More on "MORE"

In almost all instances the adage is true: less is more.

In terms of the "more" brand campaign, that logic holds true. The beauty of the word "more" is that it is easy to incorporate into other ideas. The problem with the word "more"  is that it is easy to incorporate into other ideas. Despite all of its functionality, flexibility, and visual flare, the Venn diagram design treatment—and the word "more" itself—can get old fast.

You don't always have to use the word "more" to convey more. In an ad campaign for a new program in your department, the word "more" would turn the value of that education into simply "more," diminishing the intrinsic value of the learning itself (quality, not quantity).

Brand is as much about doing as it is describing what's being done. Showing is usually better than telling.

Our advice is to be "more judicious" in the way you use the word in copy. A similar cautiousness is advised to avoid overuse the Venn diagram concept.