High School Science Teacher

BS + teaching certificate

Community College Instructor

MS or PhD

University Professor



MS or PhD

Research Technician

BS or MS


Business and Industry

Research and Development (Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Forest Products, Agro-industry)

MS or PhD

Research Assistant. Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Forest Products, Agro-industry

BS or MS

Pharmaceuticals- Research and Development

MS or PhD

Sales (Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Forest Products, Agro-industry, Scientific Equipment, Science Publisher)


Environmental Consulting Firm

BS, MS, or PhD

Publishing (Science Writing, Editing, Illustrating)

BA, BS, MA, or MS

Environmental Law Attorney

BS + Law Degree

Lobbyist (Industry Association)

Law or Paralegal Degree




Forensic Science

BS or MS

Researcher (CDC, EPA, USFWS, NMFS, USDA, DEC) 

MS or PhD


BS or MS

Regulation and Enforcement (EPA, DEC, USFDA, USDA, Fish and Game, National Park Service, State Parks, Water Districts) 

BS or MS


Law degree


Medical and Allied Health Fields


Physician, Optometrist, Dentist, Podiatrist, Veterinarian

Generally BS + 4-year professional degree

 Chiropractic Medicine

Generally BS + 3-year professional degree

Physical Therapist  

Generally BA or BS + 3-year professional degree

Medical Technologist

BS degree that involves a lot of biology coursework


Fast-track BSN programs (~14 months) are available to biology majors with a BS degree.

Physician's Assistant        



Nonprofit Organizations

Lobbyist, Advocate

Law or Paralegal Degree

Grassroots Organizer

BA or BS

Education/Public Awareness

BA or BS