Campus Power Outage Update

The following buildings remain without power: Thompson Library, Recreation Center, First Street Residence Hall, Theater, French Hall, University Center, and Murchie Science Building. All classes and activities in these buildings are cancelled for the remainder of the day.


Recognizing and Working with Distressed Students

Characteristics of Distressed Students
  • Declining academic performance
  • Excessive absences
  • Inability to concentrate during lecture or while completing assignments
  • Unusual or noticeably changed interaction patterns in classroom
  • Depressed, crying, or apathetic mood, excessive activity or talkativeness
  • Change in appearance or hygiene, missed tests, or inability to remain awake during class
  • Repeated attempts to obtain deadline extensions or postpone tests
  • New or continuous disruptive behavior
  • Inappropriate, exaggerated emotional reactions to situations, or lack of emotional response to stressful events
  • Violent or other extremely disruptive behaviors: hostile, threats, assault
  • Obvious loss of contact with reality: seeing, hearing, feeling things not apparent to others, thoughts or behaviors inconsistent with reality
  • Disturbed speech or communication content: incoherent, grandiose, disorganized rambling
  • Suicidal or other self-destructive thoughts or actions
  • Homicidal threats
Tips for Helping Distressed Students
  • Arrange to talk in private
  • Help student identify specific concerns/sources of stress
  • Ask about both thoughts and feelings
  • Reflect student’s concerns
  • Explore possible alternative solutions to the problem
  • Remain objective – avoid judging or evaluating the student’s circumstances or situation
  • Follow up with student
  • Refer to Counseling Services
Circumstances that may necessitate a referral to CAPS
  • Personal feeling of discomfort/unease dealing with student or topic
  • High level of stress in own life
  • Lack of time
  • Personal feelings that may interfere with objectivity
  • Student’s stated desire for professional assistance
  • Potential conflict of interest
  • Student’s desired assistance is beyond faculty or staff’s professional expertise


Making a Referral


For Parents


For Faculty/Staff


Making a Referral to BIT/CARE