Master of Science in Biology

Assessment of the M.S. in Biology suggests we are mostly doing well, with perhaps some need for improvement in research for thesis students.  Direct assessment of learning outcomes in the BIO 503 course showed that departmental goals were met.  As an assessment of student research experiences and productivity, we monitored whether graduating students had presented research results at a professional conference and/or had published in a peer-reviewed journal.  Only one of the two thesis students who graduated during the year had done so, marking the second year in a row that 50% or less of the thesis students had presented/published research results.  This may suggest a need to improve research opportunities for thesis students, but we would like a larger sample size over a longer time frame before proceeding in that regard.  An exit survey was sent to the 5 students who graduated during the 2012-2013 year.  Two students responded and gave the program high marks.