Official University of Michigan-Flint Logo

This is the official UM-Flint Logo:

Official UM-Flint Logo

Download Logo via Digital Asset Manager (DAM) 

Our current logo has lost the bar separating the maize block M from the world "Flint." The word "Flint" is now white and rendered in the new "Victors" font, designed exclusively for the University of Michigan. Perhaps the biggest change is the inclusion of the blue field, in which the other elements are contained. 

Using Our Official Logo

(Derived from Michigan Creative in Ann Arbor)

Our logo is our most visible and valuable brand asset. Respect it.

There are some rare instances when the new logo with the field of blue may not work for your project. In University Relations, we do have versions of the logo that are 1-color and 2-color, but the use is restricted and must be approved by our office. If your project includes the UM-Flint logo, you are required to contact the Office of University Relations to review your project to ensure your project adheres to the university logo and brand guidelines. 

The Clear Space Rule

Always position the logo for maximum impact and give it plenty of room to breathe. This will help to ensure our logo’s visibility and legibility. 

The minimum clear space for the University of Michigan-Flint logo is defined as the height of the serif of the block M. Understanding the clear-space rule is essential, as it is also the standard for logo position and scale on most printed communications. In that regard, the clear space rule should be maintained as the logo is proportionately enlarged or reduced in size.

Clear Space Rule

Minimum Size

When reproducing our logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. Use common sense—a logo that is too small ceases to serve any useful communication function. Generally, our logo should never appear less than 5/8" (0.625 inches) tall in printed materials, and no less than 45 pixels tall in the digital realm.

Minimum logo and signature mark sizes

In Text

In written text, University of Michigan-Flint artwork should never be used in place of text. These same rules apply for the signatures for schools, colleges, and programs.


The University of Michigan-Flint logo is our most valuable brand asset.


The  logo is our most valuable brand asset.

Important: Using the 2-Color UM-Flint Logo for Placement over Blue

In most instances, the official UM-Flint logo (yellow Block M, white Flint, in contained blue field) should be used for print, web, apparel, and merchandise.

However, there are times it is more appropriate to use a 2-color version of the logo. This should occur only when there is a large blue background (PMS 282). In such a case, the 2-color version of the logo (maize and white) should be used over the blue background (in a "sea of blue" v. within a "field of blue").

UM-Flint Logo on Blue Merchandise

This is to avoid clashing blues on shirts, blankets, banners, etc.—because what could be worse than that?

If you have a situation that may require the 2-color logo, contact the Office of University Relations so we can review your project with you. If approved, you will receive permission to use the 2-color version for that specific project only.