CAPS Forms

This page will provide links to the forms used by CAPS.  They are categorized by Students, Faculty, and Health Care Providers.  Please click on the buttons below.



     Authorization to Release/Obtain Information

     Equipment Loan Form

     Exam Accommodation Form

     Exam Schedule Form

     Material and Service Request Form

     Testing Policies and Procedures Form

      Wellness Room Light Box Referral Form


     Exam Accommodation Form


Health Care Providers

These forms are used to verify the disability and provide recommendations for reasonable accommodations.  These forms can be returned to our office either by mail or fax (810-762-3498).  Please contact our office prior to sending the fax so that we may retrieve it immediately upon receipt.

     Learning Disabilities Verification Form

     Physical Disabilities Verification Form

     Psychiatric/Psychological Disabilities Verification Form


We often refer students to mental health services in the community.  Please complete this form if you would like to be added to our referral database.

     Community Provider Information Form