                         Memoranda to members, 1959, 1967-1978

                         Miscellaneous speeches, drafts, etc., undated

                         Newsletters, 1958-1982

                         Press releases, 1958-1975

                         Resolutions, 1958-1981

                         Vietnam War resolution, 1965

                         Rosters of offers and committees, 1967-1977

                         Speeches, drafts, etc., [undated]

                         Telephone log, 1977

                         Treasurer's reports, 1967-

                 Education Committee, 1959, 1965, 1971

                 Freedom Fund Committee, 1973

                 Housing Committee, 1969

                 Labor and Industry Committee, [1957?], 1972

                 Legal Redress Committee


                         1963, 1969, 1974-1977

                         Bowen v. General Motors, AC Spark Plug Division, 1976-1977

                         Bryant, Howard, v. HUD, 1974-1979

                         Consumer complaints, 1977

                         Employee grievances (non-General Motors)

                              General, 1965-1978

                              Racial discrimination, 1965-1977

                         General Motors Corporation grievances

                              General, 1969-1978

                              Racial discrimination, 1966-1980

                         Grievances and complaints - Miscellaneous

                         Hamady Brothers, 1977

                         Northern Michigan University student complaint, 1977

                         Physicians and hospitals, 1975-1977

                         Tommy Hayes Ford case, 1975

                 Political Action Committee, 1972


                         Adopt-a-cop Program, [undated]

                         Affirmative action, 1968-1978

                         Angola resolution, 1975

                         Anti-drug ordinance, [undated]

                         Associated Real Estate Brokers of Flint, 1959

                         Bail bond program, 1970

                         Baskin, Ricky, 1976

                         Beecher School District controversy, 1971-1975

                         Bradley v. Milliken ruling, 1971

                         City Commission election, 1973

                         Clyde Turner Broadway extravaganza, 1972

                         Complaints about police

                         Complaints of racial discrimination, 1964-1977

                         Credit Union



                         Credit Union Advisory Council, 1971-1972

                         Crispus Attucks Corporation, 1972-1975

                         Daily schedules, 1975-1977

                         Dial, Bertha Faye, Death of, 1975

                         Draft counseling, 1970

                         Education, 1965-1972






                         End Racism in Industry conference, 1971

                         Ferris State College student complaint, 1969

                         50th anniversary dinner, 1968

                         Flint Black Teachers Caucus, 1975-1977

                         Flint Board of Education

                                 General, 1969-1977

                                 Report, 1971

                         Flint Institute of Arts protest, 1969

                         Flint Mayor's Implementation Committee for Relocating of University of Michigan-Flint, 1972

                         Freedom Fund proposal, 1975

                         General Motors/UAW concerns, 1970-1977

                         General Motors - Meeting with agencies, 1976-1977

                         Genesee County apportionment, 1972

                         Genesee County Mental Health Services Board, 1973

                         Genesee County Road Commission hiring practices, 1975-1976

                         Genesee Renaissance

                                 Statement of purpose, [undated]

                                 Mortgages, 1973-1974

                                 Quitclaim deeds, title insurance, 1973-1974

                                 Correspondence, 1973-1978

                                 Bulk housing, 1977

                                 Contractor's bids, inspections, etc., 1973-1975

                         Genesee Valley Mall incident, 1974

                         Genesee Valley Non-Profit Housing Corporation

                                 Incorporation, 1970-1971


                         Gernell Taylor case, 1967

                         Housing conference, 1971

                         Housing information



                                 Brochures, undated



                                 Black contractors, 1976

                                 Contractor bonding, 1974-1976

                         Human services information and referral project

                                 GM apprenticeship information, 1970-1976

                                 Referrals to GM, 1976-1977

                         Jamaica trip, 1972

                         Lease of 118 W. Hamilton, 1974-1977

                         Les Ballets Africains, 1971-1972

                         Life memberships, undated

                         Lorrick family und, 1972

                         Lottery agency, 1972

                         March on Washington, 1963

                         Marian Anderson visit, 1959

                         Membership campaign, 1967-1968

                         Membership drives, 1973-1975

                         Michigan Department of State Highways and Transportation, 1976

                         Minority building contractors survey, 1969

                         Minority business development, 1972-1979

                         Miscellaneous, 1958-1963

                         Mississippi boycott case, 1976

                         New Images, Inc., 1971-1972



                         Open housing, 1967-1968

                         Project New Leaf, 1973

                                 (1 of 2)

