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This collection consists of reports, studies, plans, grant applications, and proposals either compiled by and for the Department of Community Development or its predecessors, or compiled by other agencies. The bulk of the collection should not be considered records of the Department, as it does not contain documentation of its routine activity, but rather as a collection of some of its final reports and of reference material used in planning.

The collection includes parts of the 1959-60 master plan for the city. Most of the integrated master plan from 1969 to 1979 is included. The components of the latter de­scribe plans and proposals for particular neighborhoods and projects. The only single project for which comprehensive documentation exists is the Doyle School neighborhood re­newal project (1971-1979). This project included the con­struction of a high-rise apartment building as well as the reconstruction of the school and surrounding area. River­front development is particularly well documented in the collection, although the Autoworlddevelopment happened aft­er the time period covered by this collection.

Other material in this collection documents a wide var­iety of planning concerns. The Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission Comprehensive Land Use-Transportation Planning Study covers land use beyond the confines of the City of Flint. The University impact study shows how plan­ners thought the development of a downtown campus of the University of Michigan-Flint would affect the city. Other material concerns health planning, schools, criminal just­ice, historic preservation, transportation, and economic development. Finally, the collection contains printouts of the 1970 census for both the City of Flint and Genesee County, with block-level data and tables which do not dupli­cate the published census reports.


BOX 1  

ANNUAL REPORTS, 1969, 1972


Comprehensive master plan, 1959-60

Volume 1: Research and surveys

                                     Part  : Land use distribution

Part 6: Housing conditions

Volume 2: Master plan elements

Part 2: Public school plan

Part 3: Public recreation plan

Part 4: Transit system


Integrated master planning program - reports, 1973

A-5-1: Central Park Urban Renewal Area, 1970

A-5-2: Central Business District

A-5-3: Interchange Area, 1969, 1977

A-5-4: Grand Traverse South

A-5-5: Lewis-Longway, 1969, 1971

A-5-7: Oak Park

A-5-8: Martin-Jefferson

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Center City Plaza

Concept of an energy managed new town-in-town, 1974

Dewey/Homedale area, 1972

Dort-Lippincott neighborhood

Facility plan, 1976

Flint land use coding manual

Fourth and Fifth Avenues Corridor study, 1978

New Flint North

Riverfront Center, 1976, 1978

St. John Street, 1977

Water central plan, 1979




Application for Code Enforcement Grant No. 1 for areas no. 1 and 2, 1966

Amendatory application for Code Enforcement Grant No. 1 for Michigan E-4, Oct. 1967

Local approval data, part 2 of application for loan and grant, 1968

Application for Code Enforcement Grant, 1970

HUD Code Enforcement Grant program handbook, 1970

Flint Riverbank Park Phase III project application, 1978

President's Urban Policy Program for Resource Recovery, 1979

Community Development grantee performance report, 1979

Community Development block grant application, 1980


Mott Foundation proposal for neighborhood historical preservation in civic Park area, 1978


Final project report: application for a loan and grant, 1971

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Doyle urban renewal plan, 1971

Preliminary development proposal, application 1 and 2, 1974

HUD grant application, 1974

Economic viability of the proposed Doyle commercial component report, 1974

Report to Michigan State Housing Development Authority, 1975

Phase 0200 screening and Phase 0503 report to Michigan State Housing Development Authority, 1975

University impact Phase I study, 1975

Residential and commercial development restrictions


Architects International, Inc., 1975

Beckett Jackson Raeder

Davis, Brody and Associates, 1975

Geddes, Brecher, Qualls, Cunningham Architects, 1975

Johnson, Johnson, and Roy, 1975

Madison-Madison-International, 1975



Samborn, Steketee, Otis & Evans, Inc.

Aug. 4, 1975

Sept. 2, 1975

Sedgewick, Sellers and Associates, 1975

Gene Terrill Associates, 1975

Tomblinson, Harburn, Hanoute and Associates, 1975

Other firms, miscellaneous

Consultant screening and interviews, 1975

Single-family owned housing demand analysis, 1976

Report by Lawrence Halprin and Associates, 1976

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Lawrence Halprin and Howard Sims contract

Halprin memo re residential development restrictions, 1976

Developer financial evaluation, 1976

Traffic impact of closing James P. Cole Boulevard, 1976 Soils investigation, 1976

Doyle community workshops, 1976

Environmental impact statement, 1977

ECO-1 environmental information statement, 1978

Oxford Group

Proposal, 1976


Specifications for Doyle Commons-high-rise, 1978


Project manual for Doyle Commons, Townhouse and Garden Apartments

Community School

Report on renovation of old Doyle School, 1976

Doyle School Area Advisory Committee

Memoranda and agenda, 1978

Miscellaneous, 1978

Interim planning report, 1978

Planning report, 1978

Design development report, 1979




Flint take part community workshop Prospectus, 1975

Report no. 1

Report no. 2

Riverfront catalog

Riverfront Center public area site improvements - ­contract information

Garland Street Bridge - structural review, 1980


Prevention of significant deterioration permit application for construction of a proposed General Motors assembly plant

Michigan Public Opinion Survey, 1977

Project monitoring and control system, 1976

1970 census as a data resource for the Department of Community Development

Flint data book, 1976

University impact study

Phase I research findings summary, 1974

Volume 1

Volume 2

Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission

Comprehensive Land Use-Transportation Planning Study

Study manuals and design, 1968

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Fiscal 1979 prospectus for internodal transportation

2005 long range transportation plan, 1981

Ballenger Highway corridor study, 1982

Genesee County Economic Development Commission

Annual report, 1975

Overall economic development program for fiscal year 1980-1981


Genesee County Health Department


Biennial program plan, 1971-1972

Present state of medical and health affairs, 1972

Cooperative community health services program

Information on community resources

Genesee County - general

Program review, 1978

Model Cities Program

Audit and evaluation program, 1971



Mid-course evaluations on five priority projects, 1973

GLS Region V

Comprehensive law enforcement and criminal justice plan




208 area-wide water quality plan - volume 1, 1978

Energy conservation planning for your community, 1980

Urban and rural services study, 1979

Flint Community Schools

Guidelines for school-community advisory councils, 1973

Unoccupied structures survey, 1973

Gathering information about your community, 1975

Plan for quality education 1980-85

A community planning process, 1978

Preliminary report, 1978

Genesee Intermediate School District

Statistical information





Genesee Township Board - Housing and neighborhood plan, 1978

City of Flint

Mayor's Senior Task Force - Final report: Improving services for Flint's elderly, 1977

Mayor's Task Force on Redlining and Disinvestment - Study and recommendations, 1977

Flint Historic Preservation Study Committee - ­Report, 1979

GLS Health Systems, Inc.

Health systems plan

Volume 1, 1978-1979

Volume 2, 1978-1979

Volume 2, 1979, supplement






Volume 1, 1979-1983

Health systems plan, 1980-1984

Health systems plan, 1980-1984 - summary

Annual implementation plan




Michigan Department of Transportation - Intersection capacity analysis report - Phase I expansion, December, 1983

Hurley Medical Center - Family health center proposal, 1975

Citizens Commercial and Savings Bank - Phase I of engineering report, 1973


1970 first-count census summary data for Genesee County, Michigan

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1970 third-count census data for City of Flint

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