Photography used in any YOU TO THE POWER OF M communications should reflect the personality of the brand:

The photography we use should also capture the character, spirit, and resilience of our students, campus community, and the community of Flint.

Use Of Multiple Photos

Wherever space allows, communications should include multiple photos that communicate the breadth of the UM-Flint experience. One photo should speak to active, hands-on learning and/or faculty interaction; the remaining photos should capture student life, outside-classroom experiences, and/or downtown Flint living.
On larger mediums such as billboards and other outdoor advertising, a single photo may be used for maximum visual effect and ease of reading.

Focus Your Cameras on…

Hands-On Learning

To depict the quality of academics at UM-Flint, use photography that shows students learning in action — using their hands, creating or building something, in labs, working on projects.


Choose photography that illustrates the collaborative learning style at UM-Flint, with students working together as well as with faculty and people across the community.

Student Life

Incorporate photography that shows the student experience outside of the classroom. Choose images that are active and dynamic to support the vibrancy of student life at UM-Flint.

The Campus

Choose photography that shows the UM-Flint campus in the best light, with emphasis on its most attractive buildings, green spaces, changes in the season, and safety. Show that UM-Flint is a welcoming, inviting, and intimate campus community.

Downtown Flint

Include photography that reflects the energy and unique character of downtown Flint as a college town. Choose images that show our downtown community as a safe and fun gathering place for students.

Community Engagement

Use photography that shows UM-Flint students actively engaged in the local community, using their education to improve lives and solve problems.

Diversity and Inclusion

Showcase UM-Flint’s diverse campus community in the photography you select. Choose images that capture students from all backgrounds and experiences learning, working, and having fun together.


Include close-up portraits of students’ faces that capture their distinctive personalities and pride. Show them having fun as well as enjoying the full university experience.