One Maize. One Blue. 

Color is key to our brand’s identity. People around the globe recognize Michigan as synonymous with maize and blue.

Color evokes emotions and creates perceptions. Blue conjures up feelings of authority, success, power, and serenity. Varying shades of yellow and orange create feelings of happiness, positivity, and creativity. These are all great reasons to love our maize and blue even more.

There is now one, official set of colors to represent the entire University of Michigan system. One blue. One maize. The new palette was chosen to work across all platforms so they will be consistent on the web, in a four-color process, or as a spot color on coated and uncoated papers alike. 

The official blue is now several shades darker and creates a feeling of prestige, while the maize creates a high contrast to the deep blue and makes for an unforgettable mark.


Maize swatch of color: Pantone 7406 C

PMS: 7406
CMYK: C=0 M=18 Y=100 K=0
Hex: #ffcb05


Blue swatch of color: Pantone 282 C

PMS: 282
CMYK: C=100 M=60 Y=0 K=60
Hex: #00274c

Warning: Photoshop and other design programs have "color grab" features that are meant to allow users to match a color from one file and bring it into another. DO NOT rely on this feature. It will give you an inaccurate shade or hue more often than not. Enter the color manually based on the figures above.