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CHS Grant Application Process and Deadlines

CHS Grant Application Process

After a faculty member has identified a grant opportunity (internal or external) they would like to pursue, they should contact the CHS Grants and Contracts Specialist, Amalie Helms, in the Dean’s Office.  Contact can be made via email (ahelms@umflint.edu) or phone (810-237-6694) to set up a time to discuss the proposal and process.

Amalie will assist you in the application process and in processing the internal ePAF required by the University system, if applicable. The ePAF is a summary of the most important information related to your application. This summary is used to gather all of the University approvals required prior to submission. The ePAF and completed application must be submitted to the Ann Arbor Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) 4 business days prior to the submission deadline. In order for the ePAF to be completed Amalie will ask for information regarding:

  • Budget and justification
  • Personnel
  • Time frame of the project
  • Space required for the work
  • Subcontracts
  • Human subjects
  • Abstract of the project
  • Other required documents defined in the grant opportunity

If you would like additional support in creating the budget, Amalie can work with you to develop the budget and justification for your project. She will also assist you in compiling your application materials, electronic or hard copy, as specified by the grant opportunity document. She will ensure that all of the sponsor guidelines have been met and that all required elements have been included before the application and ePAF are sent to Ann Arbor ORSP for final review and submission.

If you have other needs during the application process, please contact Amalie and she will assist in resolving those needs.



CHS Grant Submission Deadlines

Effective November 15, 2013 – presented at the CHS Faculty Meeting

In order for the CHS Dean’s Office to provide review and approval support for faculty submitting internal and external grants:


  • All internal applications must be submitted to the Dean’s Office for review and approval 2 business days prior to the submission deadline. Department Director approval should be secured and documented prior to routing to the Dean’s Office. For the purposes of the CHS deadline the application package consists of the finalized budget, budget justification, space requirements, and project abstract.
  • Copies of all internal applications must also be sent to the CHS Grants & Contracts Specialist, Amalie Helms, for CHS tracking and reporting purposes.



  • All PAFs need to be created by the CHS Grants & Contracts Specialist, Amalie Helms, and routed to the Dean 6 business days prior to the submission deadline. This allows for appropriate CHS review and approval as well as abides by the ORSP expectation of 4 business days prior to deadline. For the purposes of the CHS deadline the PAF needs to have a finalized budget, budget justification and project abstract. The ORSP deadline expects a completed application package at the 4 business day deadline.
  • In the event that PAFs are received less than 6 business days prior to submission, the Dean’s Office cannot guarantee approval. PAFs that are received less than 4 business days prior to submission may not be approved by the Dean’s Office.