Testing and Assessment

Please Note: Our testing services are only available during the Spring and Summer semesters.

What is Testing and Assessment?   Diagnostic testing and assessment is designed to answer questions that arise when students have problems in academic achievement and progress, proper educational placement, and emotional and behavioral functioning.

Why would I want to have testing done?   Our assessment process may be helpful in determining possible reasons a student may be having academic, social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. It also allows Counseling Services to formulate helpful recommendations and referrals. 

What happens during testing?   Your first appointment includes a computerized intake questionnaire, and a meeting with a counselor to discuss issues that are of concern. The counselor will then determine what, if any, psychological, cognitive, and psychoeducational tests need to be administered. Tests are generally paper-and-pencil and problem solving tests that are given individually, with the counselor facilitating the procedures. Once testing is finished, a written report is generated. You can expect a wait-time for 2-4 weeks before this written report is completed. Your last appointment includes a feedback session, in which the counselor will review the results of the testing, discuss recommendations, and answer all of your questions.