2017-2018 CAS Committees

NOTE: Term expiration years are in parentheses. The Dean of CAS is a member, ex officio, of all committees except the Nominating Committee. Updated June 2, 2017.


CAS Executive Committee

NOTE:  Term expiration years are in parentheses. Asterisk denotes new members.

Susan Gano-Phillips, Chair
Lois Alexander (MUS, 2018)
Jami Anderson (PHL, 2020)
Jacob Blumner (ENG, 2019)
Jan Furman (ENG, 2020 - on sabbatical W18)
Murali Mani (CSEP, 2019)
Laura McLeman (MTH, Winter 2018)*
Kenneth Schilling (MTH, 2018)

Academic Standards Committee

NOTES: Term expiration years are in parentheses. Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1:30 except during the Spring and Summer semesters.  Please call the secretary at (810) 424-5463 for meeting day and time during the Spring and Summer semesters or for important submission deadlines.

Cathy Akers-Jordan (ENG, 2018)
Julie Broadbent (PSY, 2019)
Murali Mani (CSEP, 2019)
Benedicte Veillet (PHL, 2018)
Chris Waters (ART/ARH, 2020)

College Appeals Panel

Olanrewaju Aluko (CSEP)
Aderemi Artis (PHL)
Karen Bedell (PSY)
Julie Broadbent (PSY)
Mihai G. Burzo (EGR)
Daniel J. Coffield (MTH)
Michael Farmer (CSEP)
Quentin Galerneau (CSEP)
Gregory M. Havrilcsak (HIS)
Heather Laube (SOC/ANT/CRJ)
Jamile Lawand (FOR)
Sarah Lippert (ART/ARH)
Jennifer Miller (BIO)
Fadi Mohsen (CSEP)
Dolores Pons-Hervás (FOR)
Michael Sevick (ART/ARH)
Beverley Smith (SOC/ANT/CRJ)
Kevin Tang (BIO)
Benedicte Veillet (PHL)
Suleyman Uludag (CSEP)

Curriculum Committee

NOTES:  Term expiration years are in parentheses.  Asterisks denote newly elected individuals. Please call the secretary at (810) 424-5463 for important submission deadlines.

Meetings are held on Mondays from 12:30 - 1:30 except during the Spring and Summer semesters.

Aderemi Artis (PHL, at large, Winter 2018)
Matthew Fhaner (CMB, at large, 2020)
Jamile Lawand (FOR, humanities/fine arts, 2019)
Ming Li, (CSEP, mathematics/natural sciences, 2018)
Sarah Lippert (ART/ARH, at large, 2018, on sabbatical W18)
William McKibbin (PSY, social sciences, 2019)

LEO Major Review Committee

Lois Alexander (MUS, 2018)
Aderemi Artis (PHL, 2019)
Mihai Burzo (CSEP, 2020)
Derwin Munroe (POL, 2020)*
Marina Ionia-Prasov (CMB, 2018)*
Hillary Heinze (PSY, 2019)
Joan Mars (SOC/ANT/CRJ, 2018)
Christopher Molnar (HIS, 2019)
Kevin Tang (BIO, 2020)
Shu-Yi Tu (MTH, 2018)
Stevens Wandmacher (PHL, 2020)*
Janelle Wiess (ENG, 2019)*

*Lecturer IV 

2017 Nominating Committee

NOTE:  Terms expire December 31, 2017.

Olanrewaju Aluko (CSEP, natural sciences/mathematics )
Simon Cushing (PHL, at large )
Benjamin Gaydos (ART/ARH, humanities/fine art s)
Jacob Lederman (SOC/ANT/CRJ), social sciences )
Suleyman Uludag (CSEP, at large )

Spring Interim Committee 2017

J. Stein (PSY)
D. Coffield (MTH)
K. Hiramatsu (ENG)
S. Drummond-Lewis (SACJ)
M. Burzo (CSEP)

Meetings held Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Deadline for receiving petitions (to be reviewed the following Wednesday) is Friday at 5 p.m. 

Questions? Contact the ASC Secretary, Rhonda Broadworth, at 810-424-5463 or email rbrdwrth@umflint.edu.

Summer Interim Committee 2017

J. Alvey (SOC/ANT/CRJ)
L. Borton (THE/DAN)
C. Kowal (COM)
S. Newport (THE/DAN)
C. Hollis-Etter (BIO)