The MORE Graphic

UM-Flint marketers and communicators are encouraged to include this graphic on all of their print and digital materials (also available over a blue field, maize field, or no background). However, we kindly ask that this NOT be used as a communication's primary image or message. Rather, it is best positioned as a concluding visual statement, a final thought, an understated reminder of what UM-Flint is all about (such as at the bottom of a poster, on the back of a mailing, in the footer of an email, etc.).

UM-Flint's Office of University Relations will have final approval on marketing and communications pieces that utilize this graphic (or similar variations) as a primary message and/or image. If you think your materials have a compelling case for using the MORE graphic more prominently, do not hesitate to contact UREL to discuss your idea.

The minimum width for the MORE logo inside a blue or yellow box is 1 5/8" (1.625 inches)



The minimum width for the MORE logo without a box is 1 1/2" (1.5 inches)