Inclusive years: 1851-1994
Quantity: 2 linear ft. and ca.390 photographs
Acquisition: This collection was donated to the Genesee Historical Collections Center between 1979 and 1995 by donors no. 001, 072, 076, 179, 180, 182, 219, 225, and 232.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection.
Photographs: Photographs are kept separately from the papers in the collection.
Processed by: Paul Gifford, October 1992.


1804, May 24.  Born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, son of Jesse and Phebe (Howland) Crapo.
1821-1831.  Teacher in district schools of Dartmouth and Westport,Massachusetts, and Tiverton, Rhode Island.
1824, July 23.  Commissioned ensign in 2nd Regiment of Infantry, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division of Massachusetts Militia.
1825, June 9.  Married Mary Ann Slocum, of Dartmouth.
1827.  Commissioned captain of militia.
1829.  Justice of the peace.
1830.  Commissioned major of militia.
1831.  Commissioned lieutenant colonel of militia.
1832.  Moved to nearby New Bedford; worked as surveyor.
1834-1836.  Colonel in Massachusetts militia.
1835-1850.  Served as Town Clerk and Treasurer and Collector of Taxes of New Bedford; identified with Whig Party.
1836.  Compiled a New Bedford city directory.
1838.  Traveled to Ohio where he purchased land.
1850-1855.  Traveled to Michigan, purchased agricultural land, which he offered for sale in smaller parcels.
1855.  Co-purchaser of pine lands in Michigan with James Arnold and Oliver Prescott.
1858.  Moved with his family to Flint in order to oversee his investments and lumber production.  Purchased land in Gaines Township as his
experimental farm, "Grassmoor."
1860.  Elected mayor of Flint.
1862.  Elected state senator from Flint.
1864.  Established the Flint and Holly Railroad Company.
1864-1868.  Served as governor of Michigan as a Republican.
1869, July 23.  Died in Flint, Michigan.


1830, May 16.  Born at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, son of Henry Howland and Mary Ann (Slocum) Crapo.
1845-1848.  Attended Phillips Academy.
1848-1852.  Attended Yale College.
1853-1854.  Attended Dane Law School of Harvard College.
1854.  Began law practice in New Bedford.
1856.  Elected to seat in Massachusetts House of Representatives.
1857, January 22.  Married Sarah Davis Tappan, daughter of a New Bedford merchant.
1860.  City Solicitor of New Bedford.
1861.  Director, Mechanics National Bank of New Bedford.
1868-1903.  President, Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad.
1868.  Made Director of Wamsutta Cotton Mills.
1872.  One of the founders of the Genesee County Savings Bank of Flint.
1873-1923.  Director, then President, of Potomska Mills.
1875-1883.  U. S. Congressman from New Bedford.
1877-1897+.  President, Eel River Railroad.
1881.  Chairman, Republican Massachusetts State Convention.
1881.  Director, Acushnet Mills.
1884.  Member, Republican National Committee.
1889-1918.  President, Wamsutta Cotton Mills.


1833, April 28.  Born in Fitzroy, Ontario (then Upper Canada).
1849.  Daguerreotypist in Olean, New York.
1850.  Daguerreotypist in Port Huron, Michigan.
early 1850s.  Taught school in Windom, Ontario.
1853-1855.  Daguerreotypist in Goderich, Ontario.
1855-1859.  Attended University of Michigan, graduating with M.D. degree.
1859.  Established medical practice in Flint, Michigan.
1861-1863.  Surgeon and major, 10th Michigan Infantry, then 8th Michigan Infantry.
1865, May 18.  Married Rhoda M. Crapo, in Flint.
1875.  Purchased Henry H. Crapo's house in Flint.
1879.  Elected mayor of Flint.
1881-1884.  Member, Flint Board of Education.
1882-1888.  Trustee and general manager of the Michigan State School for Deaf and Dumb.
1884.  Ran unsuccessfully for U. S. Congress as a Republican.
1908.  Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hurley Hospital.
1912, August 29.  Died in Flint, Michigan.