                                 (2 of 2)

                         Project Rebound



                         Proposed human relations ordinance, 1959

                         Racist business practices, 1969-1972

                         Racist fliers, [1970s]

                         Rallies and demonstrations, 1967 and undated

                         Report on branch operations by Ronald Appleton, 1974

                         Rodent control project, 1974

                         Roy Wilkins visit and school dedication, 1972

                         Scripts of plays [undated]-1969

                         Soul Festival, [1972?]

                         Special Contribution Fund, 1974-1976

                         Testimonial dinner for Hon. Stewart Newblatt, 1970

                         United Agencies for Progress in Beecher, 1977

                         U.S. Bicentennial, 1975-1976

                         Voter education, 1968

                         Voter registration and education project, 1972-1973

                         Voter registration, 1976

                         Voter registration drive, 1980

                         Voyager Inn strike

                         WAMM [radio station] complaint, 1974-1976

                         WJRT-TV12, 1976-1978

                         Youth Council, 1977-1982

                         Youth Group - March in Washington, 1959



         By-laws, incorporation, 1977

         Board of Directors

                 Minutes, 1977-1981

                 Reports, financial statements, memoranda, agendas, 1977-1978

         Correspondence, 1977-1983

         Affirmative action

         Black contractors, 1978

         CETA Hiring Center, 1977

         CETA Public Service Employment Project proposals, 1978-1979

         City of Flint public service employment subgrant, 1977

         Complaints about police, 1982-1983

         Complaints about racial discrimination, 1979-1982

         Descriptions of the program, [undated]

         Disco incident, 1979

         Employee grievances

                 Non-General Motors, 1978-1982

                 Tidwell v. City of Flint, 1979-1981

                 General Motors, 1978-1983

                 General Motors, 1977-1979

         Greater Flint Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., 1973-1981

         Job training and retraining program, 1983

         Real estate, 1980

         Senior citizens

                 Battelle Advisory Panel on Consumer Frauds and the Senior Citizen, 1977

                 Flint Community Schools needs survey, 1979

                 Valley Area Agency on Aging - Battelle report on elderly victims of fraud in Flint, 1978


