Goals of our action project:

  •  Work toward the enhancement of student learning by establishing the centrality of outcomes to teaching, learning, and assessment at the course, and program levels of both the major and general education. 
  •  Develop a process and framework in which assessment results support and enhance the program review process, as well as department and organizational planning and budgeting. 
  •  Embed the assessment of general education outcomes into all levels of the curricula.

Curricular maps:

 Identify gaps, surpluses and connections within the curriculum, thereby promoting: 

1.  Inter-unit collaboration

2.  Agreement on shared outcomes leading to shared/established rubrics

3.  Greater curricular coherence within programs

4.  Establish/foster integration of program and Gen Ed outcomes

5.  Analysis of prerequisite and sequential courses

Leading to transparency of expectations to students, faculty and other constituents, enhancing both teaching and learning



Impact Report June 2011

January 2012 Documents