Henry Howland Crapo, born May 24, 1804 Dartmouth, Mass., died July 23, 1869 Flint, Mich., buried Glenwood Cemetery.; married, June 9, 1825, Mary
Ann Slocum, born May 21, 1805 Dartmouth, Mass., died Feb. 21, 1875 Flint, Mich., buried Glenwood Cemetery.  Children:
        i.   Mary Ann Crapo, born Nov. 6, 1827, died  Dec. 15, 1903 Flint, Mich.; married, Apr. 23, 1857 (Flint, Mich.), Rev. John Orrell.  6 children.
        ii.  William Wallace Crapo, born May 16, 1830, died  Feb. 28, 1926 New Bedford, Mass.; married, Jan. 22, 1857 (New Bedford, Mass.),
             Sarah Davis Toppan.  4 children.
        iii. Rebecca Folger Crapo, born Mar. 26, 1833, died Feb. 8, 1924  Flint, Mich.; married, Nov. 29, 1855 (New Bedford, Mass.), William
             C. Durant. Children:
                a.  Rebecca Crapo Durant, born Nov. 24, 1857, died May 9,  1903 Flint, Mich.; married, Dec. 14, 1876 (Flint, Mich.),
                    John Leverett Willett.  3 children.
                b.  William Crapo Durant, born Dec. 8, 1861, died  Mar. 18,  1947 New York, N. Y.; married (1), June 17, 1885 (Flint,
                    Mich.), Clara Pitt, div.; (2) 28 May 1908 Catherine Lederer.  3 children.
        iv.  Sarah Bush Crapo, born Jan. 14, 1835, died 1930 Milton, Mass.; married, Oct. 4, 1860, Alphonso Ross.  2 children.
        v.  Lucy Anna Crapo, born Nov. 8, 1836, died 1920 Boston, Mass.,  buried Glenwood Cemetery; married, Dec. 15, 1858 (Flint, Mich.),
            Humphrey Henry Howland Crapo Smith.  2 children.
        vi.  Rhoda Macomber Crapo, born July 29, 1838, died May 8, 1907 Flint, Mich., buried Glenwood Cemetery; married, May 18, 1865 
             (Flint, Mich.), Dr. James Caldwell Willson, born Apr. 28, 1833  Fitzroy, Ontario, died  Aug. 29, 1912 Flint, Mich.  Child:
                a.  George Crapo Willson, born Mar. 28, 1871, died Oct. 18,  1938 Flint, Mich., buried  Glenwood Cemetery; married,
                    Sept. 4, 1894 (Flint, Mich.), Frances Abigail Spencer. Children:
                        1.  Frances Spencer Willson, born Dec. 13, 1895,  died Apr. 11, 1988 Flint, Mich., buried Glenwood Cemetery; married (1), 
                             Oct. 6, 1915, Robert Kenneth Horner, div.; married (2), June 30, 1932,   Jay Claude Thompson.  Child by Horner:
                                i.  Jack Willson Thompson, born Mar. 2, 1918; married, June 10, 1944, AliceVirginia Hoover.  2 children.
                        2.  James Curtis Willson, born Nov. 2, 1900, died  Apr. 18, 1978 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
                        3.  Roderick Crapo Willson, born May 8, 1907, died Nov. 25, 1926 Tucson, Ariz.
        vii.  Henrietta Pell Crapo, born July 19, 1840, died  Apr. 29, 1866 Hyattville, N. Y., buried Glenwood Cemetery; married, June 19,
              1865 (Flint, Mich.), Ferris F. Hyatt.  No issue.
        viii. Lydia Sherman Crapo, born June 19, 1843, died, unmarried,  Sept. 14, 1861 Flint, Mich., buried Glenwood Cemetery.
        ix.   Emma Eliza Chase Crapo, born June 1, 1845, died  April 11, 1897 Detroit, Mich.; married, Nov. 29, 1866 (Flint, Mich.), Harlan Page 
              Cristy. 3 children.
        x.    Wilhelmina Helena Crapo, born Apr. 6, 1849, died  Aug. 23,1909  New Bedford, Mass.; married, Mar. 15, 1876 (New Bedford, Mass.), 
              Charles Warren Clifford.  No issue.


This collection consists primarily of letters, photographs, and memorabilia. Most of it was collected by Frances Spencer (Willson) Thompson, of Chicago and Flint, a great-granddaughter of Henry Howland Crapo, but some items were also contributed by descendants of Crapo's son William Wallace. The material thus mainly concerns James C. Willson and his family.

Several items are of interest to students of Flint and Genesee County history. The most significant item is the Willson scrapbook, which contains newspaper clippings, drawings, and ephemera, such as programs, handbills, and invitations. George C. Willson seems to have pasted, around 1915, various items, mostly undated, which he had saved. They concern his relatives, including Henry H. Crapo and especially his father, and deal with such activities as the senior Willson's involvement in Flint politics and the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, his lectures, recitals of the Flint Conservatory of Music and plays performed by the Shakespeare Club, visits by relatives, and weddings. The passing certificates from Walker School given to George Crapo Willson, dating from 1884 and 1885, are noteworthy. There is material on Crapo Farm (originally called "Grassmoor"), in Gaines Township, Genesee County, which until 1955 raised pedigreed Hereford cattle. The photocopied letters from Emma E. (Crapo) Cristy to her son J. Crapo Cristy, then a student at Yale, describe her interest in spiritualism and her admonitions about his behavior. Genealogical material on the Crapo forebears can be found in the photocopied scrapbook of Mary Florence (Orrell) Willett, which contains a large number of clippings concerning family members, and in the genelogy written by Lucy (Crapo) Smith. Finally, the collection contains two legal agreements between Henry H. Crapo and James Arnold, from 1854 and 1855, which relate to Crapo's purchase of pine lands in Michigan---the source of his fortune---and a memorandum written by William W. Crapo in 1909 describing the disposition of his inheritance.

Photographs include several of the Crapo home and gardens, now in Willson Park in Flint. Especially noteworthy is the full-plate daguerreotype of Henry H. and Mary Ann (Slocum) Crapo and their children, taken about 1852. William W. Crapo and his family are well represented by photographs, including two of his house in New Bedford. Other photographs include snapshots taken at Salters Point, Massachusetts. There are portraits of Governor Crapo, James C. and Rhoda (Crapo) Willson, William C. Durant, and George C. Willson, his wife Frances, and daughter Frances. A number of photographs document the last thirty years of Crapo Farm.

Not listed here are the artifacts in the Crapo Room in the Library of the University of Michigan-Flint, for which a separate list is available. The Michigan Historical Collections, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, house most of the papers of Henry Howland Crapo and William Wallace Crapo, as well as the diaries of James C. Willson. Microfilm of most of the Crapo papers will shortly be available for inspection here.