 BOX 7


         Steering Committee, 1969

         By-laws, statement of purpose

         Executive Committee

                 Minutes and agendas, 1974-1982

                 Memoranda, 1977-1982

         Board of Directors

                 Minutes and agendas, 1975-1982

                 Memoranda, 1975-1983

                 Board orientation workshop, 1980

         Annual meetings, 1974-1977

         Annual report, 1976

         Audits, 1975, 1979

         Budgets, 1975-1982

         Committees and task forces, 1975-1983

         Correspondence, 1974-1983

         Evaluation of the Urban Coalition of Greater Flint, 1975

         Ex-offender jobs program proposal, 1979

         Financial statements, 1974-1982

         Flint Neighborhood Coalition, 1979-1980

         Jobs and training forum, 1979

         Material from National Urban Coalition, 1975-1981

         Newsletters, 1979-1980

         Press releases, 1976-1977

         Proposals, statements, miscellaneous, 1972-1981

         Rosters, 1975-1984



         Genesee Community Development Conference


                 Board of Directors - Minutes, 1971-1976

                 Annual meetings





                 Memoranda and correspondence, 1969-1977

                 Financial statements, 1969-1974

                 Monthly reports to Mott Foundation, 1973-1974

                 Miscellaneous, 1967-1971

         Commission on Substance Abuse Services, 1975

         Community Action Agency

                 Employment development for youth project, 1974-1975

                 Head Start and CETA mailing lists, 1977

         Citizens Advisory Committee, 1983

         Drain Commission, 1978

         Economic Development Commission





                 Annual reports, etc., 1974-1977

                 Correspondence, 1973-1977

                 Memoranda, 1973-1979



                 1977-78 overall economic development program

                 Housing plan, 1972

                 Industrial airpark feasability study, 1974

                 Proposed community development plan, 1974

                 Proposed Dort-Carpenter industrial center, 1977

                 Vacant industrial buildings inventory, 1977

                 Miscellaneous, 1974-1977

         Manpower Advisory Council, 1975

         Metropolitan Planning Commission

                 General, 1967-1979

                 Mayor's state of the city address, 1973

                 Willson Parkview Apartments, 1972

                 Genesee County Technical Advisory Committee

                         Housing Subcommittee

                                 Jan.-June 1972

                                 July 1972-1974

                 Model Cities Program, 1972-1973

                 Model Cities Economic Development Corporation

                         By-laws, 1971

                         Minutes, 1973

                         Minority business directory

                         Miscellaneous, 1973

         Probate Court

                 Condemnation Commission, 1976

                 Juvenile Division Advisory Committee

                         Minutes, 1975-1976

                         General, 1975-1979

                 Probate Court operational and organizational manual, 1975

         Regional Drug Abuse Commission, 1973



         Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, 1974

         Board of Education, 1965-1971

         COMPACT (Committee to Promote Action, Inc.)

                 Minutes, 1970

                 Memoranda and correspondence, 1969-1970

                 Miscellaneous, 1969-1973

         Cable TV Committee, 1973

         Charter Revision Commission Advisory Board, 1974

                 (1 of 2)

                 (2 of 2)

         City Manager (Daniel Boggan, Jr.), 1975-1976

         Committee on Human Relations and Law, 1967-1968

         Housing Commission, 1972-1981

         Human Relations Commission, 1968-1977



         Manpower Area Planning Council

         Minutes, 1972-1973





         Mayor - Correspondence, 1954

         Miscellaneous, 1972-1982

         Neighborhood Improvement Program.  Ad Hoc Committee, 1979

         New Human Relations Commission, 1979


                 General, 1967-1977

                 Community Relations Bureau, 1968-1979

                 Information, 1973-1974

                 Minority Coalition agreement, 1976-1977

         Poverty Task Force, [197-?]

         Proposed Flint human relations ordinance, 1977

         Renewal and Housing Department.  Citizen Advisory Committee, 1968



         Region 5 Crime Commission

                 Constitution, 1971

                 Minutes and agendas, 1969-1972

                 Roster, committees

                 Memoranda and correspondence, 1969-1973

                 Planning reports, 1969

         Manpower Area Planning Council of Genesee, Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties



         GLS-Flint Manpower Consortium - Summer youth recreation programs, 1975

         GLS Comprehensive Health Planning Council, 1970-1975



         A. Phillip Randolph Institute.  Greater Flint Chapter, 1978-1979

         Ad Hoc Citizens Committee, Minimum Security Facility, 1973

         Alliance for a Greater Flint

         American Civil Liberties Union. Flint Branch



         Black Caucus Association, Inc., 1975-1976

         Citizens Committee for Social Justice, 1975-1976

         Citizens Committee for the Support of the Oak Park Bond Issue, 1968-1969

         Citizens Probation Authority Advisory Council, 1968

         Citizens Resources-Administration of Justice, 1971

         Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Genesee County, 1970

         City-wide Black Caucus, 1977

         Community Committee on Minority Affairs, 1981

         Community Justice Committee, 1979

         Concerned Citizens for Voters' Rights, 1979

         Concerned Pastors for Social Action, 1976-1983

         Cosmopolitan Association for Business and Economic Development

         Democratic Black Caucus of Michigan, 1971-1979

         Flint Black Women's Leadership Caucus, 1976

         Flint Federation of Teachers, 1967-1968

         Flint Spokesman [newspaper], [undated]

