Club Sports Program

What is a Club Sport?

Club Sports are Sponsored Student Organizations. As Sponsored Student Organizations, Club Sports have access to addition opportunities, privileges, and resources which results in additional responsibilities for the Officers, players and staff. Club Sports are registered  in collegiate leagues and regularly compete in various state, regional, and national contest and tournaments against clubs from other colleges and universities.

Club Sports are managed and organized by its members and supervised by the Club Sports Coordinator. Members must be:

  • UM-Flint students have graduated from high school
  • Enrolled in a program at UM-Flint and taking at least six credit hours (9 cr hrs for Men's Hockey per ACHA) during the Fall and Winter semesters
  • Able to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or meets the grade requirments of their National Governing Board, (including competitions) whichever standard is greater.

Per SPG 601.34 dually enrolled and Genesee Early College (GEC) students are not eligible for participation in Club Sports.

Each club is formed, developed, governed and administered by the student membership of that specific club, and has served a successful VSO probation period while working under the oversight of the Club Sports Coordinator. It is the responsibility of each club to elect officers and to coordinate practices, competitions, transportation, publicity and other club activities. The Club Sports Coordinator is the advisor for the various Club Sport teams and serves as the liaison to the University community.