Mission of the Faculty Mentoring Program

The mission of the Faculty Mentoring Program is to provide support and serve as a resource for intentional, sustained, intensive, and effective mentoring of faculty by faculty throughout the University of Michigan-Flint. It coordinates an inter-departmental and inter-unit formalized mentoring program for pre-tenure faculty that complements department and unit level mentoring and campus career development opportunities.

Program Focus

At its core the Faculty Mentoring Program is a proactive initiative to help retain promising new faculty and to further develop a vibrant, productive, collegial environment that fosters career success for faculty. The Faculty Mentoring Program is focused less on the specific tenure process at UM-Flint or in the four units, and it is not intended to provide a recipe for how to get tenure or replace the important role of department-level mentoring. Rather the Program focuses on helping pre-tenure faculty in navigating the tenure and promotion system and successfully balancing teaching, scholarly activity and service while also becoming a meaningful colleague at UM-Flint. It seeks to enable tenure-track faculty to become part of the UM-Flint community, with a long-term goal of helping to retain faculty.

Specific goals of the Faculty Mentoring Program include:
  • actively assist pre-tenure faculty in understanding and becoming a part of academia, balancing their professional and personal lives, and succeeding in their research and teaching;
  • help pre-tenure faculty set realistic goals for their professional, scholarly, and creative development, and balancing their time and energy among teaching, research and service;
  • assist pre-tenure faculty with their pedagogical skills and assessing their effectiveness in teaching and learning;
  • create a support system for pre-tenure faculty through networking and encourage collegiality by sharing knowledge and expertise; and,
  • inform pre-tenure faculty of campus-wide resources to support their career goals and to facilitate the development of their professional networks.