         Friends of Amistad.  Flint Chapter, 1977

         Fund for Equal Justice, 1972

         Genesee County Bar Association - Lawyer of the Year Award, 1973

         Genesee County Legal Services Program, 1968

         Genesee County Welfare Reform Coalition, 1971

         Greater Flint Community Action Council, 1977

         Greater Flint Downtown Corporation, 1974-1975

         Hurley East Task Force, 1983

         International Institute, 1974

         Legal Aid Society, 1971-1972

         Michigan Black Caucus, 1968-1971

         Michigan Civil Rights Commission

                 General, 1965-1975

                 Conference on Reality, Goals, and Strategy, 1966

                 Conference of municipal officials, 1967

                 Directory of civil rights organizations, [undated]


BOX 10

         Michigan Department of Civil Rights, 1976-1981

         Michigan Education Association

         Michigan Housing Federation, 1968

         Michigan Welfare League, 1970

         Miscellaneous Flint political organizations

         Miscellaneous Detroit-area political organizations

         Miscellaneous national political organizations

         National Organization for an American Revolution, 1982-1983 (and James and Grace Boggs, 1968-1969)

         Poor Peoples March to Washington Planning Committee, 1968

         Public Housing Tenants Union of Flint, 1972

         Society of Afro-American Police, 1976

         South Side Improvement Corporation of Michigan, 1957

         Southern Negro Youth Congress, 1941

         Third Ward Better Government League, 1956-1957

         U.A.W., Local 599, 1954-1955

         Unity for Justice, 1978-1979

         Urban League of Flint

                 General, 1967-1981

                 Negro employment survey, 1960

                 Housing Committee - Report, 1966

         Urban Studies Committee, 1972



         Flint Board of Education. Mott Adult Education Program. Arts Advisory Committee, 1965

         Hurley Medical Center. School of Nursing. Advisory Committee

         Mott Community College - Legal Assistants Advisory Committee, 1972-1973

         Shaw College at Detroit-Flint Campus.  Advisory Board Committee, 1981-1983

         Southwestern High School, 1970

         University of Michigan-Flint

                 African-Afro-American Studies Program, 1974-1983

                 General, 1969-1983

                 McCray and Farmer, 1980

                 Purchase of land, 1981



         Aldridge-Sims, Karen, 1982

         Austin, Richard

         Carter, Jimmy, 1976

         Chapman, Ward, 1976

         Dean, Max

         Hayden, Harold, 1966

         Hightower, John, 1968

         Jackson, Jesse, 1983

         Knopf, Edwin L., 1968

         McCree, Floyd



         Owens-Reed, Jo Ann, 1981, 1983

         Riegle, Donald W.



         Tucker, Fred

         Turner, Nathaniel









                 Different years

         Official candidate listing, 1976



         Christ the King Parish, 1971-1972

         Bethel United Methodist Church, 1961-1975

         Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church, 1974-1977

         Unitarian Universalist Church of Flint, 1957-1974

         Vernon A.M.E. Chapel, 1954, 1972

         Woodside Church

                 Bulletins, 1961-1984

                         (1 of 2)

                         (2 of 2)

                 Miscellaneous, 1967-1983

         Miscellaneous, 1964-1983



         Building dedications


                 Miscellaneous, 1963-1981

                 Edwards, Thomas J., 1976

                 Hamilton, Julia West, 1958

                 Kimbrough, Leonard, 1975

                 Mays, Samuel Jerry, 1982

                 Pugh, John, 1979

                 Tucker, Fred, 1980

                 Tucker, Johnny

         Martin Luther King tributes and dinners, 1975-1984

         Memorial services

                 Wilkins, Roy, 1981

                 Randolph, A. Phillip, 1979


                 Hamilton, Julia West, 1955

                 Holt, Edgar, 1971

                 McCree, Floyd, 1965, 1967, 1973, 1979

                 Pugh, John, 1974, 1978

                 Turner, Nathaniel




BOX 11

                 Miscellaneous, 1963-1982

         Wedding and graduation announcements, 1964-1983



         Black fraternities and sororities

         Flint Arts and Guidance Club, 1959-1968

         Flint Beneficial Club - Incorporation, 1972

         Flint fraternal orders, 1965-1978

         Flint Inner-City Lion's Club, 1977-1983

         National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs.  Flint Club, 1964-1984

         Optimist Club of Greater Flint

                 Bylaws, correspondence, etc., 1971-1983

                 Newsletters, 1971-1982

         Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Post #3791, 1983



         Articles of incorporation, etc.