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1. Legal agreements, 1854-1857
        Between James Arnold and Henry H. Crapo, March 15, 1854
        Between James Arnold and Henry H. Crapo and William W. Crapo, June 18, 1855
        Land contract between Allen R. Burr and Henry H. Crapo, January 1, 1857

2. Letters to and from Henry Howland Crapo, 1862-1868
        Henry H. Crapo to Nehemiah Miller, about his highway taxes in Oceana County, July 29, 1862
        William M. Fenton to Henry H. Crapo, declining to be a stockholder in the railroad company, September 14, 1863
        Gubernatorial seal with signature of Henry H. Crapo, [1864-1868]
        Printed letter, Henry H. Crapo, President, Flint and Holly Rail-road Company, to stockholders, announcing assessment on the company's stock,
          September 7, 1863
        Typescript copy of letter, Henry H. Crapo to William W. Crapo, estimating the value of his estate, August 16, 1867
        Photograph of letter, Henry H. Crapo to J. C. Willson, M.D., Lansing, Oct. 1, 1868, giving horse and New Bedford chaise in consideration of his
          services as physician
        Mary Ann Slocum Crapo to Henry H. and Stanford T. Crapo, December 25, 1872, with Christmas news

2a. Letter from Henry H. Crapo to Mary Ann (Crapo) Orrell, Dec. 23, 1860

3. Photocopy of the will of Henry H. Crapo, dated May 27, 1869

4. School teacher's certificate and teaching appointment for Mary Ann Crapo, New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1851

5. Letter, William W. Crapo to Alphonso Ross, acknowledging article on the "Alabama money," December 3, 1872

6. Memorandum, William W. Crapo, concerning the final settlement of his father's estate, August 10, 1909

7. Letters to and from Frances Willson, 1896-1906
        James C. Willson to Frances Willson, Flint, February 15, 1896, giving his love
        Bedtime prayer in the hand of James C. Willson, [189-?]
        Frances Willson to Santa Claus, December 25, 1899
        James C. Willson to Frances Willson, Boston, August 19, 1900, describing his relatives, the Rosses, and his visit
        "Old Santa Claus" to Frances Willson, December 20, 1900
        James C. Willson to Frances Willson, Flint, December 25, 1900, describing the hand-made table he was giving her as a Christmas present
        Frances Willson to Santa Claus, 3 letters [1900-1903?]
        Frances Willson to George C. and Frances (Spencer) Willson, [1903?]
        Will Edwards to Frances Willson, Flint, June 27, 1903, your little playmate
        Frances Willson to James C. Willson, February 4, [ca.1905], describing workers at her father's business
        James C. Willson to Frances Willson, at sea, May 5, 1906, describing ocean voyage
        Frances Willson to Frances (Spencer) Willson, Flint, July 9, 1906, describing a lucky penny
        Rhoda (Crapo) Willson to Frances Willson, Interlaken, Switzerland, August 8, 1906, describing tour of Switzerland
        James C. Willson to Frances Willson, Florence, August 17, 1906, describing Florence
        James C. Willson to Frances Willson, Rome, [1906?], sending greetings
        Frances Willson to George and Frances (Spencer) Willson, Flint, October 11, 1906
        Frances Willson to George Willson, Pentwater, Mich., Jul 25, 1908, giving news
        Extract from a letter from George C. Willson to Frances Willson, December 13, 1914, describing his father

8. Other Willson letters, 1882-1912
        Rhoda (Crapo) Willson to James C. Willson, Flint, November 16, 1882, about family matters
        James M. Neasmith to James C. Willson, Vicksburg, July 24, 1884, approving of a dam on Swartz Creek
        Rhoda (Crapo) Willson to Sarah (Crapo) Ross, Asheville, N.C., ca. 1892, requesting a watch for her son George
        George C. Willson to H. C. Spencer, Denver, Colo., July 27, 1893, asking permission to marry niece Frances
        Rhoda C. Willson to Frances Spencer, Flint, August 1, 1893, approving of son's engagement
        Frances Spencer to Rhoda C. Willson, Saginaw, August 2, 1893, about her marriage
        James C. Willson to Rhoda C. Willson, birthday gift presentation poem, July 29, 1898
        Dr. Ernest L. Shurly to James C. Willson, Detroit [1907?], sending sympathy in his bereavement
        A. Vanderveen, M.D., to James C. Willson, Grand Haven, Mich., May 17, 1907, sending sympathy in his bereavement
        Frederick C. Newcombe to James C. Willson, Ann Arbor, Mich., Apr. 26, 1912, sending greetings and admiration
        George C. Willson to Frances S. Willson, December 13, 1912, offering birthday greetings
        George C. Willson to Sarah (Crapo) Ross and Lucy (Crapo) Smith, Flint, December 27, 1912, about daughter Frances and the houses on Kearsley

9. Letters from James C. Willson to his sisters-in-law, 1910-1912
        James C. Willson to Lucy (Crapo) Smith, Flint, October 11, 1910, describing social visits
        James C. Willson to Sarah (Crapo) Ross, Flint, April 30, 1911, thanking her for birthday greetings and book Optimist's Good Morning
        James C. Willson to Lucy (Crapo) Smith, Flint, December 17, 1911, describing visits with wartime friend and son George's activity in the Men's
          Uplift and Religious Movement
        James C. Willson to Lucy (Crapo) Smith, Flint, April 24, 1912, commenting on his poor health and hoping that William W. Crapo would come to

