2015-2016 CAS Committees

CAS Executive Committee

NOTE:  Term expiration years are in parentheses. Asterisk denotes new members.

Lois Alexander (MUS, 2018)*
Michael Farmer (CSEP, 2016)
Sarah Rosaen  (CVA, 2017)
Kenneth Schilling (MTH 2018)*
Beverley Smith (SOC/ANT/CRJ, 2016)
Jie Song (CMB, 2017)

*pending Regental approval

Academic Standards Committee

NOTES: Term expiration years are in parentheses. Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1:30 except during the Spring and Summer semesters.  Please call the secretary at (810) 424-5463 for meeting day and time during the Spring and Summer semesters or for important submission deadlines.

Cathy Akers-Jordan (ENG, 2018)
James Schirmer (ENG, 2016)
Jeannette Stein (PSY, 2016)
Benedicte Veillet (PHL, 2018)
Margaret Ware (BIO, 2017)

College Appeals Panel

James Anderson (ENG) 
Heather Dawson (BIO) 
Quentin Galerneau (CSEP) 
Mike Gebler (CMB) 
Janet Haley (THE/DAN) 
Gregory Havrilcsak (HIS) 
Young-Man Kim (THE/DAN) 
Liz Malinowski (BIO) 
Bill McKibbin (PSY) 
Frank Miskevich (BIO) 
Steve Myers (BIO) 
Biswajit Panja (CSEP) 
Jerry Sanders (BIO) 
Mehrdad Simkani (MTH) 
Jill Slater (BIO) 
Jie Song (CMB) 
Ron Stamper (CMB) 
Jess Tischler (CMB) 
Jill Witt (BIO)

Curriculum Committee

NOTES:  Term expiration years are in parentheses.  Asterisks denote newly elected individuals. Please call the secretary at (810) 424-5463 for important submission deadlines.

Meetings are held on Mondays from 12:30 - 1:30 except during the Spring and Summer semesters.

Stephanie Dean (THE/DAN, humanities/fine arts, 2016)
Ming Li (CSEP, natural sciences, 2018)
Hisyar Ozsoy (SOC/ANT/CRJ, at large, 2018)
Mehrdad Simkani (MTH, at large, 2017)
Charles Thomas (SOC/ANT/CRJ, social sciences, 2016)

LEO Major Review Committees

Subcommittee I 
Allen Bellamy* (PSY, 2017) 
Joan Mars (SOC/ANT/CRJ, 2018) 
B. Veillet (PHL, 2016) 

Subcommittee II 
Quentin Galerneau* (CSEP, 2016) 
Shu-Yi Tu (MTH, 2018) 
Joseph Reinsel (CVA, 2017) 

Subcommittee III 
Sarah Lippert (CVA, 2016) 
Biswajit Panja (CSEP, 2017) 
Marina Ionina-Prasov (CMB, 2018) 

Subcommittee IV 
Gregory Havrilcsak* (HIS, 2017) 
Lois Alexander (MUS, 2018) 
Vickie Larsen (ENG, 2016) 

*Lecturer IV

2015 Nominating Committee

NOTE:  Terms expire December 31, 2015.

Sarah Lippert (CVA, humanities/fine arts)
Joan Mars (SOC/ANT/CRJ, social sciences)
Quamrul Mazumder (CSEP, at large)
Biswajit Panja (CSEP, natural sciences/mathematics)
Hisyar Ozsoy (SOC/ANT/CRJ, at large)

Spring Interim Committee 2015

Mark Allison (CSEP)
Karmen Hollis-Etter (BIO)
Nathaniel Miller (PSY)
Victoria Morckel (ERS)
Shelby Newport (THE/DAN)

Meetings held Thursdays from 12–1:00pm. Submission deadline is 5:00pm Monday for the following Thursday’s meeting.

Summer Interim Committee 2015

James Alsup (CSEP)
Ulan Dakeev (CSEP)
Joan Mars (SOC/ANT/CRJ)
Quamrul Mazumder (CSEP)
Seung-Jin Lee (ERS/CSEP)