         Board of Directors

                 Minutes, 1972-1979

                 Correspondence and memoranda



                 HUD, 1975-1976

                 Michigan Department of Social Services, 1973-1975

                 Michigan State Housing Development Authority, 1972-1979

         Ridgecrest Village Townhouses

                 Accounts payable, 1975-1977

                 Audits, 1973-1975

                 Brochures and description

                 Monthly management reports







                 Newsletters and other communications to residents

                 Occupancy reports, 1974-1976

                 Outstanding rent accounts, 1974-1975

                 Reports, miscellaneous

                 Sale, 1978-1979

                 Weekly financial summaries, 1974-1976

                 Miscellaneous financial records, 1971-1982



         Big Brothers of Greater Flint, 1964

         Boy Scouts of America. Tall Pines Council, 1973-1977

         Farnumwood Parent-Child Program, 1970

         Flint Youth Bureau, 1953-1959

         Genesee County Youth Service Bureau

                 Final evaluation report, 1976

                 Monthly client summaries, 1975-1976

         Highest Ground, Inc., 1978

         Miscellaneous Flint social-service organizations, 1975-1983

         New Paths, Inc., 1980-1981

         Rubicon-Odyssey House

                 Advisory Board. Executive Committee - Minutes, 1972-1973, 1976

                 Memoranda, 1972-1974, 1978

                 Correspondence, 1972-1974, 1977


BOX 12

                 Weekly activity reports, 1974 (closed)


         United Way of Genesee and Lapeer Counties.  Allocations Committee  - Handbook, 1980



         Beasley, C. J., 1975-1983

         Beasley, Olive




         Beasley, U. S., 1976-1982

         Cheng, Charles W., 1969-1979

         Dollinger, Genora, 1962-1979

         Luqman, Al-Hajj Anas Mahmoud, 1957-1979


 PRISONERS (NOTE: Letters from prisoners are available for research with the condition that researchers may not cite the names of the correspondents.)

         Miscellaneous legal briefs, 1969-1975

         Operation New Leaf at State Prison of Southern Michigan, 1970-1974

         (by name) [available to researchers if names of correspondents are not mentioned]



                 (1 of 2)

                 (2 of 2)

         Bowe, Herschel, 1975-1977

         Burse, Theotis, 1972-1982

         Butler, Larry






         Golden, Al, 1975-1977


         Hill, Ellsworth "Shoebootie," 1970-1979



BOX 13


         Johnson, Artis X., 1976-1977






         Peavy, James E., 1977-1979



         Sidney X (Jenkins)




         Unidentified surnames

         Michigan Department of Corrections - Correspondence

         Correspondence with family members

         Genesee County Jail, 1978-1979




                 African students and others, 1957-1983

                 Are, Dr. Lekan, 1976-1983

                 Concerning financial aid for students, 1959-1983

                 Concerning placement for Levi Nwachuku, 1974-1975

                 Miscellaneous, 1959-1983

         Africa visit, 1960

         Africa/Michigan Partners in Trade, 1982-1983

         African American Friendship Ball, 1962

         Africare, 1973-1983

         Immigration cases, 1963-1982

         Omenako, Rev. Richard, 1983

         Operation Crossroads Africa, 1983

         Society for Friendship with Africa, 1974

         Visiting dignitaries, [1965?]-1983

         Youth for Understanding Teenage Exchange Program, 1973



         Awards and certificates

         Correspondence, [1959]-1984

         Miscellaneous correspondence, 1971-1983

         Edgar B. Holt Day, 1979

         "Get well" and thank-you cards, 1970-1982

         Workmen's compensation claim, 1974



         Black history, [undated]

         Eulogy for Charles Cheng


  BOX 14

         Miscellaneous, [undated]

         "The Struggle for Black Political Emancipation"



         BEH Enterprises, Inc.

