Name of the collection: Wood and Atwood Hardware 
Inclusive years: 1873-1892 
Quantity: 6 volumes 
Acquisition: This collection has been on permanent loan from donor number 192 since 1989. 
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. 
Photographs: There were no photographs. 
Processed by: Paul Gifford, December 1990. 


George W. Hubbard established a hardware business in Flint sometime before 1870, in partnership with J. B. Newton. Henry W. Wood, who had owned the Genesee Iron Works between 1854 and 1864, became Hubbard's partner in the hardware business about 1872. Henry's son Charles H. Wood succeeded his father in the business by 1881. In 1884, William A. Atwood, who had married Henry W. Wood's daughter Helen C. Wood in January, 1871, became Charles Wood's partner. Wood and Atwood continued their partnership until July 1, 1892, when they ended their business. Atwood was probably involved in the business only in a financial way, as he was a partner in a much larger enterprise, the Flint Woolen Mills. George W. Hubbard appears to have re-established his business by 1899, perhaps buying Wood and Atwood out. 


The records of this firm consist of financial records and an inventory book. The journals were recorded chronologically by day and list the names of each customer and the amount of each sale. The single ledger contains daily sales summaries, freight payments and credit accounts, arranged by customer. The inventory book contains annual inventories, made between 1881 and 1884, of the store's merchandise. There are also tool inventories in the journals for 1888-1889 and 1891-1892.

For other collections concerning William A. Atwood, see the Flint Woolen Mills Records, 1873-1901; and J. B. Atwood and Company Letters, 1866-1880. 



Wood and Hubbard 
        Journal, February, 1873-October 16, 1874

Hubbard and Wood 
        Inventories, 1881-1884

Wood and Atwood 
                October 22, 1888-June 8, 1889 
                August 14, 1890-May 9, 1891 
                May 9, 1891-April 29, 1892 
                April 30, 1892-July 18, 1892 
                Ledger, February 1, 1888-1891