Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Planning Process and Plan

The campus began participation in a Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning process in late Summer 2014. Tom Greene, Associate Executive Director of AACRAO Consulting, was retained to guide the campus through this process. The SEM process was fluid and evolving, with the final plan the result of an iterative process that invited participation from the entire campus community.

The process was supported by the leadership of approximately 30 faculty and staff. These individuals were assigned to one of three sub-committees: Recruitment, Retention, and Data. These three sub-committees undertook an in-depth analysis of information gathered by the Data Sub-Committee and used it inform their development of the plan. 

The documents below provide a historic overview of SEM planning process and data specific to UM-Flint. Two Town Hall meetings were held that presented the SEM Process and data.  Opportunities for feedback and campus-wide participation were included throughout the process resulting in the final Strategic Enrollment Plan found below.