10. Letters of condolence from physicians to George C. Willson, 1912, about James C. Willson's death
        Genesee County Medical Society, Aug. 30, 1912
        Acknowledgement from George C. Willson, undated Charles D. Aaron, Detroit, Aug. 30, 1912
        Walter H. Sawyer, Jackson, Mich., Aug. 30, 1912
        Frederick C. Newcombe, Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 30, 1912
        William F. Breakey, Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 30, 1912
        Memorial from the Shakespeare Club, 1912

11. Letters from relatives to Frances Willson Thompson acknowledging receipt of the pamphlet James C. Willson, M.D., by Emma Sandilands Greet Ehrmann (Ann Arbor: Frances Willson Thompson, 1950), often containing reminiscences of Willson, 1950
        Florence Orrell, October 19, [1950]
        Sarah C. R. Whittier, Milton, Mass., October 22, 1950
        Mary W. Blackinton, Flint, November 17, 1950
        Louise Stewart, Flint, undated
        Catherine Bullard, New Bedford, Mass., November 12, [1950]
        Laura Cristy, Tryon, N. C., October 26, 1950
        R. W. Orrell, Cardinal, Va., November 10, 1950
        William W. Crapo, Detroit, October 7, 1950
        William W. Crapo, Detroit, October 31, 1950
        William W. Crapo to Mrs. George C. Wilson, Detroit, November 21, 1950, with copy of letter from Henry H. Crapo II to William W. Crapo, Mount Dora, Fla., November 12, 1950

12. Letters from friends to Frances Willson Thompson acknowledging receipt of the pamphlet James C. Willson, M.D., 1950
        F. Clever Bald, Ann Arbor, October 9, 1950
        Mary (Mrs. R. Spencer) Bishop, Flint, undated
        Della W. (Mrs. Charles H.) Bonbright, October 20, 1950
        L. Harry Bridgman, October 15, 1950
        Louise Burroughs, Flint, October 12, 1950
        Mrs. Herbert N. Bush and Jessie N. Gotshall, Flint, November 19, 1950
        Harriet C. Davison, Flint, October 11, [1950]
        Marcia (Mrs. J. Dallas) Dort, Flint, December 11, [1950]
        Dorothy Dort Fauntleroy, undated
        John W. Finkenstaedt, Detroit, October 13, 1950
        J. C. Furstenberg, Ann Arbor, October 31, 1950
        Lilian Gold, Flint, October 11, 1950
        Michael A. Gorman, Flint, October 5, 1950
        Ethel Halligan, Flint, October 26, 1950
        Eusebia (Mrs. Alexander B. C.) Hardy, Flint, October 16, 1950
        Alice Johnson, undated
        Donald E. Johnson, undated
        Lucile C. Jolly, Flint, October 19, 1950
        Ginny (Mrs. David) Martin, undated
        Mame Martin, October 25, [1950]
        Gyles E. Merrill, Flint, December 2, 1950 (photocopy)
        Katharine Miner, undated
        R. S. Morrish, Flint, November 3, 1950
        Carol C. Pierson, undated
        Margaret (Mrs. John B.) Prendergast, Balboa Island, Cal., October 20, 1950
        Caroline Arabella Rankin, October 18, 1950
        Frank E. Reeder, M.D., Flint, November 9, 1950
        Mary Rice, Flint, November 27, [1950]
        Marie Sayles, November 21, [1950]
        Jim Shearer, Chicago, undated
        Sister Flora Thirhse, October 3, 1950
        Alice N. Smith, Flint, October 16, 1950
        Paul Thompson, Bay City, October 17, 1950
        Effie B. True, Flint, November 4, 1950
        Erma [surname unknown], Washington, D.C., [October] 13, 1950

13. Letters acknowledging receipt of "James C. Willson, M.D.", from libraries, 1950
        Ann Arbor Public Library
        Carnegie Public Library, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
        Cedar Springs Community Library
        Central Michigan College Library
        Detroit Public Library
        East Lansing Public Library
        Emmanuel Missionary College Library
        Flint Public Library, October 19, 1950
        Grand Haven Public Library
        Grand Rapids Public Library, October 31, 1950
        Hackley Public Library, Muskegon, Mich.
        Marquette County Historical Society
        Michigan College of Mining and Technology Library
        Michigan Historical Collections, University of Michigan, November 27, 1950
        Michigan State College Library
        Michigan State Library
        New Baltimore Public Library
        New York Public Library
        Newberry Library
        Olivet College Library, November 27, 1950
        Port Huron Public Library
        University of Michigan General Library
        Veterans Administration Hospital, Detroit, Mich., June 19, 1951
        Western Reserve Historical Society
        William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan, September 29, 1950

14. Essay, "The Moral Duty of Caring for the Body," by James C. Willson, November 20, 1895

15. William W. Crapo's Thanksgiving dinner album, 1886, containing toasts from guests

16. William W. Crapo's 60th birthday dinner album, May 16, 1890, containing pen-and-ink sketches of William W. Crapo

17. Speeches and toasts by James C. Willson
        Toast delivered before the Medical Alumni Association, Ann Arbor, 1877
        Address before Michigan State Medical Society, Port Huron, [1897]
        Program for dinner in honor of Dr. James C. Willson given by the physicians of Genesee County, Flint, Mich., March 30, 1899
        Response to toast "The Old Guard" at a banquet given by physicians of Genesee County honoring James C. Willson, [Mar. 30, 1899]
        Toast delivered at Dr. Brakey's banquet, Ann Arbor, March 31, 1909

