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Welcome to the Business Engagement Center at the University of Michigan-Flint. This site is designed to guide you in understanding the various ways UM-Flint can serve industry and external organizations, and to assist you in finding information that may be of particular interest. From advanced manufacturing to advanced medical treatments, social work to social media marketing, the University of Michigan-Flint’s learning-by-doing approach to higher education produces graduates who measure success in terms of tangible results.


The University of Michigan-Flint has seen incredible growth over the last five years, not only growing numbers of residential students living on and near campus, but growth fueled in part by expanding graduate and international programs and focused commitment to our student veterans. When it comes to engaging students, UM-Flint is recognized nationwide as a recipient of the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.

In all areas of study, transforming knowledge into specific, effective action requires creativity, critical thinking, and cooperation. These are the hallmarks of action-oriented academics at UM-Flint. and why our graduates are so highly sought by employers looking for leaders who know how to get things done.  

UM-Flint Career Center Employer Resources

  • Career Connection: Our online platform for connecting employers with UM-Flint’s best candidates.
  • Career Fairs: UM-Flint sponsors three career fairs and one graduate school fair each year.
  • Request Resumes: UM-Flint’s Academic Advising and Career Center can e-mail student and alumni resumes to you based on specific criteria.
  • Post Jobs, Co-ops & Internships: These postings are entered into UM-Flint Career Connection, where students and alumni can search by job title, employer, industry and more. There are more than 8,500 registered students and alumni waiting to connect!
  • On-Campus Recruiting: The Academic Advising and Career Center (AACC) will work diligently to connect you with qualified students and arrange travel logistics.

Academic Advising and Career Center

Aimi Moss, Director
(810) 762-3085
Email:, or IM: aimiumf

Sara Barton, Employer Recruiting Coordinator
(810) 762-0919

Student Internships

Internships are important opportunities for students to gain experience that can set them apart from other applicants when they are seeking their first job. They also give employers the opportunity to work with prospective permanent employees and learn if they have the right stuff.  Win-win!

Student Services                     Coordinator   
School of Management
Phone: (810) 237-6680
Sara Barton, Employer Recruiting Coordinator
Career Services
Phone: (810) 762-0919
Michael Farmer
Computer Science
Phone: (810) 762-3423
Tony McGill
Phone: (810) 237-6657
Janet Lorch
Visual Art/Graphics
Phone: (810) 237-6657
Hillary Heinze
Phone: (810) 762-3424
Nicole Broughton
MA in Arts Administration
Phone: (810) 762-3315
Alan Hackett
Social Work
Phone: (810) 762-3390
Michael Farmer
Computer Science
Phone: (810) 762-3423
Joan Mars
Criminal Justice
Phone: (810) 762-3340
Kazuko Hiramatsu
Phone: (810) 762-3478
Maris Gilles
Phone: (810) 762-3420
Thomas Henthorn
Phone: (810) 762-3366
Tony Morolla
Public Administration
Phone: (810) 762-3470
Jessica Tischler
Phone: (810) 762-3275
Victoria Morckel
Earth & Resource Science
Phone: (810) 762-3355
Annemarie Kamman
Physical Therapy
Phone: (810) 762-3373


Student Veterans Resource Center

The Student Veterans Resource Center is located in the University Pavilion and provides a one-stop office where prospective and current student veterans can receive comprehensive information, and advising about admissions, benefits and networking. Specialists in veterans’ services are available throughout campus, and because UM-Flint is so veteran friendly, in 2011 G.I. Jobs ranked UM-Flint in the top 15% of all schools nationwide, and we were named a Tillman Scholars campus.  

Student Veterans Resource Center
(810) 424-5391


One of the pillars of a University of Michigan education is an unwavering commitment to research. The University of Michigan-Flint builds on that legacy by fostering a culture of research and support for faculty and student investigators throughout the entire life-cycle of their research initiatives.

Schools and College

The University of Michigan-Flint is home to the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Health Professions and Studies, the School of Education and Human Services (which includes Social Work), and the School of Management. With such a broad spectrum of disciplines and growing graduate programs and international  presence, the University of Michigan-Flint is an excellent resource for industry and community collaborative partners.

Faculty Expertise

Use our Faculty Expertise Database to find a match for your research and consulting needs.

Undergraduate Research at UM-Flint

Over the last six years, student participation in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) has increased nearly 800%.
In 2011 UM-Flint held its inaugural Student Research Conference, joining the Michigan Undergraduate Research Forum, Meeting of the Minds, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research as annual research events in which UM-Flint students participate.

The Office of Research at the University of Michigan-Flint serves as an advocate and facilitator of research and creative activities on the Flint campus. The university is host to many research assets including broad-based faculty expertise, laboratories and community-based projects, student projects, and educational centers.