                 Annual report, 1981

                 Correspondence, 1979-1982

                 Incorporation, etc.

                 Rice mills, 1979

         Bus co-op, 1971

         Caribbean Travels, Inc., 1972

         Edgar Holt Import/Export, 1961-1964

         GM minority supplier development program, [1979]

         Genesee Valley Enterprises, Inc.

         Global Enterprises, Inc., [1976?]

         Golech Associates

                 Correspondence, 1978-1983

                 Miscellaneous, 1978-1983

         Michigan Department of Commerce - Minority Business Development Breakfasts, 1973-1975

         Milady's Auto-Gar Fastener, Inc., 1960-1961

         Minority Salvage Company of Michigan, 1980-1983

         Miscellaneous, 1971-1983

         Rayda Company, 1979

         WEA, 1979-1981



         American Missionary Association - 10th annual Institute of Race Relations, 1953

         Assembly for Action on Revenue Sharing, East Lansing, Mich., 1973

         Black unity meeting, Apr. 14, 1968

         Michigan Association of Affirmative Action Officials, 1982

         Miscellaneous conferences and meetings, 1968-1982

         Model Cities training conference, 1970

         Rally for Fred Tucker, 1979

         UAW Fair Practices and Civil Rights Conference, Dec. 1-2, 1971

         United Methodist Church urban ministry session, Flint, 1977



         Center for Community Change - Reports to Mott Foundation on advisory councils and neighborhood groups, 1977

         Cooperative Extension Service (Genesee County) - Summary of problems in Genesee County

         Flint Jewish Community Council - Redlining report, 1978

         Flint Model Neighborhood report, [n.d.]

         Greater Flint Area quality of life index, 1983

         Michigan Department of Civil Rights - Deadly force report, 1981

         Recommendations for combatting racism in Ann Arbor Public Schools, 1971



         Accounting Aid Society of Greater Flint, 1977-1978

         African tour, 1975

         Eldridge Court Block Committee

         Founders Society, Detroit Institute of Arts - Bal Africain, 1968

         Friends of WFBE, 1973-1974

         Hyatt Hotel, 1982

         Jewish-black issues, 1979

         Michigan State Police "Red Squad" files release, 1983

         Michigan State Police "Red Squad" file on Nathaniel Turner (1955-1964), 1983


         Nomination of Olive Beasley for Governor's Award, 1972


BOX 15

         North Cook Neighborhood Association, 1975-1980

         Rolandaire's Travel Club, 1977

         Statement of black and Jewish community against American Nazi Party, 1977

         United Nations Association. Genesee County Chapter

         WTRX editorials



         Personal, 1952-1984

         Column in Bronze Reporter, 1954

         National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

              Michigan Conference, 1964-1975

              Flint Branch, 1958-1983

         Lois Holt, 1966-1987

         Flint, 1954-1983

         Miscellaneous, 1962-1983



         Awards, 1967-1973

         Edgar Holt's funeral, 1984

         Memorials, consolations, etc., concerning Edgar Holt, 1984-1990

         Biographies and reminiscences of Edgar Holt, 1984-1987

         Enos and Sarah DeWaters, 1949-1950

         Correspondence, 1956-1992

         University of Michigan-Flint

                 Minority Student Awards Program, 1986

                 Edgar B. Holt Scholarship Fund, 1987

         Education and teaching career, 1941-1976


         Roscoe Van Zandt and newspaper story of GM Sit-Down Strike, 1981-1982



         Bronze Reporter, Sept. 18, 1954, with text of Holt's complaint against Flint City Attorney

         People's Voice, Nov. 1, 1954 (Floyd McCree campaign paper)