18. Biography of James C. Willson (first draft)

19. Biography of James C. Willson (typescript)

20. Typescript of "James C. Willson, M.D." by Emma Sandilands Greet Ehrmann

21. Photocopy of Minutes of Board of Hospital Managers, June 24, 1912, acknowledging James C. Willson's donation to the Nurses' Home

22. Genealogical material written by Lucy (Crapo) Smith, 1899-c.1910
        Manuscript version, written for George Crapo Willson
        Typescript version
        Chase genealogy, c.1910
        Descent from William Vassall, copied by Essie (Orrell) Mackenzie

23. Biography and genealogy of Henry H. Crapo, by H. H. H. C. Smith, 1900

24. Poem written by Francis H. Rankin for the program of a "kittledrum [sic] social" at the Crapo homestead, under the auspices of the Flint Ladies' Library Association, September 26, 1877 (typescript)

25. Flint Scientific Institute stock certificate in name of James C. Willson, 1871

26. Flint Public Schools passing certificates for George C. Willson, June 20, 1884; January 1885; June 17, 1885

27. Walker School report cards for Frances Willson, 1903-04; 1904-05; [1909-10] (3 items)

28. Rhoda Crapo Willson's birthday dinner album, July 29, 1896, containing toasts

29. Mary Ann Crapo Orrell's 70th birthday dinner toast, 1897

30. Greeting cards
        Happy New Year, from Auntie Minnie to George C. Willson, Dresden, January 1, 1874
        Happy New Year, from Auntie Minnie to Essie Orrell, Dresden, January 1, 1874 (in envelope)
        Easter card from cousin Sadie, undated
        Valentine card, from Frances Willson, 1896 (2 items)
        Valentine card, from J. C. Willson to Frances Willson, 1898
        Valentine card, from J. C. Willson to Frances Willson, 1902
        Valentine card, from J. C. Willson to Frances Willson, 1907
        Invitation to garden party to Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Willson from Frances Willson
        Christmas/New Year card from Frances Willson, 1909-1910 (2 copies)
        Christmas/New Year card from Frances Willson, 1912-1913
        Valentine cards, unsigned (4 items)
        Invitation to George C. Willson's birthday party, 1876

31. Miscellaneous
        Shakespeare Club program, February 1910
        "God Bless Our Home" sign
        "New Jersey Mills" label, autographed on reverse by Willie Durant (?1870s)

32. Anonymous pamphlet, "Captain & Mrs. Crapo's Feat of Crossing the Atlantic in the Tiny Boat the 'New Bedford,' from New Bedford Massachusetts to Penzane [sic]: The Captain's Yarn, Telling the Chief Events of the Voyage" (New York: Damon & Peets, 1877?) 31 pp.

33. Newspaper clippings and magazine articles
        Obituary of Rhoda (Crapo) Willson, May 1907
        "Life and Work of Dr. James C. Willson," The Arrow (Flint, Mich.), Aug. 31, 1912
        Funeral notice and editorial about George C. Willson, [1938]
        "City of Flint 32 Is Formally Dedicated," Pere Marquette Magazine (June 1930), p. 9
        "George Crapo Willson, Banker and Art Patron, Succumbs," Flint Journal, October 18, 1938
        The Bulletin: Official Publication of the Genesee County Medical Society 11, no. 2 (Jan. 25, 1939), containing article "Early Practitioners in Genesee County: Dr. James C. Willson" by R. S. Morrish Mildred Elwood,
        "Tales of Early Flint: Early Life of Gov. Crapo Filled With Variety of Activities; Prominent In the Lumber Industry," undated

34. Scrapbook of Mary Florence (Orrell) Willett, containing biographical and genealogical information on members of the Crapo, Willett, and allied families

35. Engraved portrait of Henry H. Crapo (3 copies); Half-tone of engraving of Henry H. Crapo

36. Engraved portrait of William W. Crapo (3 copies); half-tone portraits of William W. Crapo

37. Sketches of "Barney's Joy" and Crapo home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, by Henry H. Crapo II

38. Richard P. Scharchburg, "Biographical Sketches: Henry Howland Crapo, 1804-1869: James C. Willson, 1833-1912: William Crapo Durant, 1861-1947: George Crapo Willson, 1871-1938," 1977

39. Henry Howland Crapo commemorative seal dedication, June 17, 1980 Program Richard J. Meister, "Brief Remarks" Richard P. Scharchburg, "Remarks"

40. Henry Howland Crapo's gubernatorial messages and vetoes
        Inaugural message to the Michigan Legislature, January 4, 1865
        Vetoes, 1867 (special messages, February 5, 1867; February 25, 1867; March 21, 1867; March 22, 1867
        Retiring message to the Michigan Legislature, January 6, 1869

41. Autograph album of Rhoda Crapo, 1853-1866

42. Autograph album of George Crapo Willson, 1880-1883

43. Patient account book and diary of James C. Willson, 1907

44. Letters from Emma E. Crapo Cristy to J. Crapo Cristy, 1890-1897, transcribed by Raphael Cristy (photocopy; originals at Bentley Historical Library)