UM-Flint's Office of Research

Office of Research
Terry W. Van Allen, Ph.D., J.D., Director
(810) 766-6842

Ann Arbor's Office of Research & Sponsored Projects

The Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) on the Ann Arbor campus facilitates sponsored projects with industry, including negotiating agreements for industry-sponsored research. Additional information is available at the OSRP Website:


Whether you are a business owner looking for human capital, collaborative partners, and/or new ideas; a student with passion and entrepreneurial drive; or a faculty member engaged in research; the University of Michigan-Flint has opportunities for you. A number of centers have been developed to meet the entrepreneurial needs of the campus community and external partners.

Innovation Incubator

What is the Innovation Incubator [IN]?

[IN] is a place for people to work, meet, share, and grow. It's a refreshing option if you're looking to escape from home, the office, or even a coffee shop. It is a place where students and the community can focus on a project, host a meeting, or connect with others. If this is what you seek, you may have found your place!

Community One

Community One is a community service program operated by the University of Michigan-Flint's Michigan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Its vision is to see that students, faculty, organizations and businesses have the opportunity to work together to solve problems and address issues that are important to organizations throughout our community and beyond.

Community One's mission is to match the operational and strategic needs of external organizations with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests of our students and faculty. We aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas, help with the creation, design, and implementation of programs and provide organizations with the assistance needed to complete projects.

Michigan Family Business Center

The Michigan Family Business Center (MFBC) at the University of Michigan - Flint provides high-level business support for family businesses in a confidential setting.   An Advisory Board from the MFBC membership and sponsors identifies topics, speakers and programs of interest, and develops and updates the strategic plan for the Center. 

Community Partnerships

Work with University Outreach to form mutually beneficial partnerships with students, faculty and community partners for class-based projects and applied research; and make students aware of volunteer opportunities within your organization. Please submit the Community Partner Request Form.

2235 Riverfront
Phone: (810) 237-6631
Fax: (810) 762-3282

Other ideas?

Contact Becky Pettengill in the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.


The University of Michigan-Flint offers over 120 undergraduate degrees, 28 graduate programs that include three doctoral programs and post-doctoral certificates. There are over 30,000 UM-Flint alumni and just over 80% live in Michigan, creating a rich pool of talent.

Honors Program

Since 1979, the University of Michigan-Flint Honors Scholar Program has offered qualified students the chance to enhance their education in an enriched atmosphere highlighted by cross-disciplinary cooperation and one-on-one learning and research with an array of experts.

The program also offers off-campus, typically international, study-abroad opportunities. From exploring women's suffrage in Japan to rethinking autism in Africa, the possibilities available to Honors students are as rich and varied as their intellectual passions.

Graduate Programs

With more than 28 programs, the Office of Graduate Programs facilitates the admission process at the University of Michigan-Flint.  The office holds recruitment events and provides a supportive environment to assist prospective students in reaching their academic and professional development goals.

Phone: (810) 762-3171
Fax: (810) 766-6789

School of Education and Human Services (SEHS)

SEHS prepares students for careers in education and the human services by offering degrees that blend a broad liberal education with preparation for professional roles.  Currently the school is comprised of the Department of Early Childhood Education, Teacher Education and Social Work.

Early Childhood Development Center

A nationally accredited child care center that is a source of clinical experience for all local students seeking specialization in early childhood development.   Placements at the ECDC are fee-based and open to the community.

School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS)

SHPS offers eight programs of study: Nursing,  Physical Therapy,  Anesthesia,  Health Care Administration,  Health Education,  Medical Technology,  Radiation Therapy, and Health Science. SHPS also operates on-site nurse-managed primary care and physical therapy clinic, the Urban Health and Wellness Center.

School of Management

At the undergraduate level, the School offers six business majors, five business minors including entrepreneurship, a business honors program, and the opportunity to complete core business courses as well as a number of business electives online. The School offers an MBA program in two delivery modes: traditional in-the-seat, and Netplus!, an Internet-based program with campus sessions every six weeks. The masters program offers the opportunity to specialize in one of eight concentrations areas including: Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Health Care Management, International Business, Lean Manufacturing, Marketing and Organizational Leadership. The School of Management offers a Master of Science in Accounting, and has a rich internship program. Contact Tara Allendorfer for more information. or (810) 237-6680.


The Business Engagement Center at the University of Michigan-Flint works closely with colleagues in Ann Arbor. A link to the Technology Transfer office in Ann Arbor is provided below. They can assist you in searching for university technologies and entrepreneurial resources that add value to your business or research endeavors.

The University of Michigan's Office of Technology Transfer oversees the commercialization of new technologies and research discoveries, and provides professional resources for inventors, entrepreneurs and industry partners. The OTT will guide your company seamlessly through the technology-transfer process, including the licensing and patenting of new technologies, to ensure that innovative products reach the marketplace successfully.

Tech Transfer is co-located with the Business Engagement Center at the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC). A satellite OTT location in the College of Engineering also provides resources and consultation to support the commercialization process and to spur the development of new ventures.

Licensing Resources

The OTT Web site maintains a comprehensive list of new technologies developed by university researchers that are available for licensing.

Technology Transfer Home

Directory of Available Technologies