Brand Research 

UM-Flint has consistently invested in market research. Building upon the marketing research effort completed in 2008 by Educational Marketing Group, the campus partnered with U-M Ann Arbor on system-wide brand research in 2012, lead by Maguire and Associates.

Their 2012 research findings reinforce those from 2008. The essence of the positioning and messaging platform built over the last several years still strongly resonates with our audiences. 

2012 Marketing Research findings: 
  • UM-Flint has increased its positive perception among prospective students and current students.
  • Current students indicate they are proud to attend UM-Flint and are very pleased with their educational experience.
  • Community members see the university as a major economic driver in the region, and view the many campus/community partnerships as imperative to the future of the city.
  • UM-Flint is well positioned for the future.

Download PDF of Marketing Research Report