Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


We, in the Department of Chemistry, are committed to providing an education which will prepare our graduates for entrance into the leading graduate and professional programs and to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in their chosen fields.

Our program is characterized by close student-faculty contact made possible by small classes and faculty availability. Students may choose to enhance their educational development through the Honors Program, through involvement in faculty research, and through cooperative experiences which are available with several area employers.

Why study Chemistry/Biochemistry?

Chemistry is everything.  From the tiniest particles within our bodies to the largest objects in the universe, chemistry helps explain the structure of atoms and how they behave.  By studying chemistry, you will be exploring the worlds of atoms and molecules, learn the theories that govern their nature, analyze their structure, and discover ways to measure them.  Chemists are responsible for our modern world.  From the medicine you take to the chip technology in your phone; from the shirt on your back to the car you drive -- all of the items found in everyday life have been created or enhanced by chemistry.

Biochemistry is life.  This area of science is focused on the chemistry in living systems.  Biochemistry borrows techniques and concepts from traditional chemistry, molecular biology, immunology, and microbiology to study topics such as how cells function, how molecules interact with enzymes and proteins, and how diseases and therapies affect plants and animals.


From traditional industries such as petroleum, pharmaceutical, education, and polymers to cutting emerging areas such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and green chemistry, a degree in chemistry or biochemistry is a path to numerous careers.  Within these industries, chemists can be employed as technicians, research scientists, or managers.  For a more complete list and descriptions of careers please visit the American Chemical Society’s website at

Why study Chemistry/Biochemistry at the University of Michigan-Flint?

Preparation. Take full advantage of small class sizes. You benefit from close interaction with faculty with practical application and access to the latest equipment.
Options. Choose from programs in general chemistry, biochemistry or environmental chemistry and there must be one fitting your interest.
Enhance. Go beyond the basics. Challenge yourself to grow as a student. Go after one of the cooperative work experiences available through area employers, get involved with research projects our faculty are working on, or choose to be a part of our prestigious honors program.
Leadership. Get involved. Join one of the many clubs and organizations on campus, including the Chemistry club. Get to know other students in your major, visit chemistry labs, form study groups and have fun.



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