Art Programs


Four programs are offered: the General Program in Studio Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts); the Program in Visual Communications (Bachelor of Fine Arts) with concentrations in graphic design, photography, or interaction arts; the Program in Visual Arts Education (Bachelor of Science); and the Program in Art History (Bachelor of Arts). The Honors Program in Studio Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts), minors in Art, Art History and Visual Communications are also available. 

Art Program Rotations and Degree Checklists
Please note the following checklists will help track degree progress, while the rotations show course availability each semester. Class availability is subject to change, contact your advisor with questions.

Art History & Criticism Program Rotation
Studio Art: Sculpture Program Rotation
Studio Art: Ceramics Program Rotation
Studio Art: Painting/Drawing Program Rotation
Studio Art: Photography Program Rotation
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Viscom Photography Degree Progress Checklist
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Studio Art Sculpture Degree Progress Checklist

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Program in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art prepares students for innovative roles in the contemporary world of art by challenging them to think critically while expressing themselves creatively. The program begins with a series of foundation courses that stress the traditional development of technical and intellectual skills. The growth and development of each student are accelerated through exposure to several media and conclude with the choice of an area specialization. Areas include painting/drawing, sculpture, ceramics and photography.

Studio Art Program Requirements

Minor in Studio Art Requirements


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Program in Visual Communications
The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication prepares students for careers in the world of communication arts. The program encompasses a series of art foundation and history courses that emphasize technical, theoretical, and intellectual skills. The development and maturation of the student progresses through an acquisition of skills focused within contemporary media practice and concludes with a choice of area concentrations in either graphic design or photography.

Minor in Visual Communications
The minor in visual communications with a concentration in either graphic design or photography will provide a foundation in graphic design or photography theory and studio skills integral to delivery of cultural and commercial messages to our society. After completion of core courses students will work with an advisor to select additional courses focused on their area of interest.

Visual Communications Requirements

Minor in Visual Communications Requirements

Bachelor of Science - Visual Arts Education
The Art Education program certifies students to teach art in grades K-12. In addition to learning the techniques and theories taught in education courses, students will learn how to think critically while expressing themselves creatively. The art education curriculum covers a broad range of art classes to give students exposure to the different types of art they may be responsible for teaching in the schools.

Art Education Program Requirements

Bachelor of Arts - Art History

The Art History program is designed to prepare capable, well-rounded students with superior understanding of art history and visual culture and skills in visual analysis, research and writing.  Graduates of the program are prepared for excellence in professional employment and graduate studies, and possess a commitment to service through knowledge and cultural tolerance.

Art History Program Requirements 

Minor in Art History
The Minor in Art History provides a basic introduction to art history survey, contemporary art and a survey of non-Western art. Students will also explore a number of more specific periods and cultures. This minor can be earned by taking foundation level courses at Mott Community College (or elsewhere) and advanced level courses at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Art History Minor Requirements