Name of the collection: PRIDE Gay and Lesbian Center of Flint, Michigan 
Inclusive years: 1990-1997 
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PRIDE Gay and Lesbian Center of Flint, Michigan, was organized in 1991 in order to provide support and a meeting place for the gay and lesbian community of Flint. It grew out of a planning committee formed at the end of 1990 called Alternatives Community Center. Rooms were leased from the Unitarian Universalist Church in 1991, and the organization was located there until 1996, when it moved to the Redeemer Metropolitan Community Church.

The organization intended to act as a central "clearing house" for information about gay and lesbian concerns in the Flint area and as a meeting place for gays and lesbians. This was accomplished by producing a newsletter and by creating a "switchboard." The "switchboard," staffed by volunteers, was to provide information as needed, such as social service agencies, gay bars, "coming out" groups, and the like.

The organization folded in 1996, largely due to an unwillingness on the part of members to donate their time. 


The records of PRIDE include by-laws, minutes, some financial reports, and newsletters. These detail the organization's purpose, operations, and efforts. The monthly newsletter may be useful for research on gay and lesbian doings in the Flint area.

The largest group of records in this collection consists of "switchboard" call sheets. These are logs of all calls placed to PRIDE's clearing house telephone number. Most calls are unidentified, but some have the caller's first name, age, and location, and are, in any case, not personally identifiable. Typical questions ask about "coming out" groups, gay activities in Flint, PRIDE itself, and there is a generous sprinkling of prank calls as well.

The newsletters of a few other Flint and Michigan gay organizations are also contained in the records. Finally, the collection includes a compilation of Flint news articles on gay issues from 1976 to 1992 which was done by Timothy Retzloff. 


Alternatives Community Center - Minutes, miscellaneous, 1990-1991 
Minutes, agendas 
Director's report, 1992 
Financial reports 
Letters of resignation 
Lease, rent 
Switchboard volunteer's policy and procedures manual 
Monthly switchboard reports, 1991-1992 
Switchboard call sheets 
        July-December 1992 
        January-April 1993 
        May-September 1993 
        October-December 1993 
        July-December 1994 
        January-March 1995 
        April-June 1995 
        July-September 1995 
        October-December 1995 
        January-March 1996 
        April-June 1996 
        July-November 1996 
Open house, 1991 
Referral information 
Other organizations 
        Affirmations Gay/Lesbian Community Center 
        Gay and Lesbian Parents Association, 1992 
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays 
Wellness HIV/AIDS Services, Inc. 
Stonewall Forum 
Coming out group 
GMI Institute, 1992 
Youth services 
Articles on lesbian and gay concerns in the Flint area, 1976-1992 
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        (2 of 2)