45. Crapo Farm records, 1884-1890, containing pedigree registrations, stock inventories, stationery envelopes

46. Crapo Farm papers, 1925-1955, including map, dispersal sale catalog, newspaper clippings

47. Scrapbook belonging to James C. Willson and George Crapo Willson, 1857-1915

48. Barney's Joy [by Lucy Crapo Smith], printed pages in calfskin binder

49. Miscellaneous items from Slocum family Bible.

50. Frances Willson Thompson: miscellaneous items.

51. Scrapbook of Frances S. Willson (later Thompson), 1910-1915.

52. Baby book of Frances S. Willson, 1895-1905.


Caricature of Stanford T. Crapo, as a representative of the Huron Portland Cement Company, for the Michigan Manufacturers' Association (ca.1910)

Caricature of George B. Morley by B. R. Thomas (1905) for publication of Michigan Newspaperman's Association book

Lithograph of William Crapo Durant with poem "The Thinker," dedicated by Berton Braley, 1917

Diploma to James C. Willson from University of Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery, Mar. 30, 1859

On display:

Advertisement from 1872-73 Flint city directory for James C. Willson's medical practice

Advertisement from 1872-73 Flint city directory for William W. Crapo's lumber mill

Badge of Gov. Crapo Post No. 145, Grand Army of the Republic, in shadow box

PHOTOGRAPHS Kept in Photograph Box

Folder 1
1 postcard of Flint & Holly Railroad locomotive "H. H. Crapo"
19 carte-de-visite views of Upper Peninsula natural sites, ca.1870
1 carte-de-visite of George Crapo Willson, ca.1872.
1 snapshot, Henry Howland Crapo II with Betty Crapo, ca.1945
1 snapshot, William W. Crapo II, ca.1945
1 snapshot, Frances Willson and mother Frances (Spencer) Willson in buggy with horse "Allmont," ca.1900
2 prints of unidentified Caribbean scene, ca.1900

5 prints of Flint Gear and Top Company scenes, ca.1898

1 print of Margery Durant on safari, 1940

1 print of R. Clifford Durant, ca.1905

Postcard of the Whaleman Statue, New Bedford, Mass., given to the city by William W. Crapo

Postcard, Saginaw Street looking south, ca.1905

2 postcards, Pere Marquette Railway ferry City of Flint, ca.1940

Print of ambrotype of Henry Howland Crapo, ca.1860

27 negatives of Crapo family photographs, used by Robert G. Schafer in his pamphlets

1 transparency, Henry H. Crapo birthplace, painting by W. A. Wall, ca.1870

1 snapshot, Margery Durant (Mrs. Fitzhugh Green), 1940

1 snapshot, R. Clifford Durant

1 print, George W. Howland, M.D., Flint

1 carte-de-visite, George C. Willson, 1874


Folder 2

Daguerreotype of Rhoda M. Crapo, ca.1850

Print of Rebecca Crapo Durant's drawing room Print of Willson house, 422 E. Kearsley, Flint

8 prints (consisting of 5 images) of Crapo house and gardens, ca.1910

Print of James C. Willson in Civil War uniform 2 cabinet photographs of George C. Willson and his mother Rhoda (Crapo) Willson, 1881

1 print of James C. Willson with Sarah B. (Crapo) Ross and Lucy A. (Crapo) Smith, ca.1910

1 cabinet photo of William W. Crapo, ca.1880

1 print of Rhoda Crapo Willson on porch, ca.1905

15 photos of the dedication ceremony for Governor Crapo's historical marker in Willson Park, May 28, 1986

5 photos from Crooks Collection, GMI Alumni Foundation Collection of Automotive History, of Henry H. Crapo, 1865 American Express office and office of J. C. Willson, 1865; Crapo sawmill, 1874; Crapo lumber camp, Richfield Twp., 1874; building where W. W. Crapo's office stood, 1908.

1 print on matte, George C. Willson and Frances S. Willson, 1896

1 print on matte, Frances S. Willson holding china dog, ca.1897

1 snapshot, James C. Willson, Sarah Crapo Ross, Lucy Crapo Smith, ca.1905

1 snapshot, Rhoda Crapo Willson, ca.1905


Folder 3

1 print of gazebo and garden at Willson summer house, ca.1895

1 lithographic print of William W. Crapo, "past---present"

1 lithographic print of James C. Willson, 1857-1907, inscribed

1 print of James C. and Rhoda Crapo Willson on veranda of house, ca.1900

5 prints of Crapo house and gardens (copies of those in folder 2)

3 prints of Henry Howland Crapo (enlargement from daguerreotype, ca.1852)

1 print of Mary Ann Slocum Crapo on veranda of house (copy of original, 1873)

1 print of Crapo Farm house (copy of original, ca.1890)

3 prints and 2 negatives of daguerreotype of Henry Howland and Mary Ann (Slocum) Crapo and children, ca.1853

1 print of John Orrell (ca.1875) (original at Whaley Historical House)

1 print of John Orrell's house in Flint (1870s) (original at Whaley Historical House)

1 photo of Stanford T. Crapo (1930s)

