Brand Messaging Breakdown

The brand has three distinct words: Expect, Engage, Experience. Together, they are a powerful, condensed way to describe UM-Flint. The MORE branding uses all three words together, unified around the word MORE.

The words should not be separated out in a graphic, as this could confuse and diffuse the full power of the brand. It is perfectly fine to use the words to describe university attributes and actions. However, it is important to know exactly how and why these three word work so well to describe the UM-Flint brand.

To fully understand how the three words represent the university, we offer some concrete examples of how our varied audiences can expect more, engage more, and experience more at UM-Flint.

Expect MORE

"Expect MORE" implies a higher standard. From the assistance we give students to the marketing materials we create, there is a heighten expectation that comes with the University of Michigan name. It is up to all of us to set, reach, and surpass that  standard in all we do.

Strong Expect MORE messaging:
  • Fits UM-Flint's story within the larger University of Michigan history/narrative
  • Showcases programs, opportunities, and aspects of UM-Flint that are especially impressive or surprising
  • Appeals to those who are ambitious, seek continued self-improvement, and want to advance career, academic, or other personal goals 

Engage MORE

"Engage" gets to the heart of the UM-Flint experience, the heart of our brand, better than the other two "E words." Engaged learning is what sets us apart from our competitors. This is applied learning, enacting new solutions, learning to work with people from other backgrounds, and making real differences for individuals and entire communities. This firsthand know-how, and the growth and maturity that come with it, is the practical benefit of engaged learning for students, employers, and society.

Types of Engaged Learning at UM-Flint: 
  • Research opportunities
  • Civic engagement opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
  • Cross-disciplinary projects
  • Education abroad opportunities
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Creative projects
Strong Engage MORE messaging:
  • Emphasizes engaged learning, the hallmark of learning at UM-Flint
  • Values interactions with faculty and students from diverse backgrounds
  • Demonstrates how curriculum interfaces with today's pressing issues
  • Celebrates collaboration across academic disciplines
  • Highlights students and faculty engaging with the people, problems, and possibilities in the Flint community and beyond

Experience MORE 

Many of the claims outlined for "Engage MORE" seem like they could also apply to  "Experience MORE" messages. To the average person, experiential learning is the same thing as engaged learning. After all, the bottom-line benefit of engaged learning is the practical experience students receive. 

To avoid confusion and empower "Experience MORE" with a distinct, equally worthy, and authentic meaning of its own, we suggest utilizing it for non-academic messages, particularly having to do with events.

Strong Experience MORE messaging:
  • Promotes events, workshops, and other opportunities in which members of the public can experience aspects of UM-Flint
  • Is great for recruitment events that involve an on-campus "experience"
  • Works well for alumni events, as well as instances in which alumni outcomes are highlighted (their "experiences")
  • Fits certain non-academic opportunities available to current UM-Flint students better than the "engage" message (housing, club sports, greek life, etc.)