University of Michigan Flint

The mission of the Dean's Advisory Board (DAB) is to provide guidance, advice and support to the Dean, D. J. Trela, to help the College of Arts and Sciences achieve its vision. Board members are representatives from all aspects of relationships with CAS; alumni, students, donors, business and community representatives. It is suggested that each member serves a four-year term.

Following is a list of current Dean's Advisory Board members:

David Zick (DAB Chair)
’73 B.A.
President and CEO
Group Associates

Deborah H. Cherry
’93 M.P.A.
Senator Michigan

Christopher P. Curtis
’01 B.G.S.

Gail Haines
Advocate Fine Arts

Sylvia Karmanoff
’80 B.S.

David Lossing
’87 B.A.
Government Relations

                   Dr. Carolyn Mawby
Emeritus Music Faculty

Dr. Gregg Pane
’77 B.S.
Director of Health (Washington DC)

Raymond E. Scott Jr.
’96 B.S.
Vice-President of Lear Corp

Arla Slogar
’01 B.F.A.

Ann Studier
’76 B.S.
Advocate & Flint Community

Michael J Thorp
’80 B.A.
Channel 12 TV Broadcaster