1 photo of Joseph P. Cannon and William W. Crapo, 1921

1 print on matte, Sarah (Tappan) Crapo, ca.1900

1 print on matte, Frances S. Willson and James C. Willson, 1896

1 print on matte, Morley family reunion, Saginaw, ca.1908


Folder 4

6 prints of Frances Willson Thompson at dedication of Henry H. Crapo seal in Willson Park, June 17, 1980

1 print of drawing of "Barney's Joy," the Slocum home in Dartmouth, Mass., with Frances Willson in foreground (ca.1900)

1 album, containing 28 photos of Willson family at summer home at Salters Point, near New Bedford, ca.1905

1 print on matte of George, Fanny, Frances, and Curtis Willson in front of house on Third St., Flint, ca.1905

3 prints of David Mackenzie, ca.1920

1 print of Letta Crapo-Smith, ca.1885


Folder 5

6 prints on mattes of Crapo house and garden in Flint, ca. 1900

1 print on matte of unidentified woman in lattice-walled structure, ca.1899

1 blue-tone print on matte of Crapo yard, ca. 1900

4 prints (halves of stereographs) of Crapo garden in winter, 1873?

1 print (half of stereograph) of Mary Ann (Slocum) Crapo on porch of house, April 21, 1873

1 photo of Stanford T. Crapo;

1 photo of Henry H. Crapo II with Emma (Morley) Crapo, 1930s

1 print of Crapo house in winter, ca.1900


Folder 6

1 cabinet photo of Stanford T. Crapo and members of Skull and Bones Society, Yale College, ca.1885

1 print on matte of Stanford T. Crapo and son William W. Crapo II, 1899

1 photo, sepia, of William W. Crapo, ca.1905

1 cabinet photo of William W. Crapo, ca.1880

1 cabinet photo of Sarah C. Ross, ca.1885

4 carte-de-visite photos of William W. Crapo, 1860s

1 carte-de-visite photo of Sarah (Tappan) Crapo, 1860s

1 cabinet photo of Sarah (Tappan) Crapo, 1880s

1 small photo of Sarah (Tappan) Crapo, 1880s

1 print on matte of William W. Crapo, ca.1890

1 cabinet photo of William W. Crapo, Stanford T. Crapo, and William W. Crapo II, 1895

1 print on matte of William W. Crapo II, 1896

1 print on matte of William W. Crapo II, ca.1897

1 print on matte of George B. Morley, ca.1900

1 print of ship S. T. Crapo


Folder 7

1 print on matte of Yale Class of 1886 reunion, including Stanford T. Crapo (1916?)

1 print of Henry Howland Crapo II on horseback, New Hampshire, ca.1930

1 print of family reunion, probably that of the Morleys of Saginaw, Michigan, ca.1907


Folder 8


6 prints of cattle and cattle with people (1920s)

6 prints of prize cattle posing with people (1920s-1930s)

4 prints of auction at Detroit Fat Stock Show, 1928

8 prints of farm activities, 1929

3 prints of Stanford T. Crapo, William W. Crapo II, and cattle auction (1930s)

8 prints of individual cattle (1930s)

2 prints of champion bull and heifer, 1937

4 prints of NC Domino 10th

2 prints of farm house, ca.1950

4 prints of Crapo Farm picnic, 1951

3 prints of farm activities, 1951

4 prints of employees, ca.1953

6 prints, miscellaneous (ca.1925-ca.1955)


Folder 9

27 snapshots of Aaron Domino, 1937

10 snapshots of the birthing of a calf (1930s)

8 snapshots of field day, 1928

4 prints of Aaron Domino (prize bull), ca.1937

2 prints of prize cattle with people (1930s)

5 snapshots, miscellaneous


Folder 10


13 scenes taken at L. B. Curtis & Co.'s camp, Midland Co.; Page & Benson's, Otter Lake, Lapeer Co., and Thomas Foster's Camp, Tuscola Co., Mich., published by J. A. Jenney, Flint, Mich.

3. Camp at noon at Thomas Foster's

4. Camp at noon at Thomas Foster's

6. Camp barn at Thomas Foster's

8. Dinner call at Page & Benson's

13. Falling at Thomas Foster's

15. Sawing at Thomas Foster's

21. Skidding at Thomas Foster's

22. Loading at Thomas Foster's

27. Hauling at Thomas Foster's

28. Champion load at Thomas Foster's

29. A Western lumberman at Thomas Foster's

32. Banking ground, Squaw Creek, Thos. Foster's [no no.] Otter Lake

17 scenes at L. B. Curtis & Co.'s camp, Midland County, Michigan

1. Camp at noon

2. Camp barn

3. Repair shop

4. Dinner call

5A. Grinding and filing

5B. Grinding and filing

6. Falling

7. Butting and sawing

8. Sawing

9. Skidding

10. Loading teams

11. Hauling

12. Low banking ground

13. Dam for flooding logs

14. High bank rollway on Cass River

15. High bank rollway on Cass River

16. High bank rollway on Cass River

1 scene at Page & Benson's Camp, Otter Lake, Lapeer Co., Mich. 4. Falling 1 scene at Thomas Foster's camp, Tuscola County, Michigan 9. Loading 2 Saginaw Valley views, Goodridge Brothers, East Saginaw, Mich. Mill at Clare on F. P.M. Railway, May 16, 1871 View at Farwell, May 16, 1871 5 scenes of Glenwood Cemetery, Flint, Mich., by J. A. Jenney, Flint View of gate Path Chapel Stone scene Road and stones


