Pre-Medical Program


Science Advisors: Dr. Jessica Kelts and Dr. Steve Myers

There is keen competition for the limited number of places available in medical schools. Therefore, prospective applicants are urged to plan an alternate career option as they pursue a bachelor's degree. Students are also advised to obtain exact information from their prospective medical schools concerning requirements for admission.

In general, medical schools stress scholastic achievement, especially in the sciences, as a major criterion for admission. Premed students may major in any discipline so long as the requirements of the medical program to which they are applying are fulfilled. Medical schools are looking for well-rounded students with a broad, liberal arts background. Such a background can be demonstrated by pursuing a non-science major or minor, or focused sequences of courses in multiple disciplines. Such factors as the quality of the undergraduate college and the recommendations supplied by its faculty, results of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), and residence are also considered. Personal qualities such as integrity, motivation, leadership, and maturity are often discernible through the applicant's record of nonacademic activities, an autobiographical statement, and the personal interview at the medical school.

Each student who plans to apply for admission to medical school should seek the assistance and guidance of an advisor from the Biology or Chemistry/Biochemistry Departments at the University of Michigan-Flint. As a minimum, the following courses should be completed before applying to medical school:

  • BIO: 111, 113, 326, 328.
  • CHM: 260, 261, 262, 263 or 265, 330, 331, 332, 333.
  • ENG: One year (typically 111 and 112).
  • MTH: Wide variation; some require integral calculus.
  • PHY: 143 and 145; or 243 and 245.
  • Pre-medical advisors, in addition, highly recommend: BIO: 409, 410, 432, 435.
  • CHM: 450, 452.
  • The following courses are also of special value and should be selected according to one's area of concentration in consultation with one's advisor: BIO: 412, 425, 450.
  • CHM: 340, 366, 367, 451, 453.

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