Communication Internships

Put your skills to the test

In addition to traditional courses taught on campus, communication students may select from independent research, cooperative education experience, or the internship.

Students interested in independent research must have the consent of a professor to register for the course (COM 390) and work closely with the professor throughout the semester during the research process.

Students interested in cooperative education (COM 392), or learning through productive paid work experiences, should contact the Career Development Center for more information. To be eligible, students must have at least a 2.5 minimum GPA, completed 55 credit hours (2nd semester sophomores are encouraged to apply early), and completion of/or currently enrolled in BUS 290 (Introduction to Career Planning and Internship Preparation). Transfer students must have completed one semester at UM-Flint, enrolled in 9 or more credits during fall and winter semesters, and registered for the UM-Flint Resume Connection on-line resume referral system.

Internships, work experiences generally unpaid, are organized through the Communication Department as part of the COM 398 course. To be eligible, students must be at or above the junior level, majoring in communication with a 2.0 GPA.

Download Student Information Packet for detailed information and forms related to the internship:

Student Information Packet