Self Help

On this page you will find helpful information on a variety of mental health concerns. Also see our Smart Phone Apps page to help monitor and track your mental health. Just click the links below and you are on your way.

If you need more information on a topic not listed, please see our other Online Resources.

  Academic:   Wellness: 

      Academic Skills   

           College and Stress
        Time Management                                Reducing Stress
         Test Anxiety            Good Sleep
        Procrastination            Relationships
        ADHD               Body Image
 Mood:    Anxiety:
        Depression            Anxiety
      Bipolar Disorder            Social Phobia
        Men and Depression            Post-Traumatic Stress
        Cutting            Anxiety Disorders
 Suicide:    Relaxation: (View in Internet Explorer)
         General Information           Breathing Exercise (video )
         Warning Signs              Breathing Instructions
                    Relaxation (videos)  
            Relaxation (audio - female voice)