Worth a Thousand Words

(Derived from Michigan Creative in Ann Arbor)

Our photographs, the most emotionally resonant component of our visual style, are the embodiment of our brand personality. Good photography captures the prestigious nature of the university; it should communicate our creativity, diversity, and commitment to learning, research, and civic engagement on a global scale. Basically, great pictures tell great stories.

Refer to Mediabin, UM-Flint’s online photo library, for all pre-approved images.

Other Thoughts on Photography

  • Strive for action-oriented photos (of engaged learning, "academics in action")
  • Avoid stock photography, be authentic, be real, be a photographer!
  • Have your camera (phone) ready; you know when you and/or your students will be doing something interesting ("engaging"), capture it and share it
  • Consider dynamic angles and surprising vantage points (stand on a chair, get down on your knees, hand the camera to your child, etc.)
  • When traveling abroad, bring a UM-Flint shirt/flag; have someone take your picture on top of that mountain (not a picture of that mountain taken by you)
  • Photos of speakers and meetings and luncheons are boring no matter who is speaking, meeting, or eating
  • Contact University Relations for other photo-related ideas