A Powerful Identity

The Official UM-Flint Logo

UM-Flint's official logo is the most visible, recognizable, and powerful carrier of the identity of the University of Michigan-Flint. With just a glance, it communicates our entire history, everything this institution stands for, all that sets it apart, and the full weight of our Michigan mission—our promise—to all we serve.

The contents of this tool kit flow from and strive to maximize the essence embodied in our maize and blue logo and the proud reputation it signifies.

The Power of a Brand

The full power of a brand goes beyond logos and taglines. It permeates every communication and interaction we have with our audience—whether in print, online, or in person. Our brand makes a statement about what we stand for, and what’s important to us. It’s a reflection of our personality and identity, our heart and soul.

More than how our audience perceives us, our brand is how they interact with us. Through our brand, our audience makes an emotional and personal connection with us. Our brand is how people know us. It’s a promise we’re making to our audience, as well as how we intend to honor that promise.

Why Branding Matters

Branding isn’t just for large corporations and household names. Building and supporting a strong brand is important for universities as well—especially when competing for mindshare in the crowded higher education space. Our brand is one of the most powerful assets we have as a university. When executed well, with consistency, clarity, and purpose, our university’s brand plays a critical role in: 

  • Raising awareness among prospective students, parents, partners, and the larger community
  • Supporting student recruitment, enrollment, and retention efforts
  • Differentiating our institution from others
  • Substantiating the quality of our academic offerings and student experience
  • Building strong business, alumni, and community partnerships
  • Maximizing the success of fundraising efforts
  • Unifying the entire campus behind a cohesive mission, vision, message, and identity

Why We Need Brand Guidelines

The key to any successful brand is consistency. That’s where brand guidelines come in. The guidelines we’ve mapped out here serve to unify the entire university behind our brand. More specifically, these guidelines will help all departments and their staff ensure that the communications they create stay aligned with the brand to maximize its success.

In this toolkit, you’ll find guidelines to help steer you in:

  • Amplifying the voice of the university
  • Communicating key messages that support the brand promise
  • Maintaining a consistent visual brand across a range of communications 
  • Increasing awareness of, and recognition for, our brand 

The true power of our brand resides with you. Together, we can make sure that our brand resonates across the university as well as the constituents we serve.