Folder 11

10 prints of Crapo descendants, copied from originals owned by Esther Russell

1 print, ore carrier S. T. Crapo

1 negative, Crapo Cornell Smith in University of Michigan Law School group photo

2 prints of portrait of David Mackenzie

1 print of historical marker at David Mackenzie House, Detroit

1 transparency of portrait of Letta Crapo-Smith by Julius Rolshoven

1 print, George C. Willson home, Flint, Mich. (original at GMI Alumni Historical Collection)

1 print, portrait of Frances Willson Thompson by Edmund Giesbert

6 prints, members of Harlan P. Cristy family (originals owned by Rafael C. Cristy)

2 prints of statue of Billy Durant, Flint

6 prints of Orrell and Willett family members (originals at Whaley Historical House)

1 print, Crapo Cornell Smith in University of Michigan Law School group photo

1 color print, David Mackenzie House, Detroit

6 color prints of 3 paintings by Letta Crapo-Smith

1 print, William C. Durant as child (original at GMI Alumni Historical Collection)

1 print, portrait of George C. Willson (original at Flint Institute of Arts)


Folder 12

2 color prints, birthplace of Henry H. Crapo, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, ca.1992

6 color prints, birthplace of Henry H. Crapo and nearby graves, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, 1994

2 color prints, residence of Henry H. Crapo ("Fairview"), New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1994

1 color print, Rotch house (residence of W. W. Crapo), New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1994

2 color prints, birthplace of Henry H. Crapo, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, 1994

24 color prints of Crapo-related items from around New Bedford, 1994

1 color print of painting of Henry H. Crapo birthplace by William Allen Wall [ca.1870], in private collection

1 print of Henry H. Crapo birthplace, 1903 (original in collection of Old Dartmouth Historical Society)

1 print of Henry H. Crapo residence ("Fairview"), New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1965 (original at New Bedford Whaling Museum)

1 print of William J. Rotch Gothic cottage (once residence of W. W. Crapo), New Bedford, Massachusetts (original at New Bedford Whaling Museum)


Folder 13

1 print, Frances (Spencer) Willson, ca.1950

24 prints of photos used in The Crapo Room: Its Inspiration, Its Donor, Its Development, 1994

1 print of portrait of Letta Crapo Smith by Julius Rolshoven

1 color print of David Mackenzie House, Detroit, 1992

1 print of Rebecca Crapo Durant's dining room, 1928 (original at GMI Alumni Historical Collection)

1 print of William Crapo Orrell (original at GMI Alumni Historical Collection)

4 photos, from Crooks Collection, GMI Alumni Collection of Automotive History, of Flint and Holly Railroad locomotive "H. H. Crapo," 1864; Flint and Holly Railroad advertisement, 1864; William C. Durant, 1882; Frank E. Willett store, 1876. 3 photos, of 1840 and 1888 Presidential campaign flags, and 1868 Flint and Holly Railroad pass


Folder 14

18 transparencies of Letta Crapo-Smith portrait by Rolshoven, of the Sandwich glass, and of the Emile Bruchon sculpture in the Crapo Room Miscellaneous negatives of photographs of Crapo interest taken by Jack W. Thompson, ca.1992-1994



1 print of Crapo Lumber Mill, Flint, ca.1874 (original at GMI Alumni Foundation Collection of Industrial History)

1 print of portrait of Henry Howland Crapo, ca.1868

1 print of Zachariah Chase, manager of Crapo Mills, in buggy in front of office, ca.1870 (original at GMI Alumni Foundation Collection of Industrial History)

1 print on matte of William W. Crapo house, New Bedford, Massachusetts

1 print on matte of William W. Crapo house, New Bedford, Massachusetts

1 print of unidentified Gothic Revival house in winter

1 print of George Crapo Willson, New Bedford, 1881

1 print of Henry Howland Crapo gubernatorial portrait (original at Michigan State Historical Museum)

1 print of James C. Willson and Frances (Spencer) Willson in park or forest, ca.1905

1 print of James C. and Rhoda (Crapo) Willson on veranda of house, with chaise, horse and driver in foreground, ca.1875



1 daguerreotype of Henry H. and Mary Ann (Slocum) Crapo with their children, in rosewood frame, ca.1852

1 print of Henry H. Crapo, his wife and children in frame (original ca.1852)

1 ambrotype of Rhoda M. Crapo in case, ca.1858

1 ambrotype of Henry H. Crapo in case, ca.1860

1 tintype of James C. Willson in Civil War uniform (1863) in frame with hardtack from Grant's headquarters, 1864

1 engraving of Henry Howland Crapo in frame, ca.1864

1 print of Flint and Holly Railroad locomotive "H. H. Crapo," color retouched, in frame, ca.1867

1 frame containing prints of James C. and Rhoda (Crapo) Willson, 1874 (originals at Bentley Historical Library)

1 engraving of James C. Willson in frame 1 portrait of George Crapo Willson, on ivory, with case

1 portrait of James C. Willson, on ivory, with case

1 portrait of Rhoda M. (Crapo) Willson, on ivory, in velvet frame 1 portrait of Frances Willson, color retouched, in frame, ca.1902

1 print of Frances Willson in front of "Barney's Joy," Dartmouth, Mass., 1899

1 print of Henry Howland Crapo in frame

1 print of William Crapo Durant in frame, ca.1890